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Sustainable Land Use Practices in Biofuels Getting It Right.

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1 Sustainable Land Use Practices in Biofuels Getting It Right

2 About HG Consulting Company experience: Founded in 2006 Development of $300 million Ngima Project at Homa Bay, sugarcane-based ethanol project in western Kenya completed through funding stage Consulting to $200 million Mozambique Principle Energy Ltda., a sugarcane-based ethanol project in central Mozambique Consulting to the Least Developed Countries group of sugar- producing states on EU relations Consulting to the Secretariat of the Africa, Caribbean, Pacific Group of State on EU trade barriers in relation to biofuels

3 Current Clients

4 Start with the facts Efficient agriculture requires large-scale land use Economy of scale Mechanisation Technology Infrastructure Plantation or Outgrowers? What mix? Banks and investors need to lower risks Long-term land holdings

5 Good guys or Bad guys? Requirements for sustainability Follow the law  There must be laws in place! Work with the community  Spend time in the community  Meet with officials and local leaders  Understand needs, find local proponent “Educate workers’ children so they come as managers” Target the local market The Ngima Model

6 Good guys or Bad guys? Biofuels have gotten a bad rap Where’s the rumour, where’s the fact? The wrong way to go about it Ignore community needs Bypass community participation Use loopholes in the law Bribery Displacing communities Displacing food production Damage the local environment

7 Who’s to blame? Government Private Sector Community

8 Getting it right Government Strong land use policies Develop zoning Learn to say ‘No’ ImplementRegulate Cross- accountability between agencies

9 Getting it right Private Sector Follow the law Educate the community Build project to site, not vice versa Work with government Involve the community Improve the environment

10 Getting it right Community Ask questions Contribute to project development Build relationships with project developers Inform those who don’t understand Demand compensation for land

11 Steps for success Strong land use laws Effective, bribery-free policy implementation Clear public- private sector relationship Private sector interaction with communities Project development Communication strategy Community inclusion Government approvals Launch project

12 Meghan Sapp Managing Director Brussels, Belgium/Miñano (Alava), Spain +32 484 690 846 +34 675 881 416 Any questions?

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