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SA Coastal Challenge 2008 This event is designed to draw maximum media coverage for our sponsors and our sole beneficiary, Operation Smile South Africa.

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2 SA Coastal Challenge 2008 This event is designed to draw maximum media coverage for our sponsors and our sole beneficiary, Operation Smile South Africa. We have successfully planned and executed The Great Wall Challenge 2006, and seek to repeat this success within South Africa, by planning a world first, running a smile around the entire Coast of South Africa in the SA Coastal Challenge 2008 The Great wall Challenge was a world first continuous run by David Grier and Braam Malherbe along the entire length of the Great wall of China. Running a marathon a day for 98 Days. Through this run R550,000 00 was raised to help fund Operation Smile’s first mission in South Africa, where 54 children received facial surgery.

3 The Route We intend to run from Alexander Bay on the Namibian border, via Cape Town, to Kosi Bay on the Mozambique boarder. A total distance of approximately 4000km. The athletes David Grier and Braam Malherbe intend to run approx 42km every day, resting every 7th day. The run will take approximately 122 days to complete including rest days. The run is planned for early 2008.

4 Fundraising Sole Fundraising beneficiary to be Operation Smile South Africa. We will aim to follow major coastal roads and pass through major towns and cities, maximizing public exposure of sponsors and brands. The route will allow for fundraising to be pre-planned. i.e Meeting local Schools and town mayors. Fundraising through local Round Tables, running clubs and existing sponsors networks.

5 Media We will be able to provide in advance, a detailed timetable and run schedule, allowing for the planning of press opportunities and television interviews. We will publish a website “from the roadside” that will allow the public to follow the run via the internet. GPS co-ordinates, News, Pictures and video will be updated frequently. The Challenge will film and photograph the run with the intention of making a documentary and publishing a book.The 2 runners will be traveling with video cameras as well as the support crew to ensure constant capture of footage. We will be joined on a weekly basis by a film crew to update footage for release to the TV networks The Challenge will own all rights to the footage, photography and intellectual property produced throughout the run. Geoff Smith our project director will be on the road with us liaising with the media and sponsors, setting up the interviews and making sure that the media feed remains constant as well a the constant updating of our progress. On completion of the run, a Fundraising Gala dinner will be held for celebrities and the press

6 Logistics We will plan and manage all run logistics, and seek product sponsors or co sponsors in order to try and reduce costs, in return we will offer exposure through the media. This will include the following: –The Team –Running Equipment and Clothing –Planning the Trip –Vehicles and Fuel –Accommodation and Food –Medical and Insurance –Communications

7 Team and Gear Adidas have already agreed to supply all of our gear for the run as well as training prior to the run David and Braam will the 2 athletes and Hamish Horrell the backup runner 3 drivers 1 general hand / cook Geoff will liaise with media, sponsor, and handle logistics on a daily basis, and update websites daily live from the road. We will carry video and stills cameras and from time to time a film crew will join us. This will provide current footage for weekly news updates. 3 x Vehicles - There are 2 options,1 Using 4X4 support vehicles, This has negative angles as we then need to find accommodation or camp along the way as well as purchase extra camping gear.2. camper vans this is by far the best option as they come fully equipped and means we can sleep where we stop for the day. We are still in negotiation with the company re sponsorship or a greatly reduced rental. Camper vans will be preferable as they will also serve as our accommodation and reduce equipment costs. Spare wheels and basic vehicle maintenance kits. Accommodation – Round Table home hosting where possible If we choose not to take campers, we will need to carry full camping gear for areas where there is no accommodation available, or pay for guest houses and hotels.

8 Food, Supplements and Medical Kitchen equipment - full breakdown will depend on which vehicle option we take.. Stoves supplied by Cobb international Fresh food will be sponsored by SPAR, and prepared by the cook. A comprehensive medical kit has been offered to us by Ciplamedpro. We feel that a doctor will not be necessary on this trip as we are constantly in close proximity to medical facilities in towns along the way We will be approaching Discovery health for a comprehensive medical cover plan should we need it along the way. EAS will supporting us with their range of powder supplements and energy drinks.

9 Training The support team will undertake an intense training program prior to the run. The two athletes will be commencing their training program with the Sport Science Institute under the guidance of Prof Tim Noakes and his team. Sport Science institute will again sponsoring their expertise for our training as with the China run. Prof Wayne Derman - physician Dr Willem Van der Merwe – knees Dr Andrew Bosch – Training program Shelly Meltzer – dietitian Dr Clinton Garweeler – psychologist Alan Beecham – Virgin active

10 Sponsors The following sponsors are interested in coming on board again.

11 And this is how Round Table will make a difference BeforeAfterBefore After Before

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