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1 In Mozambique there are a website and organisation with the name The website aspires to be an online up to date library on labour market essentials. At the same time there are offline actions like - salary data collection throughout the country by young economists who interview workers in both the formal and informal sector. There are debates in the country with workers and employers about the labour law and how to put in into practice. There are TV and Radio shows. The website attracts 130,000 visitors per year (2012), more than any library in Mozambique.

2 Meusalario is a WageIndicator website. The labour market essentials in the site are All about real wages – so what do the nurse and truck driver really earn? All about minimum wages All about public sector wages All about salaries of presidents, soccer players famous actors Salaries All about labour law (last years, this year, maybe next year) All about your own collective agreement All about how to get what you should lawfully get Labour Law How to improve your education Where to find a job How to do an interview How to improve life with the help of the Mobile Judge Carrière

3 There are WageIndicator websites and organisations in 70 countries, more than 20 in Africa. All information is internationally comparable: Wages, Law, Collective Agreements, etc. Top Universities - Trade Unions, Employers’ Organisations - Newspapers, Magazines

4 What are my rights? I have no idea. The Meusalario Team in 2010/2011 organized debates all over the country. These discussions with employers, workers, labour inspectors made one thing clear: There is not much knowledge about law, wages and minimum wages. Workers don’t know, employers don’t know, even labour inspectors don’t know.

5 Let us explain The first national effect of these debates Daily Radio quiz about labour law. For example: what is the minimum wage in the fishing industry? Can you fire a pregnant woman? Etc. Debates about minimum wages on television.

6 Mobile Judge in action – 3 examples August 2012 – Quelimane, central Mozambique. 237 workers at the private insurance company OMEGA turned to the Mobile Judge. They had not received their pay since 2009 and their employer did not seem to pay attention whatsoever to their plight. Together with the labour inspector he moved in and after a month of negotiating the workers finally got paid. September 2012 - Maputo, southern Mozambique. Workers at ACSG get their contracts after the intervention of the Mobile Judge. 150 young people worked for two months without employment contract and without receiving their salaries. The intervention of the Mobile Judge ended the suffering of these 150 young people and their families. November 2012 - Maputo, southern Mozambique. Mozambican workers in the tourism sector report to the Mobile Judge. They complain about lack of payment of salaries and racism from South African employers in the district of Matutuine. The Mobile Judge raised the issues in their program and later the Minister of Labour visited the sites. Racist employers were then expelled from the country.

7 Nice to Know and then What? The Mobile Judge acts! Time for action, in a country where people don’t get paid on time, sometimes work 96 hours per week, or only get paid half of the legal minimum wage The Mobile Judge Sergio Banze - In 5 months time 735 people involved, half of them women. Results 15 cases solved real time during a live TV-show, Miramar Balanco Geral, prime time 11am 13pm - benefiting many people

8 Links Equipe Projectleader meusalario - Egidio Vaz Raposo Mobile Judge - Sergio Banze E-mail, Links juiz-movel/conquistas-de-juiz-movel/as-conquistas-do-juiz-aos-quatro-meses-nov-4-2012 juiz-movel

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