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Hansen – Managing Safely Presentation by C. Wales Health and Safety Advisor Fenlock-Hansen Ltd ASBESTOS.

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1 Hansen – Managing Safely Presentation by C. Wales Health and Safety Advisor Fenlock-Hansen Ltd ASBESTOS

2 Hansen – Managing SafelyObjectives Name 3 main health effects Name 3 properties Name 4 applications Identify potential locations Action upon suspected discovery Identify material that can be removed Name the appropriate control measures

3 Hansen – Managing SafelyContent What is asbestos Health effects from Exposure Asbestos Containing Materials and where to look for them Can we remove asbestos - Company policy Safe Systems of Work Dust

4 Hansen – Managing Safely What is Asbestos Once known as the “Miracle Mineral” Now one of the most widespread contaminants on earth

5 Hansen – Managing Safely “Miracle Mineral” Low Thermal Conductivity High Temperature Resistance High tensile strength Low electrical conductivity Chemically inert

6 Hansen – Managing Safely Asbestos Mineral Forms AMPHIBOLES Amosite (Brown) Crocidolite (Blue) Anthophyllite Actinolite Tremolite SERPENTINES Chrysotile (White) Chrysotile 1 Amosite 100 Crocidolite 500

7 Hansen – Managing SafelyHistory Import of Amphibole Asbestos

8 Hansen – Managing Safely How long have we known? 1890 Asbestos becomes a new raw material for large manufacturing industries. 1918 Prudential insurance internal memo notes life insurance not to be given to asbestos workers. 1930 Johns-Manville internal memo identifies a large fatalities amongst asbestos workers. 1932 letter U.S bureau of mines to asbestos manufacture Eagle-Pricher “It is now known that asbestos dust is one of the most dangerous dusts to which man is exposed.

9 Hansen – Managing Safely 1933 29% of John-Manville’s plant have asbestosis. 1936 group of asbestos companies sponsor research into the effect of asbestos but demand control over disclosure of information. 1942 John-Manville president says that managers of another asbestos firm were “a bunch of fools for notifying employees who had asbestosis”. When asked “do you mean to tell me that you would let them work till they drop dead” his response was “yes. We save a lot of money that way”.

10 Hansen – Managing Safely 1951 Results published with all references to cancer removed. 1964 Toxicological study identifies abnormal results. 1969 Voluntary ban on Crocidolite. 1985 Amosite & Crocidolite. 1999 Chrysotile Ban.

11 Hansen – Managing Safely Carcinogenic – Size - Tensile strength- Chemically inert Why So Dangerous?

12 Hansen – Managing Safely Asbestosis Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Pleural Plaques Throat and Nose Cancers Cancers of the Digestive Tract Health Effects

13 Hansen – Managing Safely Asbestosis Reduced lung capacity 10 years + to develop. Treatment will slow down but not halt. Often result in death through heart problems. Approx 300 deaths P.A, and decreasing

14 Hansen – Managing Safely Lung Cancer Similar to Tobacco L.C. Operable in very early stages. Appears 10-15 years + after first exposure. 90% die within 5 years. Approx 2500 deaths P.A

15 Hansen – Managing Safely

16 Mesothelioma Extremely painful death. 25-30 up to 50 years after exposure. 1500 deaths P.A. Life expectancy 9 – 18 months.

17 Hansen – Managing Safely

18 Asbestos Video “How are you today”

19 Hansen – Managing Safely Identifying Asbestos

20 Hansen – Managing Safely Spray Applications

21 Hansen – Managing Safely Spray Applications

22 Hansen – Managing SafelyLagging

23 Lagging

24 Lagging

25 Lagging

26 Lagging

27 Lagging

28 Insulating Board

29 Hansen – Managing Safely Insulating Board

30 Hansen – Managing Safely Insulating Board

31 Hansen – Managing Safely Insulating Board

32 Hansen – Managing Safely Insulating Board

33 Hansen – Managing Safely Insulating Board

34 Hansen – Managing SafelyGasket

35 Gasket

36 Ceiling Tiles

37 Hansen – Managing Safely Ceiling Tiles

38 Hansen – Managing SafelyRope

39 Rope

40 Rope

41 Paper

42 Textiles

43 Moulded Plastic

44 Hansen – Managing Safely Cement Sheeting

45 Hansen – Managing Safely Cement Sheeting

46 Hansen – Managing Safely Cement Sheeting

47 Hansen – Managing Safely Cement Product

48 Hansen – Managing Safely Floor Tiles

49 Hansen – Managing Safely Action upon Discovery Stop Work immediately Restrict access Decontaminate/ shower Inform Minimise Fibre release Arrange for sampling Never take a chance it may contain asbestos.

50 Hansen – Managing Safely Can the work be carried out without disturbing the A.C.M? Yes Carry out the work, without disturbing the A.C.M. No Does the work involve disturbance of asbestos insulation, coating or board? Yes No Will the work involve 1 person working > 1h in 7 days. Or a total of 2 man hours? Yes Is the work carried out by your own fully trained employees? Yes No Notify the HSE Use A Specialist HSE licensed contractor.Guidance

51 Hansen – Managing Safely No Plan Your work so that the minimum number of people are present. Do you have sufficient training and equipment to do the work? No Yes Use a non-licensed contractor With the necessary expertise or a specialist contractor licensed by the H.S.E Assess the risks and prepare a detailed method statement/ check that the contractors risk assessment and method statement are suitable & sufficientGuidance

52 Hansen – Managing Safely Control Measures Wetting Down H-Type Vacuum Cleaner Personal Protective Equipment Safe System of Work

53 Hansen – Managing SafelyDon’t Use Power tools Break Asbestos Containing Material Allow access to the area Take a chance

54 Hansen – Managing SafelyEnclosure

55 PPE

56 H-Type Vacuum Cleaner

57 Hansen – Managing Safely H-Type Vacuum Cleaner

58 Hansen – Managing SafelyTape

59 Cleaning

60 Disposal

61 Silica

62 Objectives Name 3 main health effects. Name 3 properties. Name 4 applications. Identify potential locations. Action upon suspected discovery. Identify material that can be removed. Name the appropriate control measures.

63 Hansen – Managing SafelySUMMARY Types 3000 A.C.M.s Diseases Action Safe Systems of Work and PPE Dust

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