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EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue GEONETCast EUMETSAT EO Portal Product Life Cycle Slide: 1.

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1 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue GEONETCast EUMETSAT EO Portal Product Life Cycle Slide: 1

2 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue GEONETCast is a distribution system using communication satellites and low cost, self-contained, stand alone, off-the-shelf reception stations. The global GEONETCast system, supported by 3 regional broadcasts, was made operational in early 2008. Provide near-global coverage with established data exchange between regional broadcasts. CMA (CMACast, over Asia and western Pacific), EUMETSAT (EUMETCast, over Europe, Africa, and Americas) NOAA (GEONETCast Americas, over the Americas and Caribbean) GEONETCast Product Navigator provides a collection discovery service. Major Components

3 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue Global Coverage

4 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue Receiving stations use low-cost, off the shelf DVB-S broadcast technology – Receive station cost ~ $2,000 - $3,000. Wide range of products available …. climate, weather, agriculture, air quality, disasters, and more, in support of GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas. GEONETCast is a very effective way to guarantee delivery of products and data-services to Users. Especially well suited to high data volumes, or regular production, or poor comms infrastructure. Why GEONETCast for Users?

5 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue Each region working directly with its Users; In Europe there are over 3500 EUMETCast stations; In Africa, there are about 250 EUMETCast stations; In the Asia/Pacific region, there are approx 300 CMACast stations; In the Americas there are about 75 stations deployed. User Engagement

6 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue Training and Capacity Building: EU FP7 funded research projects (DevCoCast, EAMNET, AEGOS, MIA-VITA); EU development funded projects (AMESD); Cooperation with existing training networks (ITC in Africa, Chloro-GIN-Africa, Univ of Maryland/Puerto Rico); EUM & WMO initiative to build capacity in Balkan and East European states (DAWBEE); Cooperation with NASA-SERVIR and WMO. Coordinated User Requirement gathering: WMO Conference on RA III & IV in Brazil in Feb WMO Pacific and RA I groups ongoing. User Engagement (continued)

7 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue 1.To provide EUMETSAT users a single point of online access to all EUMETSAT data and dissemination services. This allows Users to discover, search, order and subscribe to operational services. 2.To expand the above portal to allow EUMETSAT Users to discover, search, order and subscribe … from partner agencies, e.g. CNES, NOAA, WMO, ESA, etc. 3.To allow partner agencies to discover, search, order and subscribe to EUMETSAT data and services via a set of programmatic, interoperable services. And to do that using internationally recognised standards and complying with the INSPIRE EU directive. EUMETSAT EO Portal

8 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue central access point encapsulates legacy applications and offers a harmonised user interface discover, search, order / subscribe to data and services supports OGC/HMA, WMO, GCI, INSPIRE EUMETSAT EO Portal

9 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue 2010: implementation of the OGC HMA Order Service Z39.50/SRU Adaptor implementing WMO/WIS z39.50/SRU interface implementation of WMS Server and WMS Client towards an operational service first version was deployed into Amazon EC2 Cloud Started development of Product Navigator 2.0 based on last release of con terra´s terraCatalog 3.0 2011: Collection Search via HMA CIM Interface beta testing phase of WMS implementation HMA interface integration with ESA Data Centre Client development (browser based) Project History / Status

10 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue Product Lifecycle - Basic steps Product definition Product development Engineering verification and validation Product validation Service implementation into operations Continuous improvement Slide: 10

11 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue Product Validation Phase Status of engineering verification and validation Generation of long-term statistics on product quality, availability, completeness and timeliness User evaluation of the new/changed product Production/finalisation of the Product User Manual Production/finalisation of the Product Validation Report

12 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue Product Status Indicators Development Demonstrational Pre-operational Operational Superseded Discontinued

13 EUM/OPS/VWG/11/0498 Issue And finally..... Delivery to Users GEONETCast/EUMETCast GTS/RMDCN Internet

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