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Saipem S.p.A. Croatian Branch

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1 Saipem S.p.A. Croatian Branch

2 SAIPEM’s Worldwide Net
Saipem SpA Croatian Branch Rijeka, Croatia Total: 335 Locals: 298 Expats: 37 Milan Engineering Centres Yards & Main Logistic Bases Other Main Areas and Rep. Offices Fano Chennai Paris Rome EP(I)C Hubs 2

3 Winner of Saipem 2009 and 2011 “Innovation Trophy”
Focus on Rijeka Centre of Competence and Training for Conventional T&I More than 90% local employees, 89% with university degree in Engineering Around man-hours available on yearly basis Performing activities and providing assistance remotely or in-situ (Project offices, on Sites and Offshore) assigning competent resources where and when necessary Collaboration with local academic community Recruitment targeting excellent graduates from local universities Winner of Saipem 2009 and 2011 “Innovation Trophy” 3

4 Projects & Bids Backlog
Bid engineering: More than 100 technical proposals have been prepared during the last 10 years. Executive projects: Around 30 executive projects both T&I and EPIC successfully completed. Major clients include BP, BG, ENI, EXXON MOBIL, IRANIAN OIL COMPANY, SAUDI ARAMCO, TOTAL. Welding qualifications: Welding qualifications have been successfully performed more than 60 Saipem projects worldwide. Major projects include: Dolphin, Nord Stream, Kashagan, Sakhalin, AKPO, Medgaz, Balearic, GBARAN, SEQUOIA 4

5 Activities Sealines EPCI/T&I and Platforms T&I Bids Preparation
Sealines EPCI/T&I and Platforms T&I Projects Support & Execution Welding Procedure Qualification – Welding laboratory Provision of Inter-Company Services Activities Strong Inter-Departmental Integration High level knowledge of Saipem Fleet and Equipment Finding competitive solutions utilizing own or third parties asset and equipment Strong knowledge and integration with Field operations Effective cooperation with other Saipem Operating Companies and Engineering Hubs Experience in contract negotiations and pre-bid agreements Continuous Know-How improvement and development Strengths 5

6 Project execution 6

7 Ongoing activities Ongoing Projects – Rijeka Based
eni – FA Elettra & Fauzia T&I eni – FA Bonaccia NW & Clara NW T&I eni Angela-Angelina Pipeline Detail Design Ongoing Project Assistance ARAMCO – Arabiyah-Hasbah Project (Wasit) ARAMCO LTA – ABSF EPCI (CRPO ) BP IMR Caspian CARDON IV – Perla Project Ptfs. T&I PDVS Dragon Oil Project (H-T) enimed Gela 1 Relining EPIC BP SD2 Pipelines & Diving T&I BP SD2 Structures T&I BP SD2 Vessel Upgrade South Stream S7000 J-Lay Tower Upgrade eni Pineto Riser Design Review Ongoing Bids Edison VEGA B Pipeline EPCI & Structures T&I Anadarko - Mozambique LNG EPCI BP END3 Pipeline T&I OXY CA2367 EPCI ARAMCO LTA Bis EPCI ARAMCO ARBI 20/23 EPIC TransCanada PRGT (H-T) AIOC COP 18” Pipeline T&I Welding Laboratory – Ongoing Projects Pre-SALT South Stream EGINA BP SD2 Welding Laboratory – Expected Projects ARAMCO LTA – ZULF & MRJN AIOC COP 18” Expected Activities ARAMCO LTA – ZULF & MRJN T&I CA-LITORAL-A T&I AIOC COP 18” Pipeline T&I Early Engineering Target Projects eni – ARGO CLUSTER (SW Plines T&I) Edison - VEGA B Pipeline EPCI & Structures T&I AIOC COP 18” Pipeline T&I Anadarko - Mozambique LNG EPCI 7

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