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Diet and Lifestyle to Optimize Health Recovery, and Prevent Recurrence of Breast Cancer Dr. Gloria M Rockwell MD, MSC, FRCSC Division of Plastic Surgery.

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1 Diet and Lifestyle to Optimize Health Recovery, and Prevent Recurrence of Breast Cancer Dr. Gloria M Rockwell MD, MSC, FRCSC Division of Plastic Surgery

2 “To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Bertrand Russell

3 Goals of the Talk Introduction to changes in diet and lifestyle that can dramatically reduce risk for Breast cancer and improve your preparation for and recovery from surgery List of additional reading material for further education on this subject

4 Disclosures No conflicts of interest Introduction to a personal journey that transformed my life and opened my eyes to information I was never taught in my medical training

5 Who am I? Undergraduate and Medical Training Dalhousie University, Halifax Plastic Surgery training and Masters of Science McMaster University, Hamilton Fellowship training: Breast Reconstruction University of Toronto; Peripheral nerve and Reconstructive Microsurgery McMaster University Lifestyle transformation education; Hippocrates Health Institute…..and lots of additional reading, conferences etc. on health and wellness

6 “To get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

7 My journey A lifelong journey for healthy living and yet I had significant health hurdles to overcome It was only when I hit the lowest health state of my life that I found a new path to the greatest Discovery of lifestyle and dietary changes that have transformed my: Physical Mental Spiritual WELL BEING…..

8 Everything I am about to tell you I have tried…. it’s not easy but it is possible to transform your life….one step at at time. It took me hundreds of hours of learning these changes and many are written in one book…..

9 A must read book…..

10 “You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.” ~ Zig Ziglar

11 Cancer cells are forming in our body every minute…. The key to health is to optimize your immune system Everything in our modern world is working against a healthy immune system This is what we need to focus on. Energy taken away to detoxify, digest, fight stress etc. is not available for our immune system

12 Essentials for a Healthy Immune System Healthy Body Healthy Mind Healthy Spirit

13 “If you don't think you can do it, who will? You control the most important tool in success, your mind.” ~ Jeffrey Gitomer

14 Things to Optimize CAN REDUCE RISKS BY OVER 50% Proper SLEEP Vitamin D, Vitamin A Interval training exercises Limit protein and increase Omega 3 fats Sufficient IODINE PROBIOTICS STRESS MANAGEMENT tools Cancer fighting plants

15 Things to eliminate SUGAR ALCOHOL Excessive body weight Xenoestrogens Animal protein Synthetic fabrics Electromagnetic fields STRESS Unfermented Soy Products

16 Xenoestrogens Chemicals of all sorts Plastic containers Pesticides Synthetic fabrics Synthetic perfumes and body care products Make-up, antiperspirants Flame retardants MINIMIZE EXPOSURE

17 Sugars Sucrose, fructose, refined grains, alcohol Less than 15g per day Abnormal insulin and leptin receptor activity – Weight gain – Fat produces estrogen – Waist to hip ratio Feeds cancer cells Fruits are 20x sweeter than 100 years ago ALTERNATIVES: stevia, non sweet berries

18 Vitamin D Potent anti cancer Deficiencies lead to cancer and recurrence Best source is 20 minutes of sun exposure per day Oral supplements GET LEVEL CHECKED: Ideally >70ng/ml

19 Electromagnetic radiation Cell phones Wifi laptopcomputers Electric blankets INCREASING EVIDENCE THESE ARE DETRIMENTAL TO OUR CELLS AND HEALTH

20 Exercise 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily Interval training Lowers Insulin levels Improves immune function Essential for optimal body fat levels Relieves stress Makes you feel good JUST DO IT !!!

21 Water Best to drink distilled water with added minerals Avoid plastic bottles especially if exposed to heat Glass containers best Global contamination of water supply – Toxins, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals

22 SLEEP Essential to allow the body to recover daily Helps in cellular repair and regeneration Essential for Melatonin production – Deficiencies increase risk of cancer 10pm to 6 am ideal time for sleep Unwind before bed No TV, bright lights for 1-2 hours before sleep MAKE SLEEP A PRIORITY

23 CANCER FIGHTING FOODS Organic green vegetables – Fibre, nutrients Cruciferous vegetables especially broccoli sprouts Curcumin, Flax seeds, garlic, green tea Sea vegetables- iodine IT’S NOT THE FOOD IN YOUR LIFE BUT THE LIFE IN YOUR FOOD

24 Ideal Diet 2 liters of fresh water, green juices Organic vegetables and greens Raw vegetables, sprouts 80% – Cooking destroys nutrients, acrylates Quinoa, non gluten whole grains Minimize fruits to organic berries, apples, low sweetness Minimize refined, processed, packaged foods Minimize-eliminate: red meat, dairy Avoid fish-our waters are polluted SEE A HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST

25 Detoxification Have heavy metal levels measured Sweat daily Infra red saunas Selenium Pure water Herbal detox programs Fasting one day per week GIVES ENERGY TO YOUR BODY TO HEAL AND RECOVER, ESSENTIAL POST OPERATIVELY

26 “In the middle of every difficulty comes opportunity.” ~ Albert Einstein

27 RESOURCES List of books and links covering all these topics Bracken’s Booth outside

28 “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”

29 YOU COME FIRST You have to realize that no matter how important you think other people are Without you there is no you for them There will always be more hurdles You have to embrace the challenges Living your best life empowers you and those around you Sometimes we don’t stop to appreciate ourselves until some catastrophe forces us too, and even then we often forget quickly NEVER FORGET YOUR JOURNEY….YOU ARE LIVING IT …LIVE IT TO THE MAX !!!

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