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Power Heal™ with Lymphology

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1 Power Heal™ with Lymphology
Discover ancient wisdom And new healing technology

2 Disclaimer This program is for educational purposes only. No information or interpretation of any part of this program is to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease. Because of the nature of the discoveries, anyone who uses any of the information taught herein must do so as the result of their own free agency. Feel free to consult both sides as life has opposition. And consult a licensed physician, should a need be indicated.

3 Dr. West’s Wife

4 An Eleven Month Old Baby
Fell into a septic tank in Lancaster, PA. It took about ten minutes to find him. After three to four weeks in the hospital: Doctors claimed permanent brain damage, blind and an invalid. Within three weeks using Power Heal methods: Eyesight was restored No trace of brain damage Thirty Years Later – Still totally healed.

5 Dr. Stephen E. West, DL, PMD * *DL (Doctor of Lymphology), PMD (Doctor of Preventive Medicine) are Non-Secular, Non-Licensed & Non-Medical doctorates. Amazing Live Seminars & Hands on Techniques New updated materials – Simple & Easy to follow 1995 – 15th International Congress of Lymphology “The Cause Of AIDS, How The HIV Virus Kills & How To Stop It” & “How Energy From Various Sources Can Activate The Lymphatic System To Heal The Body”

6 AIDS Immune System = Lymphatic System Attacks Lymphocytes

7 Dr. C. Samuel West, DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist
Nominated for Nobel Prizes Father of Applied Lymphology & NA-K Pump Coined the phrase Trapped Blood Proteins Formulas & Equation for Life & Death


9 Oxygen=Power!

10 What Motivated YOU? There has been a war going on with disease, and the destruction by disease has been greater than any war in history! How many lives were INSTANTLY taken when the Atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima? How many lives were taken on 9-11? What about 5,000 per day, every day?

11 BIG BUSINE$$ 1980 Projections for 1990. Destruction “like a flood.”
US News & World Report Outrageous rise in healthcare costs. Projections for 1990. Destruction “like a flood.” Become a scientific Noah Clarity University A modern “Noah’s Ark”

12 Health Care = BIG BUSINE$$
For every dollar spent on health care – The death rate rises! 1997 – Toppled a trillion $$ 2005 – Over two trillion $$! #1 cause of Bankruptcy – Surprise health care costs!

13 More Important Than Money!
Ignorance is – Expensive! Time is – More Important Than Money! It doesn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account, if you have Colon Cancer!

14 The Solutions Either We Learn Or Suffer – None Are Meant To Suffer.
Right From Wrong, Good From Bad, Truth From False Two ways to learn: Information From Personal Trial & Error – Perhaps Great Suffering Experience Master/Apprentice Relationship The highest form of education One of the greatest principals to avoid suffering

15 Dr. H. S. Mayerson, MD June 1963, “Scientific American”
He exposed medical texts teaching Starlings Hypothesis. “Teachers and the writers of textbooks continued to maintain that “healthy” blood capillaries did not leak protein [and water]. It was an effort to clarify this point that I undertook an investigation of lymph and the lymphatics some 15 years ago.”

16 Your Other Circulatory System
This article reads, “Loss of blood proteins through capillary walls would be particularly disasterous. Recently, Dr. H. S. Mayerson, of Tulane Medical School, tagged blood proteins with radio active iodine, then measured the rate at which they passed into lymph vessels. Calculations indicated that half of our blood protein is lost from the blood every 24 hours! But for the prompt retrieval of the protein by the lymphatic system, this constant loss would spell swift catastrophe.” “If the lymphatic system did not carry a large portion of the remaining seepage back to the blood stream, we would all bleed to death internally in a matter of hours.”

17 Your Other Circulatory System
The last paragraph of this article says, “Thus this great river of mystery may well hold the key to dozens of disease riddles. That is why it is getting ever-increasing research attention. Inevitably, discoveries of vital importance to all will be made.”

18 What Activates Lymphatics?
Deep Breathing Bouncing Stroking Compressing Tissues Energy How Fun & Simple Is That? What does this cost?

19 Lymphatic System Like a tree of life the body.
The Thoracic Duct (tree trunk) shoots like a geyser (springing up into everlasting life) with every breath we take.

20 Life & Death

21 Shock (Hypo-Albuminemia)
Low Albumin protein in the Blood – H. S. Mayerson 1953, ’56, & ’60 Encyclopedia Americana published shock research Then it disappeared from the Encyclopedia

22 What Do Most Doctors Know?
“What does a stubbed toe or a splinter in a finger have to do with your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, suffering a heart attack or succumbing to colon cancer? More than you might think.” Time, Monday, Feb. 23, 2004

23 Pure Laws & Principals Mental & Emotional Nutritional Physical
Creating peace regardless of race or religion Loving enemies saves yourself! End toxic relationships with LOVE! Nutritional Food Is Our Best Medicine. Poisons are poisons because they damage cells. Physical Be Active “all the days of your life” Deep Breathing, Bouncing, Stroking, Compressing Tissues Norman Cousins – we don’t live long without oxygen! Hygiene

24 High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease

25 What Do Most Doctors Know?
Blood Tests For Mean Albumin Levels 55 grams per liter = 125 year life span 39 grams per liter = 65 year life span Why? For Albumin levels in the blood to drop, where does the Albumin go?

