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ITF Congress Sofia – Fringe Event ACV Transcom

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1 ITF Congress Sofia – Fringe Event ACV Transcom
JOHAN : Now Filip Muylle will explain for you the history and evolution from the Belgian Transport Maenhout Company into Wim Bosman, and then further on into the world wide Mainfreight Group. Filip, the floor is yours ! ITF Congress Sofia – Fringe Event ACV Transcom Johan Opsomer - Filip Muylle

2 Agenda // History: Transport Maenhout // Wim Bosman Group // The Mainfreight group // Presentation Wim Bosman group Europe // Presentation ‘The Mainfreight group’ // File ‘supply chain’ (one Customer) // DAIKIN, linking Europe - Africa FILIP : Thank you, Johan ! I started working for the Transport Maenhout company in This is the story of that company and my contribution in it on a syndical level.

3 Transport Maenhout: HistorY (1920)
Emiel Maenhout starts the company in After the first world war, there was a lot of opportunities in the transport sector. These were, on an economic level, very properous times. Emiel started moving things with cart and horse. The company was located in Ostend, by the sea. The only negative side on this location was that land transport could only go one way, being inland. The horse could swim, but Emiel couldn’t !

4 1950 Emiel Maenhout’s enterprise flourished in the 20’s and the 30’s. The second world war was a very bad time for everybody, but after the war, things needed to be rebuilded, and again business flourished for Emiel.

5 By 1950 he started moving things by truck
By 1950 he started moving things by truck. The company was steadily growing. Emiel had two sons : Henri and Andre, and he was preparing them to succeed him on the head of the company.

6 During the rural 60’s, Transport Maenhout remained a constant factor and value in and around Ostend. Emiels son Henri followed in his fathers footsteps and became head of the company. His brother Andre became head of the financial department.

7 1975 In 1975, the Maenhouts decided to move to a large industrial zone on the outskirts of Ostend, to manage the growth of the company. In the late 80’s, Henri also decided to start providing logistics services.

8 Transport Maenhout, site OOSTENDE (2000)
By the year 2000, Maenhout had become one of the biggest players in Belgium for transport and logistics. A steady service for nearby situated customer Daikin Europe made sure that the logistics department was flourishing.

9 By then Transport Maenhout owned a fleet of about 250 trucks and was still growing.

10 2001: Transport Maenhout, Oostende
2001 = start-up syndical activities in the company NV Maenhout Maenhout Logistics EFS (European Freight service) DDS Adika Bretrans < 50 workers per ‘sub’company Small offices in Genk & Wommelgem employment : about 270 workers. The company however was splitted up into several subcompanies, each having under 50 workers. In Belgium, syndical presence in an enterprise is only possible from 50 workers on. In 2001, I had some clashes with the management, and I wanted to leave Maenhout. Johan contacted me and convinced me to stay and try to build a syndical presence. Johan even provoked the Maenhouts with syndical actions at the gates of the company.

11 In july 2002, Johan appointed me officially as union representative for Transport Maenhout, proving that all subcompanies in fact were one big company. The matter was brought to court, but Henri had to accept me as ACV representative in his company. Finally a union delegation was established in Transport Maenhout, 82 years after establishing the enterprise !

12 2004 For the first time works council elections on-site under one legal structure : NV Transport Maenhout In 2004 Workers Council elections were held for the first time in the history of the company. There were only blue collar workers on the list. ACV Transcom won all but one worker’s chairs in the council, and had great victory. In 2008, white collar workers presented Works Council lists also, and ACV won all white collar workers chairs. Today, ACV has 90% of the votes in the Logistics and 60% in the Transport departments.

13 2006 Joint venture between Wim Bosman & Transport Maenhout
Because European transport business grew steadily eastwards, Transport Maenhout started working togheter with the Dutch company Wim Bosman, who had experience in transport to Eastern European countries.

