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Aquaculture for Poverty Relief in Sub-Saharan Africa Peter Corey.

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1 Aquaculture for Poverty Relief in Sub-Saharan Africa Peter Corey

2 Exploratory visit: Democratic Republic of Congo Region of travel

3 Democratic Republic of Congo HOPE International Development Agency – Ponds, capped springs, fruit trees 1998-2003 – Estimated 4 million lives lost All foreigners forced to leave the country→aid projects abandoned


5 Tilapia ponds, Democratic Rep. of Congo

6 Pond inputs: Leaves of taro Leaves of papaya

7 Composting foliage for tilapia forage and pond fertilizer

8 Pond water may be used for irrigation; sediments for fertilizer

9 Harvest / fingerlings

10 Wild-caught tilapia



13 Clinic supplies for population of 7000 Capped spring Fruit tree seedlings

14 Fact-finding venture: Mozambique Region of travel

15 Mozambique Wesleyan Church Mozambique – Garden project/pond site, training, extension National Institute for the Development of Aquaculture – Fingerling production site, fingerling sale/dist., training, extension Wild stock enhancement – Indigenous species

16 Tilapia breeding tank

17 Tilapia fingerling tank

18 Nat’l Inst for the Dev’t of Aquaculture, Mozambique

19 Tilapia breeding/fingerling tanks

20 Experimental tilapia ponds

21 Tilapia grow-out ponds

22 Government-owned tilapia breeding/fingerling ponds

23 Rebuilding water delivery system

24 Artisanal fishery

25 Wild catch

26 Church-owned garden project


28 Conclusion The need is immense. It is clear that aquaculture, particularly alongside other development efforts, can have profound impacts in the effort to rebuild communities and livelihoods.

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