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TurboWin+ 2.2 Beta (May 2014) TurboWin was developed by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and endorsed by WMO for use on Voluntary.

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1 TurboWin+ 2.2 Beta (May 2014) TurboWin was developed by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and endorsed by WMO for use on Voluntary Observing Ships. TurboWin+ is their newest version. Contributing to the development of TurboWin Bureau of Meteorology (Australia) Deutscher Wetterdienst (Germany) Met Office (United Kingdom) MetroFrance Environment Canada U.S. National Weather Service (TurboWin+) TurboWin is the most widely used marine observing software in the Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS) program today. ESURFMAR Pub 47 (4 August 2014) Worldwide VOS Fleet 1,974 Electronic Logbook Users 1228 TurboWin 62.2 % 627 AMVERSEAS 31.8 % 119 Other Software 6.0 %

2 DIFFERENCES TurboWin+ & TurboWin 5.0 Not Available In TurboWin+ Pilot charts, MeteoClassify, MetPub47 Metadata Reporting Weather phenomena, drifting buoys & float deployment Available In Turbowin+ AMVER Reporting Web mode (updates & obs input direct via internet) (TurboWeb) Displaying and inserting Vaisala barometer PTB330 or PTB220 data EUCAWS (European Automatic Weather Station) interface Operating on Linux and Mac OS Position check on Google map (if internet available)

3 TESTING Focus was on basic functionality as a possible replacement to AMVERSEAS. Internet functionally still undergoing testing. OB CODING/FORMAT - test observations with AMVERSEAS 6/8/9.1 & TurboWin 5.0 TRANSMISSION - e-mail & code 41 IMMT - submission procedures with NCDC AMVER CODING/FORMAT - test reports conducted with USCG e-mail & code 43 Basic functionality testing complete. No problems noted. INSTALLATION Easy to install Requires JAVA 7 or higher Security privileges Requires PMOs to collect Ships METADATA for installation and proper operation

4 TurboWin+ Test Platforms (11) St Louis Express(WDD3825) 21 Feb Philadelphia Express(WDC6736) 8 May Charleston Express(WDD6126) 14 May Washington Express(WDD3826) 20 May Yorktown Express(WDD6127) 27 May Overseas Nikiski(WDBH) 29 May MAERSK Wisconsin(WKPN) 3 Jun HOS Achiever(YJVG4) 30 JunRemote install West Vela(3FNX5) 2 JulRemote install Eagle Stavanger(3FNZ5) 17 Jul Overseas Los Angeles (WABS) 19 Aug Electronic Log Books U.S. VOS 04 August 2014 979 Vessels AMVERSEAS 6-8627not IMMT compliant AMVERSEAS 9.1 5IMMT 5 compliant TurboWin 4-5124IMMT 4 compliant TurboWin+ 22IMMT 5 compliant TurboWeb 2IMMT 5 compliant Manual 106not IMMT compliant Unknown 93

5 Ships METADATA required for installation and proper operation TurboWin+ is VOSClim compliant

6 Ob recipient Log recipient PMO e-mail address AMVER e-mail address hard coded in software

7 TurboWin+ looks and feels much like TurboWin 5.0

8 Obs by E-Mail (internet): If an E-Mail client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird is already installed and configured on the computer, TurboWin+ will use the E-Mail client automatically. An E-Mail will open up with the BBXX message in the body of the E-Mail, addressed to Obs to file: Saves the observation on the appropriate media (Floppy Disk – USB Thumb drive – SD Card- Hard Drive) for transfer to the Sat-C terminal. Obs to clipboard: Copies the BBXX message to the Clipboard. TRANMISSION of OBSERVATION

9 International Marine Meteorological Tape (IMMT) TurboWin+ observations are archived in the WMO IMMT- 5 format. They are appended sequentially into the IMMT file similar in the way to the AMVERSEAS Archive file scheme, but augmented with extra groups containing additional observational parameters, quality control checks, and specific ship characteristics. PMOs are required to send IMMT files to NCDC on a quarterly basis by the 15 th of Mar, Jun, Sept and Dec. This gives NCDC proper time to collate all IMMT files for submission to the (GCC) in the UK and Germany for global marine climatological data exchanges on a quarterly basis. TurboWin + & 5.0 IMMT Naming Convention: LogbookVersion_ShipName_CallSign_MM_YYYY.txt TW+2.2_ST LOUIS EXPRESS_WDD3825_03_2014.txt E-mail file to NCDC IMMT-5 32014050820722309230596719408023752080105609952860268100404270702 44WDC6736US 314 0218600533 A511111111111119111111 28005 9991 199 09243203 Sulin;DAS;Capt;-; 320140509127253094603978174160230520701190522877 0240100206990102 44WDC6736US 314 0215 33 A511111111111119991111 28005 9991 199 09243203 Dwyer;CBD;Deck Cadet;-; 320140509157289094202967164120235521201410522571 0240100301160503 44WDC6736US 314 0220201033 A511111111111119111111 1041031428005 1111 199 09243203 Buckley;MAB;2/M;-;

10 Deviation Report Position ReportArrival Report Sail PlanAMVER

11 FOLLOW ON ACTIONS FOLLOW ON ACTIONS Test Internet capability. Develop written instructions. Test Vaisala Electronic Barometer PTB330 or PTB220 data insertion capability Maintain close liaison with E-SURFMAR & KNMI on all TurboWin matters and developments Installation & User Manual updates / re-print as necessary After all AMVERSEAS software is replaced, Special Access Code “SEAS“ should be deactivated. RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS Once TurboWin+ is formally released for operational use by E-SURFMAR, U.S. VOS formally announce TurboWin+ & 5.x as replacement for AMVERSEAS. Draft letter for Shipping Companies and Vessels announcing that AMVERSEAS software is being phased out and will be replaced with TurboWin+ or TurboWin 5.x as the Marine Weather Observing software. Offer Companies TurboWin+ & 5.x software for testing. Produce TurboWin+ CDs and printed User Manuals Develop INMARSAT (code 41) transmission instructions for TurboWin+ & 5.x Goal should be 60% of U.S. VOS ships transitioned over to TurboWin+ or 5.x within one year, and 100% within two years.

12 Slides provided by KNMI Martin Stam Vaisala Electronic Barometer PTB330 or PTB220 European AWS Interface TurboWin+ 2.2

13 European AWS interface

14 PTB330 connection: Serial cable ‘home made’ by KNMI technician TurboWin+ 2.2

15 In PTB330/PTB220 mode automatically inserts pressure values TurboWin+ 2.2

16 Pressure Trace AWS or PTB330/PTB220 mode TurboWin+ 2.2

17 Check position on Google maps (if internet available) TurboWin+ 2.2

18 System Tray Integration TurboWin+ 2.2

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