14 2008 Take-over from Transport Maenhout by Wim Bosman, The Netherlands (Henri Maenhout retires, no continuation by his children) Since the children of Henri Maenhout had no interest in succeding as head of the company, he sold it in its entirety to the Wim Bosman Company.

15 2010 Take-over Wim Bosman by ‘the Mainfreight group’, New Zealand.
(Wim Bosman retires without successors) Commercial name in Europe = Wim Bosman Group Two years later, Mister Wim Bosman retired, and, having no children, he sold the company to Mainfreight, a New Zealand based company, which has branches all over the world, except in Europe. For commercial reasons the name « Wim Bosman » was kept in Europe.

16 Nowadays the Wim Bosman Group is a firmly European based transport and logistics provider.

17 Wim Bosman, Belgium Oostende: transports & logistics (Zandvoordestraat) Wommelgem: transport (Nijverheidsstraat) (till 1 april 2014) Genk: transports & logistics (Geleenlaan) Machelen: Cargo (Brucargo) Employment end 2013: approx. 365 workers In Belgium, the biggest site is in Ostend, but there are also branches in Genk, and up till april, in Wommelgem, near Antwerp. The Brucargo branch near Brussels mainly provides Air and Ocean transport, and operates under the name Mainfreight.

18 Site Zandvoordestraat Oostende
On-site warehouses   m² ;   bulk storage   pallet racks External warehouses (renting)   m² ;   bulk storage These are the logistics warehouses in Ostend, which is square metres. An additional square metres is rented in a warehouse nearby.

19 Wim Bosman The Netherlands
‘s Heerenberg: Head office Wim Bosman Group, warehousing and transports Geleen: Warehousing Schiphol: Air freight Rotterdam: Ocean freight Eindhoven Heerenveen Breda In The Netherlands, the Wim Bosman Group has branches in Geleen, Schiphol, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Heerenveen and Breda. The European and Holland headquarters are located in ‘s Heerenberg, near the German border.

20 Introduction Wim Bosman
A business with Dutch origin, started in 1963 25 locations in 9 European countries 1.781 team members in Europe (head count) m2 warehouse facilities 1.500 own transport units of which 600 motorised Annual turnover: 245 Million Euro (2012/2013) Member of the Mainfreight team since 2011 As you can see, Wim Bosman started in1963 and is now present in 9 European countries :

21 Wim Bosman Group (Europe)
Wim Bosman Belgium (Oostende,Genk, Machelen) Wim Bosman The Netherlands (‘s Heerenberg, Heerenveen, Schiphol, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven) Wim Bosman France (Paris, Lyon, Le Havre, Charles de Gaulle) Wim Bosman Germany (Emmerich am Rhein) Wim Bosman Poland (Pruszkow, Katowice) Wim Bosman Roemania (Ploiesti, Cluj-Napoca) Wim Bosman Russia (St.Petersburg, Moskow) Wim Bosman Finland (Kotka) Wim Bosman Ukraine (Kiev) Belgium, Holland France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Finland and Ukrain

22 Wim Bosman Europe Inzoomen BENEL

23 Wim bosman EUROPE

24 Wim Bosman group A European logistics provider with a global network.
Services European transports Logistics solutions (o.a. Daikin,…..) Worldwide sea freight & air freight Supply chain management Wim Bosman provides Logistics…

25 The Fleet Own transport companies in: Netherlands, Belgium, Romania and Poland > 1500 transport units of which 600 motorised …And transports all over Europe.

26 Wim Bosman group a : distribution B: logistics

27 Wim Bosman distribution
Daily inland distribution in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Romania through own transports network. Daily partial loads/full loads to all European economic centers/countries. All possible transporting. Strong customer service Distribution all over Europe through own transports network…

28 Wim Bosman distribution
Member of the Alliance Europe network: = workers = transports = euro turnover/year 24/48/72 uur deliveries all over Europe. Mutual cooperation with air freight & sea freight = A full supply chain story ! …And through Alliance Europe network. A full supply chain story !

