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An emerging leader and developer of Green Alternatives for Energy And Agricultural Food crops in Africa.

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1 An emerging leader and developer of Green Alternatives for Energy And Agricultural Food crops in Africa

2 Our Business  Zambia – Moringa plantation, Guar Bean, Soya & Biomass  Mozambique – Food crops including Paprika, Soya (and other food crops)  Liberia – investigating rehabilitating palm plantations, Jatropha plantations for biodiesel and cassava for bio ethanol  Canada – evaluating biomass energy with Shrub Willow, oil shale energy research

3 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Zambia – Moringa (the Tree of Life), Jatropha Moringa Could save millions of lives Moringa Could save millions of lives  GroAfrica recently expanded to Zambia where executives have years of experience in Zambia  A land package is currently being sought (3500 + HA) for establishing a Moringa Tree commercial plantation  Operations expected to commence in Q3, 2013  Strong local Zambian management & partners Our objective is to become the pre imment Moringa producer or leaves and oil in the world

4 GRoAfrica will produce Moringa leaves for nutritional products & oil

5 “Moringa shows great promise as a tool to help overcome some of the most severe problems in the developing world—malnutrition, deforestation, impure water and poverty. The tree does best in the dry regions where these problems are worst.” Source: Andrew Young, former Atlanta Mayor and United Nations Ambassador

6 Other Moringa Benefits

7  Yields on small bush trees with small fertilization and no irrigation = 4 yields per year for about about 100 tons of leaves per HA. Yields on small bush trees with considerable fertilization and irrigation can yield up to = 9 yields per year and up to 700 tons of leaves per HA

8 Zambian Key Management  Professor Thomson Sinkala – a PhD holder, is a mining engineer by qualification and a biofuels practitioner. He is CHAIRMAN of Biofuels Association of Zambia; He has undertaken consultancy work on bioenergy for various high profile clients including International Labour Organisation (ILO) / Business Development Services (BDS), United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), and the World Bank. He has been called upon internationally for various tasks including expert speaker, technical adviser, and contributor to major publications on biofuels. Some of his contributions to publications on biofuels include “Food versus Fuel – an informed introduction to biofuels”, Frank Rosillo-Calle and Francis X. Johnsson (Eds.), Zed Books, London and New York, ISBN 978—1-84813-383-9; and (2) “Bioenergy for Sustainable Development in Africa”, Janssen, Rainer; Rutz, Dominik (Eds.), ISBN 978-94-007-2180-7. Prof. Sinkala is the winner of the 2011 Mwape Peer Awards on Research, for providing guidance in research in the field of biofuels in Zambia. His innovation on integrated food/fuel system has been identified by NEPAD for incubation in Southern Africa, the only one outside of South Africa.  Rabby Kamukwamba – Rabby is a succesful Zambian businessman with real estate, development and other industry enterprises. He is also Country Manager and Director of Copperzone Resources (Zambia) Ltd a copper exploration company with 2 Major mining companies as JV partners. Rabby holds several Directorships in resource based companies.

9 Financial Pro-forma’s – Zambian Moringa

10 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Mozambique – Food Crops The Mozambique economy is booming thanks mainly to large natural resources project in coal and, soon, LNG and oil. The IMF predicts a growth rate of 8.4% annually for the coming three years. As a result the middle class will grow and demand for food products is growing significantly. Mozambique is also well placed for export and the Middle East is a large important market for soy meal and other animal food crops. Soybeans:Mozambique is a net importer of soybeans due to the rapid growth of the poultry industry across the country. The largest poultry factory in the country is 20km away from our site. They have confirmed in a letter of intent their desire to buy all production. Maize:A large mill is in operation very close to the farm. They have expressed an interest in buying all production. Paprika:We have secured an offtake agreement from a South African food trading and processing company for paprika production. Guar Beans: For the oil fracking industry and cosmetic/food industries

