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YOU are cordially invited to an exciting year(s) of planning, inspiring, and engaging members of YOUR chapter!! 1.

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2 YOU are cordially invited to an exciting year(s) of planning, inspiring, and engaging members of YOUR chapter!! 1

3 Program and Service Project Committee, 2013-2015 Kristin CottenArea 1 Mary SimonArea 2 Ella GauthierArea 3 Mary Ann DolezalArea 4 Mary B. BrownArea 5 Elvira BarreraArea 6 Darlene HargettArea 7 Vicki Berry Area 8 Kathleen NicholsArea 9 Kathryn HeinrichsArea 10 Carolyn RoschetzkyArea 11 Lisa Salmon Area 13 Karen TelckArea 14 Vicki MalineArea 15 Susan SmithArea 16 Marsha EdneyArea 17 Dr. Mary WidmierArea 18 Cookee Johnson,Area 12 Chairman 2

4 Delta Kappa Gamma Delta Kappa Gamma The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. 3

5 Purposes 1.To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship 2.To honor women who have given or who evidence a potential for distinctive service in any field of education 3.To advance the professional interest and position of women in education 4.To initiate, endorse, and support desirable legislation or other suitable endeavors in the interests of education and of women educators 5. To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to non-member women educators 6. To stimulate the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage their participation in appropriate programs of action 7. To inform the members of current economic, social, political, and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society 4

6 Each member must be inspired to feel excited about coming to Society events and contributing to the fullest. This happens only when practices and policies are followed that engage the hearts and minds of all those who participate. 5

7 Possible Resources What’s in your community? ● Home for abused women/children ● Recycling focus ● Libraries in need of assistance ● Community projects looking for support ● Excellent medical center ● Shelters for animal protection ● Home for aging Whom do you call upon? ● Members with expertise ● University personnel ● Experts in the field of medicine, social work, ecology, rescue efforts, habitat for humanity ● School district specialists ● Gardening specialists ● Texas state personnel ● City/County/State officials 6

8 Creating Successful Programs 4-6 meetings a year Targeting one or more of Society Purposes Efficient and quick moving Average length of 15-20 minutes for the program itself High Quality Programs that impact the community Using member’s talents Open meetings with non-member participation Utilizing the International, State websites for ideas Professional/Personal Enrichment 7

9 Projects Are The Heart of Service Members actively engaged in volunteering of time, not just $$$ Multiple projects a year, both ongoing and one-time in scope Wide variety of projects benefiting women, children Service in giving back to community in which the chapter resides Participating in the state-wide Unifying Project “UP” Create ways to increase literacy among adults and children 8

10 Expanding The Vision!! There no longer is a formula for planning chapter programs Chapters may use speakers suggested by members or community A small team of leaders may plan the year jointly with the chapter president Projects are integral to chapter health Chapters may collaborate with other chapters or community organizations Chapters may utilize various committees within the chapter to assist in planning if desired Chapters may take suggestions from the websites and expand on them 9

11 Communication Is Key Keep the chapter informed as succinctly as possible Keep the community informed when it is an open meeting Use social networks to promote attendance Report upcoming meetings in newsletter, by telephone tree, emails Seek publicity in community/district newspapers Put calendar of programs on chapter website 10

12 What About the ANNIE AWARD??? Did you know that in 2014, we had 103 winners? Did you know that the application is new and different from year’s past? Did you know you don’t have to have an Annie Board to win the award? So what do you need to know????? 11

13 Resources on the International Website 12

14 * * * * * 13

15 Resources on the State Website Select Committees and click on Programs and Service Projects This page will appear Look for the list of the 2014 Annie Award Winning Programs Programs and Service Projects Committee The Texas State Organization Programs and Service Projects Committee consist of 18 members, one from each of the areas in the state and the chairperson. This committee is part of the Educational Excellence Committee and is listed as Society Mission and Purposes. The purpose of this committee is two-fold: to assist chapters in developing and implementing programs in chapters throughout Texas, and to assist in developing projects in the chapters that will enhance and serve the chapter and the community in which that chapter exists. Ideas and suggestions for programs can be found on the state web page as well as International Programs. Each chapter is encouraged to develop programs based on the theme and goals of DKG. Service Projects are those projects which inspire and encourage members to participate throughout the year to enhance community relations and quality of education where possible. The TSO Programs and Service Projects committee plans and conducts workshop presentations at the state convention as well as participates in the area workshops in the fall of the second year of the biennium. This committee is also responsible for selecting recipients of the Annie Award for outstanding program. These awards are given at the state convention so that chapters can inquire and view display boards of programs that might inspire other chapters to implement. Service Projects allow members to actively participate in giving of themselves to a project the chapter has chosen to help, aid, recognize, or gain a greater perception of value to the community. Chapters are encouraged to submit these projects to the ASTEF committee for project stipends that in turn, allows chapters to share their commitments to service. Hints for Writing a Successful Annie Application "Annie" Award for Outstanding Program Application 2014 Annie Award Winning Chapters and Program Titles 14

