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DanMoz Dairies.Sarl Chimoio,Mozamique. Company BackGround & Future Located in Chimoio,Mozambique. Factory located on 250 Ha farm. 2000 start Milk production.

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1 DanMoz Dairies.Sarl Chimoio,Mozamique

2 Company BackGround & Future Located in Chimoio,Mozambique. Factory located on 250 Ha farm. 2000 start Milk production and Processing. Products are Milk,Yogurts & Cheese. Only Cheese and Fresh Milk Plant in Mozambique Moving To UHT Processing

3 Purpose for Project Due to nature of the product and the importance of Hygiene in the processing environment with UHT as well as the target markets in Scandinavia we have to implement a HACCP and ISO 22000 programme to facilitate exports. Ensure internal quality standards are clear and understood so as to reduce losses in products and markets from contamination thus resulting in sub- standard quality products.

4 Purpose for Project #2 Develop set of standards for producers so that we can ensure we receive quality milk that we can process as well as ensure we can trace this product right back to the individual producer and establish a record keeping programme with the farmers. To develop customer loyalty and ensure we are flexible where realistic to meet individual customers demands on safety and food issues.

5 Purpose for Project #3 To become more recognized throughout the region through the certification and create new markets. Improve profitability and competitiveness of the product through the certification. To Keep Up With Modern Trends in Dairy Industry. To Stay Ahead or alongside Competitors

6 Goals & Objectives Have internal company regulations for food safety and hygiene that will work to HACCP standards. To Introduce and transfer the knowledge to Mozambican Government officials with regards to HACCP and ISO 22000.

7 Goals & Objectives #2 To be able to trace any products and have the ability to deal with any problems. To implement a computer software system that will monitor all steps of production and also have a very comprehensive reporting system for each batch and process. Install “Improvement and Recommendation” boxes for the workers to attract ideas from the work force on food safety,Hygiene and traceability.

8 Actions Funding Received and Decision to get Certification Identify HACCP Implementation team from within the company Identify Critical Control Points, OPRP’s and PRP with team. HACCP consultant contracted to develop a complete HACCP system within the company processing and production plant areas. Consultant to design a Training course in Hygiene and HACCP requirements for producers and Refresher courses. Consultant to design a course in Hygiene and HACCP requirements for the Processing staff where areas such as the Basis PRP, Operational PRP’s and the CCP recognized and all methods of recording,documenting and required in these areas.

9 Actions #2 To have very simple explanations on how to deal with crisis situations where critical conditions are not met.To have a reporting system and corrective action carried out to prevent it happening again. Ensure EIA and HACCP are supportive of each other and non contradictory. To set up a Laboratory for received milk as well as finished product laboratory in accordance with HACCP standards ensuring we have full coverage of all analysis as required by HACCP. To Have a system to store/hold product from each batch to handle any future complaints.

10 Actions #3 Introduce a system that will integrate the UHT plants operating Procedure together with requirements of HACCP. Include Governent officials into the training programmes as there is no clear standards within Mozambique and they have no national standards in place. Worker Identification,Professional Training Records,Job Description and responsibility points throughout the process. Develop “Check & Accountability Lists” for various cleaning duties and scheduled maintenance duties.To Include recommended detergents and sanitizers for each zone.To also Include safety Develop a “Equipment Calibration” schedule as well as a ‘Check & Accountability sheet” To Colour Code various Zones (RED,YELLOW,GREEN) in line with HACCP colours with certain standards to be kept for each zone for personnel,Product,safety,Hygiene and each zone to be monitored independently. Create a Visitor Protocol sheet to include prohibited areas,safety clothing and Hygiene requirements,declaration by visitor on state of health with check box list to include critical issues such as TB etc.

11 Actions #4 Write Hygiene book for staff and visitors to understand the risks that certain malpractices or health can expose customers to bad health. Design an Internal Audit check list with focus on severity of situation,suggested corrective action,deadline for corrective action to be carried out,personnel responsible for the corrective action and confirmation that this has been done. Develop a well signed and educative procedure in pictoral format as well as detailed explanation below throughout all the processes that need control in the process. Implement a Goods Received System and standards list and expectations for every raw material received as well as storage conditions ensuring quality and company standards are met and accountability and check list must be formed for this.Ensuring all suppliers are also aware of the expected standards we require and the internal checks that they will be subjected to on arrival and before they are accepted by our staff. Design Software Program that will suit our company operation and ensure for easy traceability and safety management system.

12 Criteria for Success  More Markets for our product range will be identified.  More profits for the company through better products and better markets

13 Criteria for Success #2 Losses reduced due to controlled quality and hygiene practices resulting in better profits Peace of Mind that there will be NO reason for come backs or negative publicity through any contamination

14 Criteria for Success #3 More educated staff Less problems with Government health officials(More educated officials and higher standards in company)

15 Brendon Evans Managing Director Gouda Gold.Lda & Evretz.Lda Chimoio Mozambique Tel : 00-258-82-3056194 E.Mail : Skype :

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