11 Mozambique Key Management Shawne Botha, General Manager – Shawne graduated from The University of Natal with a B.Com degree majoring in Economics. Shawne has been involved in a number of projects in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania and has over 20 years experience in senior management, covering all aspects of management including project development, MIS systems and financial administration. As a management consultant, Shawne consulted to a number of clients in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, forestry and agriculture. His management expertise allowed him to ensure that clients maximized their profits through affective management techniques including good accounting practice, accurate control systems and sound reporting practices. Shawne also has shareholdings in South African companies and is the majority shareholder of a development company currently establishing a residential township of 100 properties incorporating both residential and commercial. Shawne has a solid understanding of development practices, finance and technical aspects of development design and implementation. Shawne joined SBFM as Financial & Administrative manager in 2009 and became GM in April 2012 and has been instrumental in restructuring the company over the last year, planning and re-strategizing for the future. He was responsible for all aspects of the financial & administrative functions of the project including the development & implementation of the company MIS. Arrie Pretorius, Head of Farming - Arrie started his farming career 22 years ago as an assistant to a private farmer planting Maize and Tobacco. Being a small scale operation Arrie was exposed to the practical aspects of farming and the importance of a practical approach to farm life was entrenched. It was during this time that he also studied for his Diploma in Animal Production. After a number of years he was head hunted by a large operation where he managed the farming operations which included a 3500 hectare project with a number of crops, the majority being maize and soya. He also managed a herd of 250 cattle and 6000 sheep. Arrie then decided to expand his management skills and took a position as branch manager of Redibox, a packaging company supplying the agricultural industry. He managed all aspects of the branch including the financial and stock control, HR and logistics. Annual turnover in the branch was $5.2 million. This gave him an opportunity to hone his general management skills, but after a number of years he wished to return to his favorite occupation, that of farmer. He took up a position as farm manager where he managed a diversified operation with 687 hectares of irrigation. Irrigation included drip and pivots with a variety of crops under each. It was at this time that he was approached to join the Sun team in Mozambique. His practical abilities and understanding of both diversified crop farming and the machinery needed in such an operation, makes him indispensable to an operation in Mozambique

12 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Liberia Population of 3,334,587 Monrovia capital with 1,000,000 English speaking, 16 Liberian dialects Rich country of resources Vast Oil Palm Plantations in need of leadership and rehabilitation “Perfect” environment and conditions for Jatropha Atlantic Ocean ports for exports

13 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Liberian Operations & Plans  Rehabilitate existing aged oil palm plantations  Harvest oil palm plantations for export (bio diesel)  Initiate large plots of Jatropha plantations  Build a bio diesel refinery  Jatropha bio-diesel production

14 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name About Jatropha Few advantages of Jatropha are :  Jatropha is adapted to a wide range of climates and soils.  It can grow almost on any type of soil whether gravelly, sandy or saline and thrives even on the poorest stony soils and rock crevices.  It is a drought resistant perennial living up to 50 years.  Jatropha is desirable as a source for biofuels given that its seeds produce up to 40% oil, and the species in general is highly resistant to drought and pests

15 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Liberia – Jatropha  Under agreement a 10,000 HA area in SE Liberia (Maryland County)  To create a nursery for planting in 2014  Develop a mill  Introduce Rural village growth plots and sustainable agricultural model  Electrification for rural villages bio-diesel generation  Develop a bio diesel refinery  Develop a power generation plant for grid/municipal LEC sales, on long term excess bio fuels from rural consumptions

16 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Jatropha Business Model

17 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name The Market

18 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Liberia – Jatropha Maryland County Officials in Signing of Agri Green land package Expansion area of the 10,000 Ha Land Lease



21 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Jatropha – Biomass By Products  Seedcake: Post oil extraction seedcake is the result that yields an energy content of ~ 20-30MJ/kg  Other Biomass: from pruning's, fruit husks, wood from Jatropha trees etc Applications for Plantation Biomasses  Plantation Power generation  Industrial Solid Fuel: can be exported  Domestic Solid Fuel: for domestic heating and cooking  Biogas generation (anaerobic digestion)  Fertilizer: 1 tonne of seedcake equates to 153 Kg of NPK industrial fertilizer  Animal Feed

22 RURAL ELECTRIFICATION  ECOWAS Report $1 Billion needed to rehabilitate the Liberian Power sector  The Monrovia grid serves only 5 of the 13 counties with 40,000 customers  The Rural Electrification Network serves the other 8 counties with small diesel unit systems  16 Electric power sources in country  LEC and GOL mandate for Independent Power Production, and lower electric costs “Affordable Electricity: A Tool In Reducing Poverty In Liberia” (source: Nov.2009)

23 Liberia – Secondary Crops fast to market Cassava – as a fast to market approach with our vast land package is to grow Cassava a (1) a staple food in West Africa, and (2) as a Ethanol based bio fuel Guar Beans – as a high yield crop that nitrogenous the soils and the offtake of Guar Gum for the Oil (Fracking) industry. “The guar shortage this year led fracking market leader Halliburton to do some very expensive stockpiling… According to Canadian fracking specialist Trican Well Service, guar prices shot up 60 percent in Canada and 80 percent in the United States between the first and second quarters (2012)” (source Reuters August 13, 2012) Agri Green Note: Prices have leveled and substitutes are being sought by oil industry, however we see a supply chain for our Guar bean gum

24 Executives  Paul Lemmon – CEO - is Founder, CEO of Agri Green Energy Ltd. He is a Professional Geologist licensed by the Association of Professional Engineers and GeoScientists in Canada. Paul is a member of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, The Canadian Institute of Mining, and Canadian Geological Association. Paul is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London UK, the licensed body for professional Geoscientists in the United Kingdom. Paul is also a Professional Graduate of United Kingdom’s Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, and a Registered Professional Natural Scientist in South Africa. Paul is Director, Chief Geologist of Copperzone Resources Ltd, CEO of Great Rift Valley Energy Ltd (Tanzania). Paul's resource based experiences in Africa date back to 1991.

