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SAI Performance Measurement Framework Professional Standards Committee 20-22 May 2014 Presented By IDI.

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1 SAI Performance Measurement Framework Professional Standards Committee May 2014 Presented By IDI

2 SAI Performance Measurement Framework 2 Why SAI PMF? ISSAI 20 calls for SAIs to assess and report publically on their performance No internationally agreed common framework for measuring SAI’s performance The INTOSAI Congress (2010), decided to develop a framework for measuring SAI performance (PMF)

3 SAI Performance Measurement Framework 3 What is SAI PMF ? SAI PMF is a tool for measuring, monitoring, managing and reporting the performance of a Supreme Audit Institution.

4 SAI Performance Measurement Framework 4 Purpose of a SAI PMF Assessment Why might SAIs want to measure their performance? a.Identify strengths and weaknesses b.Introduce / strengthen internal performance management and accountability c.Enable external reporting to stakeholders (ISSAI 20: SAIs Report Publicly on their Performance) d.Demonstrate progress in capability and performance e.Demonstrate the value and benefits of the SAI to citizens (ISSAI 12) f.Support ISSAI implementation (levels 1-3) g.Obtain & maintain external support for capacity development MULTIPLE PURPOSES FOR SAI PMF ASSESSMENTS

5 SAI Performance Measurement Framework 5 SAI PMF: Evidence Based Assessment of Performance Qualitative assessment (Performance Report) Measurable indicators Objective measurement to inform qualitative assessment and track progress over time Holistic assessment of the SAI and its environment – including factors which are not covered by the indicators

6 SAI Performance Measurement Framework 6 Six Key SAI PMF Decisions to be Made by the SAI Head Undertake SAI PMF? Assessment owner? Purpose(s) of the Assessment? Assessment Approach? 5. Timing? 6. Use of Results?

7 SAI Performance Measurement Framework 7 Progress made in the development of SAI PMF Version 2.0 published 2012 and piloted in Djibouti, Sierra Leone & Norway Global consultation on version 2.0 in 2012 Updated SAI PMF Pilot Version published July SAI PMF training courses delivered in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North & South America, Asia, Pacific Training in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese

8 SAI Performance Measurement Framework 8 Phase 2 Pilots (Based on latest available info) Completed: 1.Slovakia 2.Guatemala 3.Brazil Draft Report Stage 4.Barbados 5.Palestine Field Work in Progress: 6.Bhutan 7.Mexico 8.Nepal Terms of Reference Agreed 9.Mozambique Planning Phase: 10.Bangladesh 11.Costa Rica 12.Dominican Republic 13.Ecuador Formal Decision by Head of SAI to do SAI PMF 14.Czech Republic 15.Latvia 16.Maldives Proposed, no Formal Decision or no Info 17.Argentina 18.Armenia 19.Burkina Faso 20.Haiti 21.Ireland 22.India 23.Malawi 24.Oman 25.Turkey 26.Vietnam Included in Regional Plan All members of PASAI

9 SAI Performance Measurement Framework 9 What is next? Target 20 phase 2 pilots by March 2015 SAI PMF training, consultation with stakeholders Further improve SAI PMF, approve by WGVBS, KSC Adoption by INTOSAI Congress in 2016 SAIs and other users of the framework INTOSAI Committees – esp. CBC, PSC, PSC sub-committees INTOSAI Regions INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee

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