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1/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Detection, Measurement, Protection… For a Safer World! Divisions of.

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1 1/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Detection, Measurement, Protection… For a Safer World! Divisions of

2 2/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Mission Statement synOdys group designs, develops, markets and supports: equipment and systems for measurement and operational monitoring  To protect people, property and the environment In the face of technological risks and threats

3 3/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Brief History Founding of Original companie in the field of nuclear instrumentation in Grenoble, France (MERLIN GERIN) Merlin Gerin sells off its « Instrumentation» business unit. MERLIN GERIN Provence becomes MGP Instruments and got its autonomy in the field of « Nuclear Instrumentation ». Birth of the synOdys Group which joins the brand marks:  RADOS Technology (Finland and Germany)  MGPI-H&B (Germany)  MGP Instruments (France and USA) 2002 2004 Ownership transfer from Acland’s funds to American Capital 1970’s 1994

4 4/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of

5 5/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Its statement Mirion Technologies evolves in the same register as the historical mission of synOdys: “To apply our unsurpassed knowledge of the detection, monitoring, measurement, and analysis of ionizing radiation for the protection of people, property, and the environment.”

6 6/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Its organization Nuclear Systems Donald W. Hartman President Thomas D. Logan President & CEO Health Physics Antony Besso President Dosimetry Services TBA In Core Detectors Ex Core Detectors Conax Nuclear Electrical Penetrations Auxitrol Nuclear Electrical Penetrations Nuclear Instrumentation MGP Instruments Radiation Monitoring Systems H&B Neutron Flux Monitoring Systems Rees Camera Systems MGP Portable Instruments RADOS Active Dosimetry Systems Health Physics Instrumentation Containment & Clearance Systems since September 2006, BIOCHEM is integrated into HPH division Daxel 2 Micro Daxel NRS Software MAPI Software Passive Dosimetry TLD Dosimetry Environmental Dosimetry Wallet Cards Leak Testing Client Services

7 7/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Nuclear Systems Auxitrol Nuclear Conax Nuclear MGPI-H&B MGP Instruments (RMS Division) Quadtek Rees RADOS Technology Oy RADOS Technology GmbH MGP Instruments SA(HP Division) MGP Instruments Inc BioChem (synodys Canada) Its brand names

8 8/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Turn over : 124 M€ (150 M$) Staff: 740 peoples Units in the world: 14 Its perimeter «Thanks to the merger of the three companies and their complementarity in terms of abilities and expertise, Mirion Technologies is became a true hub, world wide leader in the field of radiation detection.

9 9/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Locations Lamanon (FR) Munich Wermelskirshen Alton Fussy Hamburg Turku Dapeng Montreal Irvine Horsehead Buffalo Cambridge

10 10/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Markets Civil Nuclear Industry  Nuclear Power Plants  Fuel Cycle  Decommissioning Medicine  Hospitals  Curietherapy  Radiotherapy Environment Military & Civil Defence / Homeland Security

11 11/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Products Lines Dosimetry (electronic, passive, teledosimetry) and Portable Survey Meters Contamination and Clearance monitors Radiation Monitoring Systems NBC Equipment and Systems

12 12/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Dosimetry Electronic dosimeters  Individual unit for radiation alert and monitoring  Access control and location systems  Health record follow-up  Dosimetry management software  Tactical dosimetry systems  Neutron dosimeter Teledosimetry  Immediate transter of dose / dose rate for improved safety  Flexible area monitoring  New personal transmitter with enhanced alarm  Over 100 systems used worldwide

13 13/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Passive dosimeters  TLD (Thermo-Luminescent Dosimetry)  Flexible dosimeter construction  Multi purpose automatic reader  Over 100 systems delivered worlwide  Personal environmental and clinical applications Dosimetry D I S (Direct Ion Storage)  New instant readout concept  Approved in 5 countries  Used as legal dosimeter in Switzerland (3 services)

14 14/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Portable survey meters Portable survey meters and radiation alert and search tools: o Personal Radiation Detectors o Hand-held survey meters o Contamination meters o Gamma Neutron source finder For Homeland Security: 1st Responders, Law enforcement, border control, customs For Nuclear industry

15 15/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Contamination and Clearance Monitors Complete range of source and contamination detection means: o Personal contamination monitors (e.g. bodymonitors, portal monitors) o Vehicle monitoring gates (trucks, trains,…) o Tools & Clearance monitors (Including free release measurement) o Access gates o Container, tooling, soiled clothing controllers o Laundry Monitor Use: Border controls, control of sensitive sites, ports, airports, cement, steel works, waste collection centers …

16 16/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Radiation Monitoring Systems Field process measurement systems for nuclear process protection, monitoring & surveillance  Area monitors (gamma, neutron)  Air contamination monitors (particulates, iodine, noble gas)  Gas, steam and liquid monitors (on line, in line, off line)  Special monitors ( N13, N16)  Packaging version (Mobile, light & safety)  RS 485 Configuration network Software associated : MASS, RAMVISION, SAMS, SIMS

17 17/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Signal acquisition – Qualified Neutron Detector : - alpha & beta Neutron Ionization chambers - alpha, beta, scintillation counters - Geiger- Müller counters Signal Processing System TK 250 - Lean signal processing - Diversity concept basis - Safe & Reliable - Testatibility feature - Qualified per KTA rules and IEC 880 Neutron Flux Monitoring Systems

18 18/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of CBRN Equipments Nuclear & Radiological detection o Individual and collective tactical dosimetry o Portable equipment for radiation and contamination sampling, detection and measurement (alpha, beta, gamma) o Remote NBC sensor monitoring Chemical detection o Field operable mass-spectrometer for CWA & TICs identification For the Protection of deployed Forces, NBC Reconnaissance, Decontamination

19 19/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Mobile Units for CBRN risk assessment: oturn-key solutions including sampling/ detection/ analysis / prediction / protection On board radiation detection systems: ofor Vehicles / ships / deployable shelters Radiation protection of critical infrastructures oagainst intrusion of radioactive materials CBRN Systems (integrated solutions)

20 20/18 Sept. 2006 Divisions of Turnover / business unit RMS / NFMS Dosimetry NBC systems C & C Services Turnover / geographical area Europe USA Asia Turnover / market Nuclear industry Defense Environment Medicine Research & development R & D synOdys Group : Turnover share figures Fiscal year 2005/2006 : 72.5 M€

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