29 Wim Bosman Romania Wim Bosman S.R.L. Ploieşti & Cluj-Napoca
A total of m² A-class public warehouse (option to extend to m²) 65 trucks & 120 team members. Domestic distribution Romania International transport In Romania, Wim Bosman has two transport branches : Ploiesti and Cluj-Napoca.

30 Wim Bosman Russia Established at St. Petersburg and Moscow
Direct use of a fleet over 600 trucks Own port office Also in Russia, Wim Bosman has two branches : Moscow and St. Petersburg.

31 CON-trailer F RU Container transport/shipping to:
Russia direct via St. Petersburg Russia via Baltics or Finland Container transport from Russia to European ports…

32 European Distribution
Ocean Freight Air Freight Direct (FTL) LTL Shipper Shipment info Status info Parcel/ Groupage Selected carrier Weight/ lead time Transport over land, air or sea goes through one single point of contact. Single point of Contact Customer Cross-dock

33 Logistic Services Wim Bosman Logistic Services…

34 Logistic Services 340.000 m² warehousing space in Europe
Conventional, Food (HACCP), Chemical (PGS 15), Bonded and High secured warehouses Dedicated, multi user and multi site warehousing concepts Stock management, order-picking and Value Added Logistics Logistic Engineering Co-Packing Custom-made solutions In total, Wim Bosman has square metres warehousing space in Europe.

35 Logistic Services After receiving wares from around the world, they get stored in the warehouses. When needed, these wares get picked, packed, loaded and shipped to customers worldwide.


37 Air & Ocean Freight Shipping through ports worldwide…

38 Air & Ocean Freight Ocean Freight Services
Groupage, LCL and FCL ocean freight services Warehousing (Bonded / Non Bonded) Domestic distribution Import and export NVOCC (Buyers) consolidation Import services of classic and modern cars from the USA Ocean Freight Services…

39 Air & Ocean Freight Air Freight Services Airport to Airport concepts
Direct flights Weekend consolidation Combination Air & Sea services Customs services (import and export formalities) Airport to Door delivery via the network of Wim Bosman in Europe Air Freight Services…

40 Global coverage Slide toegevoegd door CK  OK

41 Wim Bosman group Together for a European Works Council:
ACV Transcom (Belgium) ETF Half may 2014, ACV Transcom sent a letter to Mark Newman, CEO for Wim bosman Europe, expressing the urge for a European Works Council. We are now in the process of founding the Special Negotiating Body, with the help of the ETF, the European Transport Federation.

42 Wim Bosman Conclusion Wim Bosman is a European logistics service provider. Our services include: Global Air & Ocean Freight Logistic Services European distribution Wim Bosman is a member of Mainfreight, a global Supply Chain Logistics company with team and branches across Australia, Asia, New Zealand, USA and Europe. Once a European Works Council has been set up, ACV Transcom will try the same on a global level for Mainfreight. A global company needs a global Works Council !

43 Eventually the name « Wim Bosman » will change to « Mainfreight Europe ».

44 A New Zealand business started in 1978
A global supply chain logistics provider, publicly listed on NZX in June 1996 A Billion dollar company with 220 branches operating across New Zealand, Australia, USA, Europe, South America and Asia A team with currently over 5,500 members Mainfreight is a New Zealand company, founded in 1978 by Bruce Plested. The business has 220 branches worldwide…

45 Facts & Figures Member of the Mainfreight team
Worldwide > dedicated team members Worldwide > 200 locations Europe > 16 locations in 7 countries Europe > m² warehouse facilities Europe > own transport units Turnover > 1,8 Billion NZ$ (2011/2012) …And has over 550 teammembers also worldwide. The strongest syndical presence however is in Belgium.

