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Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC Software Activities n HEC Software Library n NexGen Project n Watershed hydrology with HMS n River/channel hydraulics.

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1 Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC Software Activities n HEC Software Library n NexGen Project n Watershed hydrology with HMS n River/channel hydraulics with RAS n Reservoir Analysis with ResSim n Flood damage analysis with FDA n Software Integration - CWMS Hydrologic Engineering Center SPD H&H Briefing, September 2001

2 HEC Software Library 35+ Years of Development, Support Surface Water Water Quality River Hydraulics Data Storage Reservoirs Water Control Statistics Miscellaneous Planning Analysis Total Programs: 93 Major Software Packages: 22 HEC software available in public domain Surface Water Water Quality River Hydraulics Data Storage Reservoirs Water Control Statistics Miscellaneous Planning Analysis Total Programs: 93 Major Software Packages: 22 HEC software available in public domain Hydrologic Engineering Center

3 NexGen – 1992 to Present Revisit Library, Prepare for New Century Purpose: Develop successor modernized hydrologic engineering, planning analysis, and water control management software for Corps’ offices. Concept: State-of-the-art technical algorithms and software engineering. Multi-user, multi-tasking network environment; integrated program packages for desktop, workstation technology. Hydrologic Engineering Center

4 HEC-HMS, Hydrologic Modeling Version 1.0 Release 1997; Now V 2.1  Event or continuous precipitation-runoff simulation without snowmelt  Hydrologic flow routing in channels  Gridded representation of watershed  GIS linkage for model development  Parameter estimation by optimization  Integrated w/other HEC models in CWMS Hydrologic Engineering Center

5 HMS Versions 2.2/3.0  Releases late 2001, 2002  Reservoir additions including dam break  New GUI, graphics, tables, cut/copy/paste  Environmental features – interface w/Basins  Controlled outlets, gates, and pumps  Featured program in CWMS for flow forecasting

6 Hydrologic Engineering Center

7 HEC-HMS + GeoHMS HEC- GeoHMS (ArcView) HEC- GeoHMS (ArcView) Watershed & River Characteristics GIS R&D Watershed Hydrology R&D GIS Preprocessed Spatial Hydrology Database GIS Preprocessing HEC-HMS DEM, RF1 HUC STATSGO Land Use Radar Rainfall Grid Format SHG & HRAP Raw GIS Data Gridded Hydrologic Data HMS Inputs

8 Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC-GeoHMS Basin Processing n Basin Merge n River Merge n River Profile n Split Basin at Confluences n Basin Subdivision

9 Hydrologic Engineering Center Urbanizing Watershed - Houston, Texas Houston Texas Urban Development US Army Corps - Galveston District Harris County Flood Control District 342 sq. mi. Buffalo Bayou

10 Hydrologic Engineering Center Stream/drainage Improvements

11 Hydrologic Engineering Center Buffalo Bayou HMS Model

12 Hydrologic Engineering Center n Version 1.0 (2000) u Basic HMS u User’s Manual n Version 1.1 (2001) u DEM Reconditioning u Curve Number u Additional Coordinate System Support u Thiessen Polygon n Version 2.0 (2002) u More parameters u Man-made drainage structures/boundaries

13 Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC-RAS, River Analysis Version 1.0 Release 1995, Now V 3.0 n Steady, unsteady flow n New geometric data features n Split flow optimization n New ArcView GeoRas

14 Hydrologic Engineering Center Steady, Unsteady Flow Modeling n Rivers, culverts, bridges, in-line weirs, gated structures, floodplain management n Network representation; quasi-2D n Unsteady flow data editor, simulation manager n Output post-processor; velocities, profiles n Stage and flow hydrograph plots; animation n HEC-2, UNET data importers

15 Hydrologic Engineering Center Future Versions of HEC-RAS  Version 3.1, 3.+ late 2001, 2002 u Additional unsteady flow features, e.g. levee and L&D algorithms, MBMS model features u Hydraulic design functions – some SAM+ u Bug fixes from version 3.0 users suggestions n Version 4.0, future improvements u Sediment Transport Computations – replace HEC-6

16 Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC-RAS Standard Hydraulic Geometry TIN Processing WSE @ Cross Sections HEC-RAS HEC-2 Cross Sections Hydrographic Survey Inundated Area Intersect Continuous WS with Land (terrain-based interpolation) HEC-GeoRAS ArcInfo/ ArcView GIS River Hydraulics Model Topographic Survey Floodplain & Channel TIN Cross Sections Extraction FLOODPLAIN MAP

17 Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC-GeoRAS (ArcView) n GIS pre-processor for HEC-RAS: u Cut cross sections u Define main channel bank stations u Calculates reach lengths u Defines roughness coefficients n GIS post-processor of HEC-RAS results: u Calculate and display flood inundation maps u Spatially displays HEC-RAS depth and velocity output

18 Hydrologic Engineering Center RAS/GeoRAS; Quasi-2D Reno, NV

19 Hydrologic Engineering Center RAS Schematic From GeoRAS

20 Hydrologic Engineering Center Flood Inundation, Reno, NV

21 Hydrologic Engineering Center Truckee Meadows HEC-RAS Model – Inundation Mapping

22 Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC-FDA, Flood Damage Version 1.0 Release 1997, Now V 1.2 n HEC-FDA Version 1.2 n Flood damage reduction plan comparison n Probabilistic-based computations, risk analysis n H&H: Q-f; S-Q; RAS Profiles, levee geotechnical performance n Economics: Structure inventories; occupancy types (depth-percent damage); contents n Results – ‘Expected Annual Damage’

