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EHEALTH eNOUGH? or pHEALTH? Dr Henk G. Sol Professor of Business and ICT and Founding Dean Faculty of Economics and Business Professor of Systems Engineering.

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1 eHEALTH eNOUGH? or pHEALTH? Dr Henk G. Sol Professor of Business and ICT and Founding Dean Faculty of Economics and Business Professor of Systems Engineering and Founding Dean Faculty of TPM Delft University of Technology

2 eHEALTH eNOUGH? ›The Arena ›Observations ›Deeper Insights ›Towards pHealth


4 Chronic disorder 1 Chronic disorder 2 Complication… Age Birth Health QoL Wellbeing etc. Well-being perspective Preconception “Obstetrics”” CHC Intervention Prevention Ageing is on-going process “Ageing starts at fertilization” Healthy Ageing

5 Aging citizen Informal care Community center Paid work ReintegrationHealthContacts Voluntary work Living situation Mobility Home care Physician Welfare work Care technology Caretaker Housing association Volunteers Public transport Taxi Nursing home General hospital Psychiatric hospital Needs and facilities for the aging citizens Source: NHL, Lw

6 eHEALTH eNOUGH? The eHealth Arena ›The development of ›Information ›And communication technologies ›In ›Health care

7 eHEALTH eNOUGH? eDrivers in the Arena ›Push for Ambient Assisted Living, ›e Inclusion and e Integration ›To handle effectively ›Exploding needs for care and cure

8 eHEALTH eNOUGH? ›But, not all eHEALTH initiatives are positive ›Many observations, also in the North of the Netherlands, a rural area with social cohesion and double ageing, ›Do raise the question ›Is eHEALTH eNOUGH? The Impact of eHealth on the Quality and Safety of Health Care: A Systematic Overview, A.D.Black et al, PLOS Medicine, January 2011

9 eHEALTH eNOUGH? ›Observations in Multiple Case Studies ›With Anecdotal Evidence ›Through the Lens of Decision Enhancement Keen, P.G.W. and H.G.Sol, Decision Enhancement Services: Rehearsing the Future for Decisions that Matter, IOP Press, 2008

10 |

11 Decision Enhancement (DE) |

12 |

13 Healthy Ageing is challenging … Care networks Effective interventions

14 | Dorps- verpleegkundige Video phone Web portal EPD Image watch Care vouchers Serious Games Wegwiezers

15 | Dorps- verpleegkundige – marginal Video phone - failure Web portal - critical EPD - resistance Image watch – low effectivenes Care vouchers – little innovation Serious Games - marginal Wegwiezers - difficult

16 CaseObservationReflection Image watch Talantlow effectivenessnew processes to be defined Videophone Talantlow effectivenesstechnology and processes outdated Videophone Veldspaatfailuretechnology not thought through Portal Gildecriticallack of patient centered development Dorpsverpleegkundigemarginalprocesses not clear and not supported EPD WZGresistancetechnology push, processes unclear EPD Tjongerschansresistancetechnology push, processes unclear Care vouchers Plantijnlittle innovationcapturing new services difficult Close to the citizendifficult to imagineguidance for patients needed Zorg op Afstanddifficult integrationinstitutional anchor needed |

17 CaseObservationReflection Label careslow acceptanceorchestration key Klanten alarmeringdelaytechnicalities Dementia participationslowfunctionality is crucial MedAlertlimited effectbranding important MedDossierlow acceptanceorchestration is key Portal Steunsteedifficulttechnology push, no processes Care Arrangementsdifficultcollaboration processes not individualized |

18 CaseObservationReflection Prevention Counselingmarginallack of patient centered tasks WMO supportnon existenttechnology push and data neglect Telecare ACTIZmarginalprocesses and patient involvement unclear WMO Business Intelligencenearly non existentlegacy of IS Wegwiezers Aa en Hunzedifficultlow sustainability of concept Cogknow Alzheimermarginalprocesses unclear eDentistrylimited applicabilityprocess and patient centered Home care route planninglimited applicabilityrethinking processes Health and real estatemarginalprocesses and patient role unclear Health insurance and BImarginalno individual assessments Serious games for ….marginaltechnology push |

19 Healthy Ageing

20 Referral Services Mother Milk Factory Tele Medicine Healthy Ageing Sanitary Services E- Inclusion Water and Sewage Management

21 eHEALTH eNOUGH? Deeper insights No positive business cases ›Processes neglected ›People not central ›Technology pushed

22 eHEALTH eNOUGH? Deeper insights ›Lack of vision ›Lack of strategy ›Lack of documentation

23 eHEALTH eNOUGH? Deeper insights ›eHEALTH seems eNOUGH ›mHEALTH the new bandwagon?

24 eHEALTH eNOUGH? Deeper insights ›eHEALTH is eNOUGH ›Transition management needed ›Adoption and diffusion principles needed

25 eHEALTH eNOUGH? Deeper insights ›Clarify business models ›Develop concept completely ›Anchor in institutions ›Take time for life testing

26 eHEALTH eNOUGH? Deeper insights ›pHEALTH needed Patient centric Personalized Process driven Participatively designed

27 eHEALTH eNOUGH? From mHEALTH to pHEALTH! ›How to create ›effective ›individual ›interventions?

28 eHEALTH eNOUGH? From mHealth to pHEALTH! Create services for personalized care and cure ›with pCentered pApps ›supported in the cloud ›for effective interventions ›in networked arrangements ›tested in living labs

29 eHEALTH eNOUGH? pHEALTH the eChallenge! |

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