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2 Mozambique

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4 Christian education is a vital component in the transforming process by which students become the people that God intends them to be. Vilanculos Christian School utilises the Accelerated Christian Education system To serve families who desire an education that is distinctly Christian To train students to identify and achieve their God-given potential To introduce the ACE program as the preferred pre-school system in Mozambique

5 The ACE system recognises that each child has a unique learning style with God-given abilities and talents and was developed with a learning approach that accommodates learners’ individual capabilities. ACE provides curriculum materials in bite-sized, achievable work texts. The ACE programme instils moral values and Biblical principles in the life of each learner. Character traits such as honesty, kindness and loyalty are taught within the learner and teacher support materials. A student must be on a level where he can perform. A student must set reasonable goals he can achieve in a set period of time A student must be controlled and motivated. A student’s learning must be measurable. A student’s learning must be rewarded.

6 Just R300 will be enough to give one child the opportunity to read, write, and learn about Jesus. For R6000 a group of 20 children will be able to complete the program in a SHAPE Centre. The SHAPE program is active in reaching out to local and underprivileged children SHAPE Centres teach children reading and basic math skills but, most important, introduce them to Jesus Christ through God's Word. The SHAPE program is a pre-school program package designed with all the recourses needed for 20 children for 1 year. Many children and families are being impacted as a result of people willing to give of their time and resources to the Lord.

7 The LEAP program is a multi-sensory, phonetic learning-to-read programme. This programme is designed for learners 7 years and up or who are entering grade 1. This lively and entertaining 15 week programme features cartoon characters and includes songs, poems, displays, and character-building activities. The LEAP kit contains a complete Teacher’s Training Guide which shows a teacher exactly how this programme will work. For R4000 a group of 20 children will be able to complete the LEAP program. We need individuals who will partner with us to reach these children.

8 The strength of a nation lies in its education and our aim is to give the children of Mozambique the best possible start in life with a good education. Our hope is that by educating the children of today, we will help them to create a better life for themselves, their families and their country in the future. Help us by helping to make Christian education accessible to more children by providing more schools in their local areas. We need your support in order to grow and provide education to more children. Click on an image to go to the page

9 2 off 8,4x8,4 classrooms for the main school Learning kits for 5 SHAPE learning centre's Learning kits for 5 LEAP learning centre's Furniture for these classes Sponsorship for teachers to be trained to use the material 1 off 5000 lt tanks for water supply to the school 1 off 0.75kW pump to pump water out of the dam into the tanks 2 off 5 bag sand filters and pipes to pre-filter the water. Complete solar system for supplying electricity to the school. (panels, invertor, charge regulator and batteries) Tools for the gardens (spade, fork, hoe etc..) Tunnels to grow some of the vegetables under Drip Irrigation system for the tunnels and sprinklers for the other vegetables 4x4 vehicle to be able to travel between villages and learning centre’s Sponsorship for the Purdy family to be able to continue this venture and pay for visas. Sponsorship of food and clothing for some of the very poor children Mainly, we need your prayers for continued favour, wisdom and faith. For ears that will hear and hearts that will obey, no matter what the cost.

10 Account Name: Bank: Branch: Branch code: Account number: Email: Url: Account Name: Bank: Branch: Branch code: Account number: Cellular number: Care Africa Nedbank Three Rivers 632005 1783021853 PBO Number: Tax Exempt (RSA): Tax Exempt (USA) : Tax Exempt (UK): Tax Exempt (EU) : 027 79 508 9686 035-093-NPO 920010527 sect. 18A In process VCS Barklays Bank Vilankulos ? Still to open

11 The central challenge of our time is to create and maintain sustainable communities— social, cultural and physical environments in which we can satisfy our needs and aspirations without diminishing this potential for future generations. The project will operate according to “Farming God’s way” principles Proper organic farming principles will be used and taught. Millions of dollars of aid and food gets poured into Africa each year. The poor never get to enjoy any of this ’aid’ as it is siphoned away. Moreover a dependency is created with these hand-outs. Give a man a fish and he will be hungry tomorrow, Teach a man to fish and he will be able to feed himself and his family for more tomorrow's. The Seed-to-seed project will only use open pollinated seeds. The Seed-to-seed project aims to empower these poorer people to create gardens and a seed co-op to be able to feed themselves tomorrow.

12 I will teach 2 farmers this season They will teach 2 farmers next season Exponential growth Give seeds to 2 others and train them. Plant seeds for vegetables for yourself Nurture plants and harvest vegetables to eat. Keeping 1 plant for seed. Harvest seeds for next season. Give seeds to 2 others and train them Me

13 The outdoor classroom fosters critical thinking skills and increases retention rate in many subject areas, including math, social studies, science, nutrition, and geography. Children have a natural affinity for the living world. School gardens are a powerful means of instilling lifelong environmental and nutritional literacy among children. These gardens can serve as living laboratories for hands-on exploration and learning, and seed saving can be a strong component of teaching Eco literacy. Gardens and seed saving bring nature to children at a scale that can fully engage them. For a small donation a group of 20 children will be able to make their own organic garden. We need individuals who will partner with us to feed these children. We aim to start a school garden with every school.

14 Click on an image to go to the page Arthur and Katja Purdy with their children: Jonathan, Timothy, Marcus and Kerry-Joy You can follow a diary of their daily exploits, challenges and the way that God is moulding, providing and using them in Mozambique. Visit their blog at: Account Name: Bank: Branch: Branch code: A Purdy Nedbank Three Rivers 632005 1457527944 Account number:

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