23 Hydrologic Engineering Center Flood Damage Analysis – Current Support Programs n HEC-FIA (Flow Impact Analysis) u Event-based damage u Flooding duration u Project benefit accomplishments u Deployed with CWMS Version 1.0 n DAMCAL – raster analysis using land use themes

24 Hydrologic Engineering Center Structure Inventory

25 Hydrologic Engineering Center Structure Value

26 Hydrologic Engineering Center Flood Inundation, Inventory Geo-referencing

27 Hydrologic Engineering Center Flood Damage Analysis – Under Development (FY 02) – 1/2 n One “blended” program u Plan comparison using risk analysis approach u Event damage and impacts u Project benefit accomplishments u Spatial displays of input and output n Damage aggregation u Profiles (current) u Inundation layers (e.g. HEC-GeoRAS results)

28 Hydrologic Engineering Center Flood Damage Analysis – Under Development – 2/2 n Property inventories u Structures (tax assessor’s data, field inventory, etc.) u Land use (census block data, USGS land use, local land use) u Spatially displayed/editable from the display u Results displayed interactively by property

29 Hydrologic Engineering Center

30 HEC-Res/Reservoir Systems n Several products - HEC-5 (Legacy); Prm (Prescriptive Model); FcOpt (Flood Control); ResSim (new, simulation/real-time emphasis) n Prm and FcOpt - optimization models (LP) for operation rule studies n ResSim - Object-oriented, Boolean Rule-based simulation model; initial release with CWMS Hydrologic Engineering Center

31 HEC-ResSim Reservoir Network n Physical Data u Reservoirs, Reaches, Junctions, & Diversions n Operational Data u Storage Zones u Flow Goals u Constraints n Public Release late 2002

32 Hydrologic Engineering Center Reservoirs – Operational Data n Zone Definition u Defaults: Flood Control Pool; Water Supply Pool – defined by the “Guide Curve”; Inactive Pool u User Defined n Flow Goals & Constraints u Min and Max Flow Limits u Specified Flow u Release as a function of Elevation u Release as a function of Inflow u “Operational” Rate of Change Limits u Downstream Control

33 Hydrologic Engineering Center Output Options n Pre-defined Plots & Tables u Active Schematic: Dropdown list from each Element n DSS-Vue n Pre-defined Reports

34 Hydrologic Engineering Center HEC-ResPrm Conflict Example n Alamo Dam/Bill Williams River n Multipurpose Project Southwest Arizona n Conflicts u Flood Control - Keep Reservoir Empty u Conservation - Keep Reservoir Full u Downstream Riparian - Emulate Natural u Recreation/Endangered/Wildlife, etc. - Different Pool/Flow Desires Hydrologic Engineering Center



37 Comparison - Add HEC-PRM n Trial with simulation/Prm with simulation n Compare 21 criteria (pool elevations, flow /timing - 10 better, 3 same, 8 worse n Better/worse? probably equivalent n Worthwhile? Insight/efficiency/screening u Consequences/preferences demonstrated u Efficient (one/few Analysis vs. many) u Weighting/tradeoffs are directly comparable Hydrologic Engineering Center

38 CWMS Modernization Project n Decision support system for water control n Regulate river flow - 700+ reservoirs and water control structures n Corps-wide system, standardized software and corporate data base n Software modernization; 1997 - 2001 n System deployment - 2001 – 2002 n Official Army AIS Class IV System Hydrologic Engineering Center

39 CWMS Software Suite n Data acquisition/validation - in real time n Data dissemination - Web-based n Database system - Oracle & model support n Forecasting, modeling, decision support u HEC stand-alone models; HMS, RAS, FIA, ResSim; GIS/ArcInfo & ArcView/CorpsView n Control, visualization; spatial animation n Integrated ‘active’, software system Hydrologic Engineering Center

40 Deployment Schedule FY 2000FY 2001FY 2002FY 2003 TV 1.0 TV 2.0 TV 3.0 Deployment CWMS V 1.0 MDR II AG CURG AG PD Workshop CURG MDR III*** Implementation FY 2009 AG NW-MR + SPK 0709110204060911 NAD LRD SPD NWD + MVR MVD SAD SWD

41 Hydrologic Engineering Center Numerical Model Maintenance  Support for HEC library programs  Maintenance  Documentation  Consultations  Corrections  Over 1, 500,000 executions per Year  Responded to 2,500 assistance requests ‘00  Funding by district/division voluntary subscription user’s fees  HEC software available in public domain, via federal, public, and private vendors Hydrologic Engineering Center

42 Software Distribution and Support  Distribution to all Corps offices via CDs, Web downloads, requesting/listed vendors  Corps subscribers - full distribution, support  Hot line consultations, errors correction, documentation  Federal subscribers, vendors - full support  Corps non-subscribers, Federal, non-Federal, foreign - private vendors, NTIS, HEC Web page:  HEC Software are popular and well subscribed by field offices; also other federal agencies, private consultants, and foreign agencies/consultants. Hydrologic Engineering Center

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