25 Executives  Willy Mwamba – COO - a business project developer for biodiesel production in Africa. He has previously had a long career as an oil production and reservoir engineer in DRC with Gulf Oil and Chevron Oil Company. He holds a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Athens Greece and several certificates in oil production engineering techniques from Flopetrol in Melun France, from Gulf oil Company in Houston and New Orleans, from Chevron Oil Company in San Ramon California. He also obtained several certificates in the oil gaslifting technique from Rike Service in New Orleans and certificates in Management from the American Management Associations.  Joseph Ameni – works as a business project developer in oil/mining exploration and community affairs with particular interests in markets analyses, strategic alliances, corporate social responsibilities and legal matters. He is co-founder of some mining exploration/oil supply companies of which Copperzone Resources Limited operating in Zambia. Previously, he had an 18-year empowering career as a corporate secretary and a regional manager for various state-owned/international private oil supply corporations in DRC, with professional responsibilities including the management of the public and governmental relations, the promotion of oil exploration programmes in the DRC basins towards international investors, and the negotiation of various oil supply agreements. Was moreover granted some mandates as a consultant for junior mining exploration/oil supply companies operating in DRC. He holds various degrees and certificates in oil/energy management and Business Law respectively delivered by École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in Montreal, Canada, Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP) in Ruel-Malmaison, France, IAFE (ENI) in Roma, Italy, Petroconsultant in Geneva, Switzerland and University of Kinshasa, DRC.

26 Executives  Christian De Saint Rome – Chris has close to 25 years of experience in international financial services and in early-stage corporate management. He has founded, managed, funded and/or been a strategic advisor to highly diverse small- and medium-cap public and private companies in various sectors. In the natural resources sector, Chris is currently founder, CEO and Director of Copperzone Resources Ltd, a Zambian focused exploration company. He has been working with Northern Shield Resources (“NRN.V”-TSX) in various capacities since 2002, and between 2006-2008, he was the Corporate Development Advisor, and later a Director with Scandinavian Minerals Limited (“SGL”-TSX) when it was bought by First Quantum Ltd. Prior to entering this sector, Chris was involved in the financial services industry where he worked for companies such as Royal Bank of Canada Dominion Securities and Deloitte Touche, among others. Chris has a B.A. in Political Science from McGill University and certificates from Sorbonne University and the University of Vienna. He has several financial securities industry certificates as a former Canadian registered representative, including Certificates of Achievement from AIMR/CFA.  Barnabas Toe – is General Manger and Director of Agri Green Energy Ltd. Barnabas has many years of executive and management experience in the resources and agricultural sector.

27 Advisors  Francois Lalonde –is an engineer and North American executive for France based Engineering firm conglomerate. Mr. Lalonde has previously lived in various African countries and has considerable experience in Africa.  John Tompkins & TRMC – Mr. Tompkins is President of Tompkins Research and Management Consultants and Boundless Energy Ltd, a US based alternative and green power energy firm.  Robert Ndong - Agro4Revolution, the combination of Canadian and African expertise to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the global food crisis and the fight against climate change: Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development Agroforestry & Renewables Climate change & Carbon Finance. Robert has several years experience in Jatropha operations, and has authored research papers on Jatropha.

28 Advisors & Collaboration Partners  Innovative Technology Systems Inc. (ITS) a Kansas, USA based Company. ITS is an experienced biofuel project developer, and can provide an end-to-end solution including plantation development for the production of bio-oils on the front end through to the manufacture and construction of integrated oil extraction, and biodiesel facilities on the back end. The ITS solution includes machinery for the extraction of oil from seed or fruit, pre- treatment of the crude oils, and Biodiesel production, utilizing proprietary patented technology, and processes that are environmentally responsible, and a significant improvement from a greenhouse gas perspective compared to many current commercial technologies. ITS provides its clients the opportunity to incorporate our proprietary value- added processes that can significantly improve the overall process economics, which translates into a stronger competitive advantage in the marketplace, and lowers the overall risk. ITS provides vertically integrated Agricultural and Biofuel Solutions, and consists of a first class team of scientists, engineers, business strategists, and agronomists who offer unrivalled technical expertise, and understanding of the dynamics and complexity of the global biofuels market.

29 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Financial Summary

30 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Mozambique Farm- Financials

31 PRESENTATION NAME Company Name Contact: Canada: +506.455.7972 An emerging developer of Food Crops and feedstock Green Alternatives for Energy

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