46 The Mainfreight group Wim Bosman group (Mainfreight Europe)
Mainfreight North-America Los Angeles (USA) Mainfreight Asia China, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan Mainfreight Australia Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Geelong Mainfreight New Zealand Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Touranga, Hamilton The Mainfreight branches worldwide : LA, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan and several branches in Australia and New Zealand.

47 Logistics/warehousing
We Offer Logistics/warehousing Road freight Value Added Services Air freight The Mainfreight business… Sea freight

48 Global coverage Slide toegevoegd door CK  OK

49 CUSTOMERS FILIP : These are the main customers from Wim Bosman. It’s possible to map out a complete supply chain story for each and every one of these. Now I will give the floor back to Johan, who will continue this presentation JOHAN : Thank you, Filip ! In order to judge how we can make pressure on a syndical level in a company, we need to map out the complete business.

50 Supply chain file: DAIKIN
In this case, we will do this with Daikin, the only customer from Wim Bosman Logistics Services in Ostend.

51 DAIKIN : History Worldwide market leader Airco–systems
Established in 1924 by Akira Yamada in Osaka (Japan) European headquarters : Zandvoordestraat, Oostende (Belgium) (next to Wim Bosman) Since 2006 active in Africa, headquarters in South Africa, with distribution centers. Daikin is the number one company world wide in producing airconditioning systems. It was founded in 1924 by Akira Yamada in Osaka, Japan. European headquarters are situatated in Ostend, Belgium, right next to the Wim Bosman warehouses. Since 2006, Daikin African headquarters are situated in South Africa, which has several distribution centers.

52 Daikin’s place in the supply chain story
From raw material to finished product (airconditioning system) From manufacterer to customer Interaction between Daikin & Wim Bosman There’s a constant interaction between Wim Bosman and Daikin in producing an airconditioning system : from raw material to finished product, and from manufacterer to customer. In producing a complete airconditioning system a lot of raw materials need to get in the production hall. They can get there by truck, containership or even by airplane. All workers included in this chain are active in different sectors, with different wages and working conditions.

Ocean Freight Air Freight Direct (FTL) LTL Shipper Shipment info Status info Parcel/ Groupage Selected carrier Weight/ lead time All raw materials needed for producing an airconditioning system arrive at Wim Bosman. GA NAAR VOLGENDE DIA, AFWISSELEND TERUG NAAR DEZE. Single point of Contact Customer Cross-dock

54 conveyer belt between companies
Delivery raw materials Daikin (Oostende) Bosman (Oostende) conveyer belt between companies Production Storage finished products Supply raw materials Finished products Delivering raw materials by Wim Bosman trucks to Daikin. -- KLIK EVEN NAAR VOLGENDE DIA EN TERUG Daikin produces an airco device. Finished units are transported by conveyer belt and trucks to Wim Bosman. Units get stocked in Wim Bosman warehouses. Shipping through containers to the whole world Air freight (DHL) Sea freight Trucks

55 Delivery raw materials to Daikin through Bosman : own distribution service Wim Bosman

56 Shipping from finished products through containers, all over the world.
Shipping of finished airconditioning units in containers world wide by Wim Bosman through : 1.Air Freight : DHL. 2.Sea freight : through the ports of Zeebrugge, Ostend and Antwerp by APM, ZIP-terminal, OCHZ Antwerp and ANR Antwerp.

57 Road transport by trucks
3.By road transport companies Interworld, Kuehne&Nagel, Dentressangle, Wim Bosman transport, DHL, LKW Walter, Paul Van Loon NV.

58 The link in the supply chain between Europe & Africa
Daikin has an establishment in Swaziland (South Africa), functioning as distribution center to: Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Libya, Sudan, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania Daikin, with its European headquarters in Ostend, Belgium, has, since 2006, African headquarters, situated in Swaziland. From there, coordination happens for transporting wares to Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Libia, Sudan, Uganda, Mozambique, Namibia, Kenia and Tanzania. Delivering the goods to these countries happens by multinationals, like DHL or Bolloré, but also through local transporters, local airports or ports, for example from the port of Durban, South Afrika, to the port of Lagos, Nigeria.

