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Mrs. Kercher Background Information

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1 Mrs. Kercher Background Information
The Roamer of the Plain Mrs. Kercher Background Information

2 The Baronga Tribe A group from southeastern Africa in the country of Mozambique Bantu-speaking language The group is a part of the Thonga nation Live in small villages The villages have a hereditary leader who is aided by a council of family heads




6 Totemism The belief focused around a mystical relationship between a group of people and a specific plant or animal. This practice developed when people first began to cultivate the soil. It reflects their dependence on the natural world. Early farmers believed that animals have human emotions and that they are equal or superior to humans in intelligence and strength. Therefore, this belief fostered respect.

7 The Tale Told by Henry Junod and first published in 1898.
Unlike a myth, which conveys supernatural power, this tale conveys the psychological power that the fear of supernatural phenomena can have over the human mind.

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