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Loonwijzer. Wage Indicator a Lighthouse for workers a help for trade unions a great source for academics.

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1 Loonwijzer

2 Wage Indicator a Lighthouse for workers a help for trade unions a great source for academics

3 Wage Indicator Foundation Wage Indicator Foundation started in 2003. University of Amsterdam, Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions and Career site Monster are in the board. The non profit foundation owns the Wage Indicator concept. The concept consists of a combination of: A website, a Salary Survey, (for on and offline use), a Salary Indicator per occupation, detailed info about Minimum Wage and Labour Law, Salaries of VIP ’s, Wage Reports, Scientific Publications. Help desk for users.

4 Wage Indicator – anno 2011 Wage Indicator has operations in 30 countries and surveys in more then 55 countries, in all major economies. 5 regional offices: Buenos Aires, Minsk, Cape Town/Maputo, Ahmedabad, Bratislava, Amsterdam 19 top universities involved Harvard Law School – USA - Renmin University - China University of Belgrano - Argentina - Macquarie University – Australia - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad – India - Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Amsterdam – Netherlands. University of Witwatersrand – South Africa – Mondlane University - Mozambique

5 Wage Indicator – Salary Survey Online International coded (ILO, OECD, group of universities), international comparable, in one or more national languages, adapted to the national labour market 500 branches, 1500 occupations Detailed questions about salary/wages as much as possible similar in all countries Questions about contract type and working time similar to all countries Education level – coded according international standard.

6 Wage Indicator – Salary Survey Offline Same Salary Survey as been used online, can be use to create ‘offline’ samples, Special occupations, special sectors, special regions, When internet connections are poor, To compare formal and informal jobs, self employed and salaried workers, Online and offline data set are 100 % compatible and again international comparable.

7 Comparison –

8 Wage Indicator – and YOU What we do in Mozambique is something we would like to share with you in South Africa

9 Wage Indicator – and YOU



12 ITS all about Advocacy, Willing and Dealing and Communication Wage Indicator Foundation through MyWage Project is carrying out a Media Campaign in Mozambique and Zambia intended to raise awareness among people and policy makers about minimum wages Alongside the campaign there are advocacy activities being carried out among key stakeholders and policy makers

13 Wage Indicator – and YOU The Media Campaign comprises of three frontlines Print Newspapers: in eleven months, more that 110 newsfeatures and insight stories about minimum wages will be written and published in three main newspappers in Mozambique: A Verdade, Savana and Noticias. The General Objective is to raise awareness about the real face of minimum wage receivers, their dificulties, their desires as well as to gague the extent to which they are aware about their rights and how often they are able to fight for them. One of the recurrent questions we ask to our interviewees is: what do you buy first everytime you receive your salary. We expect that after we inquire 110+ people, we would have a set of priority issues that therreafter would advocate for in the next salary bargaining (normally starts in each March).

14 Wage Indicator – and YOU Television Debates Four Public TV Debates are to be organized along eleven months since December 2010. In these, Politicians, Trade Unionions, PARLIAMENTARIANS FROM ALL BENCHES, government representatives, and Federations are called in order to together debate the burning issues concerning minimum wages in Mozambique. The general objective is not only raise awareness about minimum wages here but also publicly try to publicly follow-up on Governments commitments to different international conventions and treaties as well as unoins and federations claims related to different minimum wages. The result is so far very very good and encouraging. Debating issues on TV is for mozambicans and politicias and decision makers in particular a priviledged moment not to miss. And everyone wants to seize the moment and make a point.

15 Wage Indicator – and YOU Radio Shows Radio is of the most popular and interactive communication channel which mozambicans, especially in the rural areas resort to. In the urban areas, during the day, people listen to the radio the most. Wage Indicator is also running a Radio Campaing targeted to informal workers, house maids, street vendors and poeple at their workstation, passangers and taxi drivers (the lsit is too long) intended to: – Raise awareness about their rights and duties at work – Raise awareness about minimum – Incentivate the reading culture so they get familiarized with their working contracts and work agreements as well as the labour law itself. – This is done through a daily/weekly propgramme calle Quiz do trabalhador – The workers quizz

16 Wage Indicator – and YOU Sector Debates There have been 12+meetings with different working classes and workers coming from different sectors. Trade Unions, Employees and Government come together to discuss issues affecting the working class and together find ways to overcome them. In November after 10 meetings have been carried out, ILO, Government, Employees, amonghst other stakeholders and Workers sat together to discuss Wage Indicators outocmes and found ways and issues for further cooperation.

17 Wage Indicator – and YOU And they are Coming! ILO Mozambique are willing to join Wage Indicator in this campaign, especially to communicate and advocate fro the following Conventions 1- C100 Equal Remuneration Convention 2- C111-Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention 3-C183 - Maternity Protection Convention 4-C156 Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention

18 Wage Indicator – and YOU Thank you very Much

19 Loonwijzer Thank you, Paulien Osse, Director WageIndicator Foundation Egídio G. Vaz Raposo Wage Indicator Regional Manager-Africa

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