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Missions Gala Reaching the world for Christ through the World Evangelism Fund.

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1 Missions Gala Reaching the world for Christ through the World Evangelism Fund

2 Presented by NMI Council Hutchinson First Church of the Nazarene Hutchinson, Kansas 3rd Annual Missions Gala Enter through North Entrance to get your tickets to fly AirNaz Guest speakers: Dr. Bob Broadbooks, Harmon Schmelzenbach, and Dr. Daniel Ketchum Learn how Faith Promise offerings financially support Nazarene missionaries, educational institutions, medical facilities and languages being translated through World Evangelism Fund. Grab a bite to eat at the International Food Court and participate in a hands-on project that will be used in the mission field. Nazarene churches are invited to join us for this fun-filled, educational, inter-generational evening.

3 If you're gonna fly AirNaz, then you must get a ticket! Upon arriving, we gave every guest a set of tickets, which included destinations to the six world areas, Global Ministry Center, and EvangeStore. We included questions pertaining to each region on the tickets. After they answered these, we stamped their tickets. After all tickets were stamped, guests showed “officers” at Customs and received a piece of chocolate wrapped in Euro-note foil.

4 We wanted our guests to have Web links directly connected to Missions, so we printed the following on the last ticket in their packet. Tickets were retained by passengers.

5 Ministry in action We highlighted one ministry from each world region to show what our missionaries are doing to reach the lost and support the local church. The following was used as signage in their displays: Africa: Mozambique- Tithing is taught and encouraged throughout Mozambique. Local Nazarenes have watched God do miracles as they are faithful with His blessings. As churches grow in members, missionaries such as Carlos Esteban Bauza encourage local congregations to build their own church building. Once built, Carlos delivers roofing supplies which are paid for by generous Nazarenes globally. Asia Pacific: YIM provides a platform for young adults to experience what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ throughout the world. Through medical clinics, sports camps for children and Youth, teaching English, ministry training and church development, relief work, evangelism, inter-city outreach, working with disabled children, providing Hope for the homeless, and encouraging church leaders. Be an active part of the body of Christ throughout the World through Youth In Mission. Eurasia: The Church of the Nazarene in Denmark is going to be opening a coffee shop / ministry center in Copenhagen, Denmark in January 2013. Nazarene café ministries are in various stages of development in other parts of Europe, including England, Sweden and Portugal. Sweet Surrender Ministries- *English Club- A school located in the coffee shop in Poznań where many Polish students of all ages are learning English. *Knitting night for women- Every Monday night at the coffee shop in Poznań local Polish women gather for a time of fun fellowship and knitting. All the coffee shops have art exhibits, live music, and various coffee demonstrations to get the public excited and intrigued about visiting the shops. CIS Field: Conferences, led by Gustavo Crocker, Eurasia Regional Director, for the Ukraine and Central Asia Districts and Russia and Armenia Districts taught the Power of One, a systematic plan for evangelism and discipleship. This teaching has encouraged pastors and church leaders as they are making plans for planting churches in neighboring towns. Mesoamerica: Haiti Water Project, through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM), aims to provide clean, safe water for communities in Haiti. The goal is to create sustainable water resources that empower local churches to meet the needs around them. One well or cistern can provide fresh water for around 1,000 people. One well or cistern at 500 local churches in Haiti equals 500,000 changed lives. Imagine if Haiti was known more for its hope than for its poverty. South America: CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER- Huacshapata, Arequipa-Peru:This is a project of children behind the volcano Misti in Arequipa. It provides comprehensive support for children from 3 years ago. Today we have a Church that was started there. USA/Canada: The Nazarene Border Initiative is developing a network of ministries along the Mexican border to proclaim His Message by: Promoting growth of existing churches; Reach new towns and cities: Discover and develop leaders at all levels; Channel support groups, ministry teams, and resources from the USA and Mexico; Establish links between the border district.

6 This is how we promoted ministries from each world area Africa: we built a 6’ (front width) x 8’ (side width) x 10’ (floor to peak) church, duplicating a church found in a photo from Mozambique. There is a picture of our church in the video (link on slide 8). Asia Pacific: using a window display, we posted pictures of a young woman from MNU who traveled with YIM last summer and condensed info about YIM. Eurasia: a young man from our congregation helped prepare, set up a menu, open, and work at a coffee shop (Sweet Surrender) in Poland a couple of years ago. We set up a coffee shop for him by the ticket counter where he gave away small cups of coffee, cider and pastries (from the menu in Poland). It was a hit! Info about the CIS Field we placed in the window display accompanied with pictures sent to us. Mesoamerica: another young man, who also grew up in our church, participated in 12:7 Serve last year where he worked with the Haiti Water Project. We highlighted this ministry by building a generic church (6' x 10' x 12'- yep, it was a monster!) and painted it yellow and brown. Then, in front of it we resurrected an old hand pump, built a sturdy wooden box/stand for it, placing a 50 gallon drum in the box so the water would recycle when pumped. We warned our guests, “Do NOT drink the water!” Couldn't guarantee that our recycled water would be cleaner than the water pumped in Haiti. South America: in window display, we printed pictures and info from a friend in Peru about a CDC. USA/Canada: gathered building supplies: wheelbarrow, cinder blocks, bag of dry cement, 4' x 8' sheetrock, broom, shovel, hand tools, etc.