26 “The name of the problem means nothing anymore!”
Cause of Pain Cancer Obesity Viral Infections (HIV/AIDS) Bacterial Infections High Blood Pressure Heart Disease Hardening of Arteries Arthritis Cataracts Diabetes M.S. Polio Cerebral Palsy Muscular Dystrophy “The name of the problem means nothing anymore!”

27 With Power Heal™ techniques:
Increase energy Reverse degenerative diseases Improve your health and life, in general Discover how to: Put your neck and hips in place in seconds! Relieving your headaches and lower back pain! Take the pain and swelling out of burns Relieve pain from sore limbs, muscles, joints and other areas Remove pain from smashed fingers and broken bones within minutes or hours (instead of weeks or months) (with this science, we have the X-rays to prove that people have set broken legs in six hours, without pins and surgery)

28 Broken Bones Four Year Old Girl Hit By A Car
Her leg was broken in multiple places. She was on the operating table, waiting for pins and surgery, when her mother called for help over the phone. The Doctors had scheduled pins & surgery in 6 hours, but within that 6 hours, they had the leg set perfectly strait, without surgery. And we have the before and after X-Rays to prove it!

29 Without Oxygen, Muscles Contract & Pull Bones Out Of Place!
Broken Bones Before Same Leg At Two Angles Without Oxygen, Muscles Contract & Pull Bones Out Of Place!

30 With Oxygen, Muscles Relax & Put Bones Back In Place!
Broken Bones After Same Leg At Two Angles With Oxygen, Muscles Relax & Put Bones Back In Place!

31 Golden Discovery Number Seven (Energy)
Energy Methods Energy Products Energy Machines Too many modalities to list here (The list includes all healing arts) You can learn simple, fun, FREE, and easy to apply techniques.

32 Why Applied Lymphology?
The science of Lymphology holds THE KEYS. Reveals what a Healing Art must do to heal. The training received within the Applied Lymphology Course, can greatly increase your results with any other healing art or technology.

33 Some of our Popular Clients
Will Green – King of Massage Tony Robbins – King of Personal Development Al Carter – King of Rebounding Kevin Trudeau – King of Products & Many Others These have also taught countless others who have benefited from the work. Our Goal: To help millions more to benefit from our life changing programs, within the next year.

34 Live Demo’s Of Power Heal™ Success!

35 The Solutions Basic Lymphology Course
THE DOCTORS OF THE FUTURE ARE HERE! Introduction to the Science of Lymphology NO TECHNIQUES! Basic Lymphology Course The Golden Seven Plus One The Golden Seven Plus Two Basic Power Plant Technology

36 The Solutions Discover Your Power Plants – The Series
Immunity, Stem Cells, Babies, Mind & Memory, Metabolism & Weight Loss, Muscle Size & Strength, and much more. Inspired with beautiful affirmations, synchronized with perpetual programming commands Blessing of the Creation Sequence By Qualification Only Are you ready to love everyone & everything?

37 Applied Lymphology Course
The most powerful health education program in the world

38 Applied Lymphology Course
You will learn in simplicity, yet in great detail: The Unseen Principles behind Loss of Energy, Pain, Suffering & Death by Disease More Hidden Treasures of Prevention & Elimination. If possible, how to conquer disease & relieve pain, by yourself, without costly medication of any kind! The new approach to Power Heal through Zero Disease™

39 Applied Lymphology Course
New LIVE, Hands On training processes Race For The Truth DISCOVER POWER Certified Lymphology University (CLU) “It’s the university with a CLU”

40 Race For The Truth Obesity Truth In ACTION!
Almost Tied With Cancer, the #2 Killer! A form of Lymphedema Don’t just exercise, Lymphasize! Truth In ACTION! Deep Breathing & Bouncing Techniques Fun For EVERYONE! Prerequisite – a good introduction

41 Techniques taught at CLU:
Deep Breathing Techniques Smashed, Cut & Burned Fingers Broken Bones Sore Arms & Legs Headaches & Neck Pain Shoulders Sciatica, Hips & Lower Back Pain

42 Techniques taught at CLU:
Intrinsic & Extrinsic Muscles Spine – Spine Elevator & Spine Escalator Back Knees Ankles Feet Edema Sub Pressure Face Lift

43 Techniques taught at CLU:
Bio Electric Pin Point Energy Ball Personal & Sensitive Areas with Discretion Breast Lumps Hernias Hiatal Hernias

44 Techniques taught at CLU:
Power Plants (Through the eyes – only taught here!) Bio Electric Gentle Bounce For Health How to Transition Safely Internal Organs Combinations & Variations Those in Wheel Chairs Infants – Starting in the womb Run & Not Be Weary, Walk & Not Faint Lymphasizing Program

45 Certification Requirements
261 Question Examination CLU training

46 More Important Than Money!
Ignorance is – Expensive! Time is – More Important Than Money! - The Solutions are EDUCATION & TRAINING!!!  - The FREE healing farm - FREE for the rest of your LIFE!

47 Options = Freedoms New Inspired Affiliate Programs – after CL degree
Very Unique The Authority ~ Preeminence Act NOW! Applied Lymphology Course - ONLY $1,495! Lifetime benefits – the FREE healing FARM! Discover Your Power Plants – The Series – FREE! Blessing of the Creation Sequence – FREE! (by qualification) Live training FREE FOR LIFE if you enroll NOW! Bring one other family member with you for FREE! Instant Health Data Transfer! YOU CAN DO IT JUST AS EASY! © Clarity University

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