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Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat INVESTMENT FORUM 2012 UK -ANGOLA BY Eng. João Samuel Caholo Deputy Executive Secretary, Regional Integration –SADC Secretariat.

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2 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat INVESTMENT FORUM 2012 UK -ANGOLA BY Eng. João Samuel Caholo Deputy Executive Secretary, Regional Integration –SADC Secretariat SAVOY PLACE, UK 24 MAY 2012

3 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat ANGOLA


5 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat Southern African Development Community (SADC) The SADCC (1980): The Frontline States and Founding (9) Member States Different Sector Coordinating Responsibilities vested in each Member State till 2003; The SADC (1992), The Community, Treaty: Ushered a Community approach which succeeded a Development Coordination Cooperation Approach; in 2004, migrated to centralised coordination of all sector into the Secretariat as the Executive Institution, based in Gaborone, Botswana. Policy Organs:  Summit: - Supreme Organ with rotating Chairperson  Council: - Council of Ministers  Organ on Politics, Defense and Security Cooperation, with a separate Council, the Ministerial Committee of the Organ (MCO)  Sectoral Ministerial Clusters:  Institutions of SADC  Secretariat  Tribunal  SADC National Committees

6 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat OBJECTIVES OUR EXISTANCE Deepen regional integration through enhanced intra-SADC trade underpinned by seamless, cost-effective regionally inter-connected infrastructure networks Peace, Security, Stability and Good Governance; promote common political values and systems; Promote sustainable and equitable social/economic development to ensure poverty alleviation and its eventual eradication; Promote productive employment of financial, food security, natural resources and protect the environment; Coordinate the long standing historical, cultural and social affinities of the peoples of the region; Combat all deadly communicable and non-communicable diseases (such as HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria); Mainstream Gender in Community Building; Mobilize and harmonize the policies, programs and projects of the Region towards the Continental Integration.

7 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat KEY PROJECTS AND PROGRAMMES  Implementation of the Treaty is carried out through protocols.  Protocols are carried out through projects and programmes comprising the following main areas;  Trade and Industry,  Finance, Investment and the Private Sector,  Infrastructure and Services,  Human, Social and Skills Development,  Food Security and Natural Resources Management,  Environment, Gender, etc  Peace and Political Stability.

8 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat Funding Requirements in the MediumTerm SectorAmount (USD) POWER DEVELOPMENT47 CORRIDOR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT 26 Ports and Inland Waterways 18 ICT INFRASTRUCTURE9 The total amount required for SADC regional infrastructure development in the medium term is currently estimated at approximately USD 100 billion per year distributed as follows;

9 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat 3.2 Transmission Projects 2012: Mozambique Malawi DRC - Zambia 2014: Zambia - Tanzania DRC Tanzania Angola Zambia Malawi Mozambique Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia South Africa Swaziland Lesotho : ZIZABONA WESTCOR (Suspended) 2015: MOZAMBIQUE BACKBONE

10 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat Proposed Interconnectors (dashed lines)  Westcor  ZIZABONA  Zambia-Tanzania  Malawi-Mozambique  Mozambique Backbone  DRC-Zambia  DRC-Angola  RSA Strengthening

11 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat SADC Member State Transport Corridors Angola1. Lobito; 2. Namibe; 3. Trans-Cunene; 4. Malange; 5. Bas Congo Botswana1. Trans-Kalahari Corridor (TKC); 2. North-South Corridor (NSC) DRC1. North-South Corridor (NSC); 2. Malange; 3. Walvis-Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi, (Trans-Caprivi); 4. Dar es Salaam; 5. Central Transport Corridor; 6. Bas Congo Lesotho1. Maseru-Durban Malawi1. Nacala; 2. Beira; 3. Mtwara; 4. Dar es Salaam; 5. North-South Corridor (NSC) Mozambique1. Maputo; 2. Beira; 3. Nacala; 4. Mtwara; 5. North-South Corridor (NSC); 6. Limpopo Namibia1. Trans-Kalahari Corridor (TKC); 2. Trans-Orange; 3. Trans-Cunene; 4. Walvis-Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi, (Trans-Caprivi); 5. Namib South Africa1. North-South Corridor (NSC); 2. Maputo; 3. Trans-Kalahari Corridor (TKC); 4. Trans-Orange; 5. Maseru-Bloemfontein-Durban; 6. Lebombo Swaziland1. Maputo; 2. Lebombo Tanzania1. Dar es Salaam; 2. Mtwara; 3. Central Zambia1. North-South Corridor (NSC); 2. Dar es Salaam; 3. Mtwara; 4. Beira; 5. Walvis-Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi, (Trans-Caprivi); 6. Lobito (Benguela) Zimbabwe1. Beira; 2. Maputo; 3. North-South Corridor (NSC); 4. Limpopo

12 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat SADC Corridors Development Programme and the North-South Corridor Project Corridors North – South Corridor

13 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat PROPOSED KAZUNGULA BRIDGE

14 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat Tourist Arrivals Trends Outlook: (millions) Year Africa SADC 21.5 (44%) 28 (47%) 40 (52%) 63 (58%)

15 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat ICT Access Statistics

16 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat SADC Broadband Inter-connections and Under-Sea Cable Links to Rest of the World

17 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat Terrestrial fibre links between countries

18 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat SADC Priority Programme Under the PIDA ENERGY SECTOR ProjectDescription Cost USD Mill CountriesRegion 2. North–South Power Transmission Corridor 8,000 km line from Egypt to South Africa 6,000 Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa COMESA/EAC/ SADC/IGAD Mphamda-Nkuwa Hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 1,500 MW for export on the SAPP market 2,400 Mozambique, Zambezi basin SADC Lesotho HWP phase II Hydropower programme for power supply to Lesotho and power export to South Africa 800Orange-Senqu River Basin SADC SouthernSADC Batoka Hydroelectric plant With a capacity of 1,600 MW to enable export of electricity 2,800 Zambia/Zimbabwe Zambezi basin COMESA/SADC

19 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat SADC Priority Programme Under the Continental Programme TRANSPORT SECTOR ProjectDescriptionCost USD MillCountriesRegion Beira-Nacala Multimodal Corridors Rehabilitation/reconstruction of railway and road links, including one-stop border posts along the corridors. Improvement of capacity at the ports, including capital dredging at Beira Port. Natural resources development, including Moatize Coal Field in the Zambezi Valley will use the ports as main export gateways 450 Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe SADC/COMESA Southern Africa Hub Port and Rail Programme This programme aims at responding to Southern Africa’s challenge in developing sufficient port capacity to handle future demand from both domestic sources and landlocked countries 2, 270REC MemberSADC

20 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat CHALLENGES Language and Culture Availability of utilities and diversified services Competitive service provision The Continental and Global nexus

21 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat WHY INVEST IN ANGOLA NOW 2 nd Biggest economy of Southern Africa and 7 th of Africa Strategic geographical Location catalytic to open important markets of both Eastern, Southern, Central Africa as a whole Huge untapped potential Sizeable Consumer purchasing power Good infrastructure network Strategic Partnership

22 Copyright 2010 SADC Secretariat INVESTMENT FORUM 2012 Thank You

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