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Spanish Colonial Administration A policy born in the Reconquista.

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1 Spanish Colonial Administration A policy born in the Reconquista

2 The first royal judicial body established in New Spain in 1527 was the audiencia of Mexico City. The audiencia consisted of four judges, who also held executive and legislative powers. The crown, however, was aware of the need to create a post that would carry the weight of royal authority beyond local allegiances. In 1535 control of the bureaucracy was handed over to Antonio de Mendoza, who was named the first viceroy of New Spain (1535-50). His duties were extensive but excluded judicial matters entrusted to the audiencia.



5 Look at the size of the Spanish Empire!

6 ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Siglos XVI Y XVII CORONA Consejo de indias Casa de Contrataci ó n Virreinatos Real Audiencia Corregimientos Cabildos

7 Siglos XVIII Y XIX Corona Consejo de Indias Casa de Contrataci ó n Virreinatos Capitan í as Generales Gobernaciones Intendencias Real Audiencia Subdelegaciones Cabildos

8 A notable exception: The 1537 “cédula” from Charles V to the people of Río de la Plata. This is the only instance where “self- determination” is permitted in the colonial history of Latina America.


10 MAPS and Map study guide Viceroyalties:Audiencias:Cities:Bodies of Water: PeruNueva GaliciaMexico CityAtlantic Ocean New SpainMexicoPorto BelloPacific Ocean New GranadaGuatemalaCartagenaLake Titicaca La PlataSanto DomingoHavanaCape Horn BrazilNew GranadaSanto DomingoAmazon River PanamaCaracasStrait of Magellan Quito Rio de La Plata LimaSanta Fe de Bogota Orinoco River CharcasLa PazRio Grande ChilePotosiCaribbean Sea LimaGulf of Mexico SantiagoParana River Buenos Aires Sao Paulo Islands: Rio de Janeiro CubaBahia (Salvador) HaitiCuzco Puerto RicoCajamarca Montevideo Rio Grande do Sul Asuncion You will be asked to find the following on a blank map. Page down for maps:

11 Map of Colonial Latin America 1700s

12 Map of New Spain

13 Map of South America Colonial Administrative Units

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