59 Conclusion How can we, as a union, exercise influence in this supply chain story ? To support the Daikin establishment in Swaziland, we can f.i. keep a Mainfreight truck on hold from unloading. We can occupy the container handler in the port of Zeebrugge (APM), in order to press on f.i. wage or working condition negotiations in Mainfreight New Zealand. Daikin is just one of Wim Bosmans clients. This way, we can make a supply chain design for every single customer. How can we exercise influence in the supply chain ? Very important is to know the company with all its branches. Use the strongest link (=strongest union presence) to support the weakest link. How can we, as European strong union or as ITF, help exploited workers in a small logistic company in Mombassa, Kenia, who are packing and shipping airconditioning units ? For example, to support the Daikin establishment in Swaziland, we can keep a Mainfreight truck on hold from unloading. Another example : we can occupy the container handlerin the port of Zeebrugge, in order to press on wages or working condition negotiations in Mainfreight New Zealand. These are just a few examples how we, as a union, can and have to make a stand in the supply chain story, in order to succeed in a multinational company.

60 Supply chain story = 1. Collaboration within the own union, across different sectors . 2. Collaboration with other unions (sector, country,…) 3. Collaboration between unions and other non-governmental organizations 4. Clustering supply chain of different multinationals. Assignments in the supply chain story. 1.Collaboration within the own union, across different sectors, for example the different sectors in ACV Transcom. 2.Collaboration with other unions, a joint operation between different unions, can have a better chance on success. Also unions from different sectors, like Wim Bosman is Transport sector and Daikin is metallurgy sector. Unions from different countries working together, like ACV with ETF and ITF. 3.Collaboration with non-governmental organisations, who can generate a lot of power, and, this way, can be a very strong ally. 4. Clustering supply chains of different multinationals, like mainfreight moving airco’s through DHL airfreight.

61 Further method of working by ACV Transcom & the file of Wim Bosman:
Create a EWC for Wim Bosman Europe Complete elaboration supply chain design Daikin (network of adresses & contact persons) Elaboration supply chain design of all other customers from the ‘Wim Bosman Group’ Bringing together rank & file, militants, contacts, and workers in this supply chain file. Further actions by ACV in the Wim Bosman file. 1.We are now in the process of founding a European Workers Council, with the help of the ETF, the European Transport Federation. 2.Mapping out the complete supply chain Bosman-Daikin, by networking and collecting adresses and contact persons. 3.Mapping all customers of Wim Bosman, the same way we just did with Daikin. 4.Bringing together rank and file, militants and workers.

62 Fase 1 : Mapping of the supply chain fase 2 : officially recognize syndical consultation in Europe (EWC) fase 3 : elaborating the network of the complete supply chain fase 4 : constructing and networking trough : mails, newsletters, seminars, education sessions Now concrete : first, we will map the full supple chain by october-november Second, we start with the European Workers Council by november Third, we will elaborate the network of the complete supply chain by the start of Fourth, we will start the networking through mails, newsletter, seminars and education sessions in the second half of 2015.

63 Together strong for a syndical network !
Please, sign the commitment declaration now! MORE INFORMATION? ACV Transcom : Johan Opsomer, national secretary ACV Transcom, sector road transport, or (+32) Filip Muylle, union representative Wim Bosman Belgium, (+32) Everybody attending this fringe can help and support us in starting up the European Workers Council and building an international syndical network for the Mainfreight Group. You can do this by signing under the text on the banner. « Together strong for a syndical network ! We can generate a strong voice in the supply chain management of the Mainfreight Group. How ? If we organize as trade unions in a commited network. With this network, we would like to make participation and dialogue possible in the entire Mainfreight Group. Solidarity is our key word, so your cooperation would help us to build this trade union Mainfreight network today. Sign up and be a part of it ! »

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