16 15

17 16

18 Useful Hints for Writing a Successful Annie Application 1. Create a purposeful program to meet the needs of your specific chapter members. 2. Clearly state how the program promotes Society purposes. 3. Actively engaging members implies that the members had a part to contribute or a follow up action to make. It is more than the members “enjoyed” the program. Tell what they did as a result of the program! 17

19 4. Identify any project(s) that supported this program or was initiated as a result of the ideas promoted by the program. 5. Indicate how the program changed the chapter or how the profession of teaching was affected. Give examples where possible and/or even comments from members. 6. ADHERE to the deadline date, especially if the chapter is applying for a PACE. Applications MUST be in on time. Annie application hints continued… 18

20 19

21 Supporting Early-Career Educators!! If YOU knew then what you know NOW, would your first year as a teacher have turned out differently? Do you wonder what it might have been like if you had a mentor to lean on, talk to, chat about your day, or just VENT???? DKG has taken on the task of helping those early educators stay in the classroom!! By focusing our activities and placing the highest priority on those who will have the maximum impact on education and women educators, we can achieve our vision. DKG will become known as the professional organization that supports early-career educators, consistently increasing its impact on women educators and education worldwide. So, how do we do that? 20

22 The EEC newsletter provides additional resources 21

23 Ten Ways to Support Early-Career Educators 1. Contact a school in your area and offer the assistance of members to help a beginning teacher prepare for the new school year with bulletin boards, learning centers, even copies. Create a list of times and names of teachers to help and have members sign-up. Members will become involved and perhaps make a connection that will allow them to help or encourage the beginning teacher later in the year. 22

24 2. Create a goody bag filled with these items: lint roller, small note pads, colorful pens, hand sanitizer, and other useful items that would be useful. Attach inspirational quotes to each item. Place these in a colorful bag and distribute to early-career educators. Be certain to include some sort of identification of your chapter and a brochure about Delta Kappa Gamma. 3. Provide gift cards to an educational store or major retailer that has school supplies. This can help with expenses in setting up the teacher’s classroom. Even a gift card for a hot fudge sundae at a local food establishment would be welcome! 23

25 4. Send encouraging cards throughout the year to boost the spirits of the early-career educator. A thank- you note for her work or a funny card to encourage can make a difference. Remember the teacher at major holidays and even at just-for-fun times. 5. Invite early educators to a meeting during the year. Greet them at the door and let them know how much you appreciate their taking time to come. Center the program around the early educators by sharing experiences and classroom strategies. Encourage members to bring classroom supplies as “shower gifts.” 24

26 6. To lighten a chapter meeting with early educators, have each member share “What I wish I had known my first year of teaching,” focusing on amusing and loving memories in the classroom. 7. Emphasize the scholarship possibilities to the early educators in the community if an early educator becomes a member of the local chapter. 8. During a school book fair obtain a list of the teacher’s wish list for books—and fill it! 25

27 9.Local chapters can also serve as volunteers and mentors in the local schools where the early educators teach. A listening ear and caring heart goes a long way in keeping those early educators in our schools!! 10.Local chapters can prepare a breakfast meal during the week new teachers are on their respective campuses for orientation. Include both men and women teachers. Talk to the new teachers and encourage the women teachers to become members of DKG. 26

28 Schools for Africa SUPPORT IN 13 COUNTRIES Angola, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Zimbabwe IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: Early childhood development Access to quality primary, lower secondary and non-formal education; retention HIV prevention in schools Education in emergencies 27

29 Schools for Africa became the Society's first official international project in 2010. Members have donated, as of January 2014 over $180,000 to the project from 2010-2014. Currently the project works with 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa including Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau. The SFA mission involves providing access to quality basic education for children, focusing on girls, orphans and other vulnerable youngsters. UNICEFUNICEF works through this project with governments, local authorities, communities and other partners to: Foster community participation in school management Build and improve classroom buildings and equipment Create safe and protective environments where children can learn and play(CFS, Child- Friendly School programs) Provide access to clean water and separate sanitation facilities for boys and girls in schools Supply exercise books, pens, proper furniture and other school and sports materials Train teachers to provide children with quality education and basic life skills Educate children about proper hygiene and HIV prevention: this knowledge is passed on to siblings, parents, and the community at large Provide other interventions, including but not limited to health check-ups, immunization and scholarships Insure a stimulating start in life to children below age five According to UNICEF's most recent annual report on the Schools for Africa project, major gains have been made in: Early childhood development Access and retention to quality primary basic education Non-formal education HIV prevention in schools Education in emergencies 28

30 Making a Difference With support from Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and others, Schools for Africa (SFA) is helping support UNICEF education programs. 29

31 What do I do now??? Explore new ideas for programs Expand the creativity of the members Get excited about new possibilities Enrich your community Embrace new challenges Include everyone in the planning for the new year Have fun!!! 30

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