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Africa Region Leadership Carol Cain McGowen Regions Development Manager Karin Alyea Regions Administrative Assistant.

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2 Africa Region Leadership Carol Cain McGowen Regions Development Manager Karin Alyea Regions Administrative Assistant

3 Organizational Chart David Blanchard Africa Region President Delia Kuye Programs Manager Delegates Ramadan Aburawi (Libya) Bill Bosworth (Egypt) Kaushalendra Trivedi (So. Afr.) Mohammed Hafid (Morocco) Babatope Olaleye (Nigeria ) Bayo Akinpelu DPA AAPG Advisory Council Member Nosa Omorodion Antonio Ingles Secretary Ajibola Oyebamiji Treasurer Bill Bosworth President-Elect A. Femi Esan Vice President Sola Bakare Editor ‘Doja Ojelabi Akintunde Okuboyejo Olatunbosun Afolayan Global IBA Committee YP Lead – Africa YP Coordinator Sub-Sahara Student Chapters Coordinator ‘Lere Olopade Ola Adly Chioma Okafor Stella-Marie Sonuga PROWESS Membership Committee YP Coordinator North Africa Distinguished Lecture Program Gilbert Odior Immediate Past President Adelola Adesida IBA Coordinator

4 Region Affiliated Societies  Earth Science Society of Libya, 1973  Egyptian Petroleum Exploration Society, 1984  Nigeria Association of Petroleum Explorationists, 1994  Moroccan Association of Petroleum Geologists, 1998  Geological Society of South Africa, 2007  Ghana Institution of Geoscientists, 2013 First AAPG Africa Region Chapter  AAPG Angola

5 Membership Statistics Membership distribution AR Membership distribution YP Participation  3,062 members in all categories in April 2014  Steady increase in active, associate and student-YP membership types.  Marked increase in student-YP membership since  Steady growth in number of student chapters  45 Student Chapters across Africa in Student Chapters

6 NAPE Secretariat, Lagos AAPG Region Office AAPG Africa Region Office, Lagos Recent Programs and Events  Established in October 2013 at the NAPE Secretariat in Lagos, Nigeria.  Staffed by AAPG Programs Manager for Africa Region.  To bring AAPG closer to Africa based members & enable members obtain better access to AAPG programs and services.  To provide membership and support of various types for the Africa-based membership of AAPG.  To mitigate various challenges encountered within the region.

7 Distinguished & Regional Lecturer Program  Regional lecture - Dr. Henry Posamentier in Lagos, Nigeria. September  In association with Nigerian affiliate, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Exploration – NAPE  Sponsored by Chevron.  Distinguished Lecture by Dr. John Kaldi on carbon sequestration in Tunis, Tunisia. February,  In association with SPE Tunisia  Sponsored by Schlumberger Recent Programs and Events

8 Program Activities At-A-Glance Local-Student Chapter Leadership Summit, 2013Cairo-Area student field trip sponsored by Apache-Egypt Ghanaian students L-SCLS, 2013 AAPG AR & NAPE leadership with YPs at TerraKulture, Lagos Recent Programs and Events

9 Imperial Barrel Award Program  Annual basin to prospects scale evaluation competition  Amongst most rigorous geoscience competitions globally  Contributing to the technical manpower development of the geoscience industry  Increasing participation across Africa Winners 2014:University of Western Cape, South Africa Winners 2012: Alexandria University, Egypt Winners 2013: Unizik, Awka, Nigeria

10 Young Professionals Talk at YP booth, NAPE 2013 Exciting World Outreach, Uganda Gain & Give Program, Egypt IBA Simulation, Egypt 2013  Identifying and serving career needs of young earth scientists  Providing networking opportunities & educational events to YPs  Providing educational support services for AAPG student programs. Career talk, Greensprings, Lagos

11 Seminars & Field Trips Cairo-Area student field trip, Egypt 2013 Field Trip – Mussulo Bay area – Angola, 2013 Quarterly Seminar – Angola Chapter, Luanda 2014 Seminar – Angola Chapter inauguration, Luanda, 2013

12 Join AAPG in Africa  Access technical information & training  Present your work at meetings & conventions  Global network of peers  Local, regional, international events to increase your knowledge  Expand interpersonal, organizational, & management skills  Professional certification available  Honors & Awards  Career-long, life-long benefits Region leadership – Award recipients ACE 2012 Volunteer for AAPG Africa Region Sponsor our programs

13 Terry Engelder, AAPG Regional Lecturer, 21 September 2014, Cairo, Egypt AAPG GTW 2015 Luanda, Angola AAPG-NAPE 20 th Anniversary November 2014, Lagos, Nigeria AAPG-led East Africa Regional Conference 2016 IGC35 27 August – 4 September 2016, Cape Town Region Events

14  Plans underway for an African Regional event in early 2016  Joint event with SPE, SEG and possibly EAGE  AAPG to operate  MOU currently being drafted and circulated to partner societies  Venue ideally in East Africa o Mozambique o Tanzania  Notional target attendance 300 – 500 delegates AAPG Africa Regional Conference

15 “Al Amal” Graduate Program in Egypt

16 AAPG in Africa  Please contact AAPG to help with their ongoing efforts to enhance education in Africa and expand our reach  Donate old text books, your time and, of course, be a sponsor !! CONTACTS Imperial Barrel Award Donate your time Distinguished Lectures Student Chapters Young Professionals David Blanchard Africa Region President Carol McGowen Regions Manager Delia Kuye Africa Programs Mgr. Femi Esan Africa Region Vice President

17 Web: Twitter: AAPG Africa dkuye1 Facebook: AAPG Africa Region

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