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Total Precipitation Gauge (TPG)

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1 Total Precipitation Gauge (TPG)

2 Overview TPG, Single Cell TPG-0001-1
Sutron’s Total Precipitation Gauge (TPG) is a weighing bucket gauge with a built-in logger designed for remote measurement of precipitation. The TPG can be equipped with multiple load sensors for added redundancy and reliability. Sutron designed the TPG using technology proven in the NWS Fischer Porter Rebuild kit program. Instead of refurbishing an ageing Fischer Porter Gauge, many users will find it easier to simply replace with Sutron’s TPG.  TPG, Single Cell TPG

3 TPG Applications Hydro-Met monitoring systems Municipal hydrology
Flood warning systems Stormwater monitoring networks Water balance models Watershed and catchment basin studies Climate change studies Tropical and arctic monitoring Tipping bucket upgrades Replacement of Fischer/Porter gauges CRN -- Climate reference network AWS – automatic weather stations ASOS/AWOS – Automated Weather Observing System (airports) NWS Co-op modernization

4 TPG Features Measures all forms of precipitation: drizzle, rain, sleet, snow, graupel, and hail. Optional Wind Shield to increase catchment of precipitation – studies show that gauges without shields miss 25-50% of solid precipitation in windy environments. No moving parts – greater reliability and lower maintenance (less clogging) than tipping buckets. Optional heater – eliminates capping of the sensor in heavy snows or areas with riming ice (requires line power). High capacity – 36” (914mm) precipitation – with option to expand range to 72” or higher using auto-drain. Based on NWS Precip Gauge Upgrade technology being used in over 1000 stations. SDI-12 interface to Satlink, IridiumLink, GPRS/CDMALink or other loggers WMO compliant (manual 306, No 8) Built-in logger for data redundancy to station logger, or can act as a standalone logging sensor. Low power consumption (<1ma standby) for long life of battery. NIST traceable factory calibration with simple field verification/calibration. Simple mounting on 4.5” OD pipe

5 TPG Specifications Measurements: Precipitation, Precip rate, Internal Temp, Battery Automeasure Interval : 1 second to 24 hours Measurement Technique: Precision hermetically sealed load cell Accuracy: 0.02" (0.6mm) -25°C to +60°C Range: 36" (914 mm) standard, >72" (1800 mm) with optional drain kit Enclosure: UV Resistant ABS plastic Cover, 8" diameter aluminum inlet with knife edge. Cast aluminum base with 4" pipe mount (for 4.5" OD pipe) Communication Ports: SDI-12, RS232 Operating Temperature: -40°C to +60°C Built-In Flash Memory: 4 MB (>300,000 readings) Clock Accuracy (at 0°C – 40°C): 20 seconds per month Power Requirements: VDC Current Drain: VDC standby, 5ma active Communication Protocols: MODBUS, SDI-12

6 TPG Operation Theory & Components
8” diameter opening allows all types precipitation to fall into the collection bucket Optional heater keeps opening free from snow and ice Oil layer reduces evaporation Antifreeze in bucket melts snow/ice Precision load cell weighs the precipitation Electronics convert weights into precipitation amounts, logs data, and sends data to main station logger/telemetry Optional drain kit empties bucket when it precipitation reaches 70% capacity Mounts on 4.5” OD pipe

7 Windscreen Benefits WMO is testing the TPG in the Solid Precipitation Inter-Comparison Experiment (SPICE). TPG3 with Alter shield catches 25-50% more than TPG1 without shield. Windscreen Example

8 Client Portfolio – U.S.A USACE USGS National Park Service
Bureau of Reclamation

9 Client Portfolio – International
WMO Hoskin Scientific Anyone else?

10 Installation Examples
Master Station Demo Station – Sutron Headquarters Rooftop, Sterling VA

11 Installation Examples
Gated Weather Station with TPG - Kabul, Afghanistan

12 Installation Examples
TPG in Bulgaria

13 Installation Examples
???, Alaska

14 Installation Examples
WMO’s Solid Precipitation Inter-Comparison Experiment (SPICE) – Marshall, Colorado

15 TPG Models & Options Models Options TPG-0001-1 TPG, single cell
TPG TPG, triple cell Options TPG-DK TPG Drain Kit TPG-HK TPG Heater kit, 120V, 200W TPG-HK TPG Heater kit, 240V,200W TPG-HK TPG Heater kit, 48V, 200W TPG-WS-36-GA TPG Windscreen - Galvanized TPG-WS-36-SS TPG Windscreen - Stainless Steel TPG-WS-48 TPG Windshield, 48” diameter WS-24-EXT-GA Windscreen Extension - Galvanized WS-24-EXT-SS Windscreen Extension - Stainless Steel

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