7 After travelers received tickets to fly AirNaz, they had they could grab a snack and coffee or cider at Sweet Surrender Cafe. Others pumped water at the Haiti Water Project display. Still others enjoyed a shoe shine stand. Airport security was the next step before entering the 'airplane', located in the sanctuary. Nothing was taken too seriously there. Lots of smiles and laughter. Led by a clever and witty AirNaz Attendant, our guests were given in-flight instructions. Example: All passengers must stay in their upright position; No oxygen mask will fall if there is a change in cabin pressure; Deputation offering will be taken in the 'Cough-it-up Bag' located in the book rack in each row. The following label was placed on white paper lunch bags. During the 'flight', Captain Bob Broadbooks and Co-Pilot Harmon Schmelzenbach shared the platform with stories, encouragement and challenging us in our walk with the Lord. Before leaving the 'plane', each passenger received a 'post-flight' snack...Biscoff cookie! Passengers went through Terminals 'Faith' or 'Promise' to get to AirNaz gates (gymnasium).

8 AirNaz Airlines COUNTERS: AFRICA ASIA PACIFIC EURASIA MESOAMERICA SOUTH AMERICA USA/CANADA EVANGESTORE GLOBAL CENTER INTERNATIONAL FOOD COURT provided at least one food sample from each World Region for each traveler: Chinese almond cookie, mini taco with picante, mini quiche, mini egg roll with sweet/sour sauce, African mango punch, Colombian coffee and a taste of cheesecake. Are you hungry yet? CUSTOMS provided each traveler a Euro-note shaped piece of chocolate wrapped in colorful foil when they got all their tickets stamped. Chocolate-Notes.html TRAVEL AGENT counter advertised two Mission trip opportunities. One lead by our local church to the Dominican Republic for June 2013 and the other by the Kansas District for January 2014 (with Jesus Film). CONNECTING FLIGHTS station had a monitor looping statistics and short videos from each World Region. Each WR was highlighted under two minutes and ran throughout the event. OTHER: INTERNATIONAL FOOD COURT CUSTOMS TRAVEL AGENT CONNECTING FLIGHTS Each passenger was to find the answers to questions on their tickets and then have tickets stamped at each World Region counter. Once each ticket had been stamped, they showed their tickets at 'Customs'. Each area had at least one of three different questions printed on tickets. The EvangeStore and Global Center tickets had no questions, simply space for a stamp. Link to a short video from our Missions Gala 2012:

9 EvangeStore & Global Center Every airport has a retail store. AirNaz had an EvangeStore! Wanting to share the ministry of Jesus Film Harvest Partners, we made available to our travelers World Challenge folders and Evangecubes. On display were the Old and New Testament story cloths. Our hands on project was making Evange-Scarves out of donated cotton t-shirts. Depending on the t-shirt size and if there is any printing on it, six to nine strips can be cut from each t-shirt. Strips are 3/4 to 1 inch wide. The hem is cut off and discarded, then cut all the way across the shirt so that you end up with one big loop. The strips are then stretched, rolled into loops, laid on the table ready to be tied together with red material. Each scarf has three sets of colors in this order: grey (sin), red (Jesus' blood), white (being washed clean), gold (heaven), green (new hope and new life). The scarves are being sent globally to help share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We made 25 Evange-Scarves at the Gala. Locations of missionaries, educational institutions, medical facilities, and languages being translated were printed on a white label (example on right). Our travelers tacked the locations onto a flat 5' x 10' world banner map. This was to give a visual to where Nazarene Missions, supported by WEF, is active globally. Evangestore Papua New Guinea Asia-Pacific Global Center

10 Hutch First NMI Council Hutchinson, Kansas Our goal in hosting our Missions Gala is to educate all who attend how Faith Promise offerings are supporting the work of Christ through World Evangelism Fund and Church of the Nazarene. To the best of our ability, we highlighted what World Evangelism Fund supports directly and indirectly in the most creative way we could. The Gala is designed to be informative, intergenerational, and interactive. We believe our future as a global church depends on what we do now financially, educationally, spiritually and relationally. May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, be glorified and honored in all that we do as we serve Him. Hutch First NMI President: Kelly Love Hutch First Pastoral Support: Doug Wyatt, Mark Hall, Chris Gilmore, Ryan Gage Logo Branding: Megan M. Love Logo Creation: Pat Stevens Global Ministry Center: Dr. Daniel Ketchum, Molly Cole, Liz Hollenberg, Gail Sawrie, Dr. Bob Broadbooks Kansas District: Dr. Ed Nash, Sara Willard, Eddie Fowler Missionaries: Scott Armstrong, Carlos Esteban Bauza, Jose David Acosta, Adam Ramos, AJ Fry, Chelsey Coffey, Joseph Sumi, Robert Skinner, Harmon & Cindy Schmelzenbach, Rusty & Diane Robbins Global Nazarene Publications: Scott Stargel Our spouses & families Hutch First Volunteers Thank you to the following for your support, information, encouragement, and enthusiasm: Hutch First NMI Council 2012-2013 Jackie Ashcraft Brianna Bartholomew Jennifer Boldt Marvin Boller Sandy Carlton Gene Elliott Beverly Mendoza Heather Ramos Phil Torgrimson Deanna Willard Darrell Zahorsky

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