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Wednesday, April 22, 2015 1. Wednesday, April 22, 2015 2.

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1 Wednesday, April 22,

2 Wednesday, April 22,

3 Wednesday, April 22, : Met. Observation Started 1900: Organizing of the first Met.Service. 1934: Met.Services had been started in the field of Civil Aviation safety 1947:Royal order to establish an independent organization 1971:The Recent EMA Historical Review

4 Wednesday, April 22, CHAIRMAN Central Admin. Of FCST Airports Dir RSMC. Dir. Computer Dir. Central Admin. Of Instruments Station Net Dir. Instrument Dir. Military. Met. Dir. Central Admin. Of Research Climate Dir. Research Dir. Central Admin. Of Finance HR Dir. Finance Dir. International Affairs Public RelationQuality & Inspection Others Central Admin. Of RTC/Cairo Special Dir. Tech. Dir. Exam & Prog. Dir.

5 Wednesday, April 22, EMA Meteorologists 230 Met. Technicians 800 Engineers 6 Assist. Engineers 107 Librarians 5 Lawyers 13 Accountants 49 Tech. 113 Clerks & Secretary 284 Security 3 Others 390 TOTAL 2000

6 Wednesday, April 22,

7 Wednesday, April 22, Regional Centers In Cairo RIC1965 Ozone1973 RSMC 1976 RTH1968 RTC1968 Radiation1972 Calibration Forecasting Telecommunications Training

8 Wednesday, April 22, Synoptic Stations 45 stations 1st observation 1906 El Nadorah

9 Wednesday, April 22, Aeronautical Stations 25 stations 1st observation March.1926Almazah

10 Wednesday, April 22, Offshore Stations 9 stations + 7 stations in Naser Lake Naser Lake

11 Wednesday, April 22, Climatological Stations 70 stations

12 Wednesday, April 22, Agrometeorological Stations 10 stations 1 st observation Jan.1926 El Khargah

13 Wednesday, April 22, Solar Radiation Network 12 stations 1st observation Jul.1956 El Gizah

14 Wednesday, April 22, Pollution Stations 5 stations

15 Wednesday, April 22, OZONE STATION 4 Stations 1st observation 1928 Khtamiah. Regular records Cairo 1967.

16 Wednesday, April 22, stations Automatically Weather Stations

17 Wednesday, April 22, Upper air Stations 6 stations RDF+GPS 1st observation Sep.1959 El Maamora

18 Wednesday, April 22, Met. Observations Network Synoptic Surface Stations Synoptic Surface Stations Agromet. Stations Agromet. Stations Upper air Stations Upper air Stations Auto. Weather Stations Auto. Weather Stations Climatological Station Climatological Station Pollution Stations Pollution Stations Solar Radiation Stations Solar Radiation Stations Ozone Stations Ozone Stations Total Stations ( Locations ) Total Stations ( Locations )

19 Wednesday, April 22, Forecasting Centers Forecasting Centers Main Forecasting Center Cairo International Airport Main Military Forecasting center Almaza Military Center Raas El-Teen Military Center Luxer Airport Hurgada Airport El- Nozha Airport

20 Wednesday, April 22, Satellite receiving Systems Satellite receiving Systems Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) Low rate information + High rate information RETIEM 2000 SAtellite DIstribution System (SADIS)

21 Wednesday, April 22, GTS async-tg TripoliDelhi International circuits اسوانالاقصرالغردقةشرم الشيخ النزهة VSAT Airports VSAT Cairo A/P Terminal 1 SADIS MESSIR VISION MESSIR AERO AFTN Cairo A/P (Terminal 2) MESSIR COMM Met. Sat. MDDRETIM 2000 Async-tg Local ابو زعبل التنبؤات Army البحرية رابعة الماظة GTS X.25 NairobiAlgeria TCP/IP ( FTP ) Khart. UK Exter SADIS Jed. Mosco Local Internet Centr. IBM Data Base Resea ch

22 Wednesday, April 22, Cisco PIX Firewall Cisco Router اسوانالاقصر الغردقة شرم الشيخ النزهة VSAT Egyptian Airports MESSIR SYSTEMS MESSIR-VISION …8.2…3 Internet Terminal Server MESSIR-COMM Server TCPIP connections MESSIR-COMM Server’s VSAT MUX Met. Sat. RETIM 2000 DEXLAN Switch MESSIR-COMM Terminals MESSIR Terminals القوات المسلحة البحرية رابعة الماظة Cairo A/P Terminal 1 SADIS MESSIR VISION MESSIR AERO AFTN Cairo A/P (Terminal 2) MESSIR COMM دوائر الشبكة الداخلية بالهيئة الحاسب المركزى قاعدة البيانات البحث العلمي TCP/IP FTP الخرطوم UK Exter SADIS جدة موسكو

23 Wednesday, April 22, قواعد البيانات DATA BASE قواعد البيانات DATA BASE Operational Data Base (ODB) Operational from August 2002 National Climatological Data Base ( NCDB )

24 Wednesday, April 22, Forecast Sources Forecast Sources ECMWF METEO FRANCE EGYPT ETA Global ETA ( under test )

25 Wednesday, April 22, The Computer Center The Computer Center IBM Main Frame (started at 1968) Windows NT LAN Telecommunication System(AMSS) Messir Comm, Messir Vission and Messir Aero to display in both alphanumeric and graphical forms locally developed S / W for plotting and Quality Control

26 Wednesday, April 22, Cairo NWP Center Cairo NWP Center Started at 1976 ordinary Weather charts Cloud Cover, Precipitation, Dust uptake transport and deposition Egypt/ETA Model

27 Wednesday, April 22, The Library The Library The library in EMA can be considered as one of the largest and specialized libraries. Its area around 350 sq.m., it contains more than publications,text books, atlases, periodic,and books in basic sciences.

28 Wednesday, April 22, The main end-users of in Egypt Civil Aviation. Military activities. Marine Navigation Tourism Investment projects Agriculture activities Media Public Weather Serv. Water Resources Managements Environment. Services to research centers companies of Clean Energy. projects like solar and wind energy New Cities planning. Urban Meteorology Water Resources & Irrigation

29 Wednesday, April 22, Services in percentages to different sectors in Egypt

30 Wednesday, April 22, The Center of early warning of air pollution (Ministry of Environment) 2- The center of Nile Floods Forecast (Ministry of irrigation and water resources) 3- National Atomic Energy in the field of Dispersion of Nuclear Pollutants Bilateral Cooperation 4- Eumetsat 5- Germany & Czech Republic in Ozone Measurements. 6- LACE & LISA Labs In Paris (Aerosols Measurements ) 7- Abdus Salam Institute ( ICTP ) ( ICTP )

31 Wednesday, April 22, Projects of renewable energy (Solar & Wind ) with the New energy authority and Denmark,Finland, Switzerland 9- Stable isotopes in rain water and water vapor in Mediterraneanregion with IAEA. 10- Cairo, Al Azhar Egyptian Universities 11- International Lab.of Theoretical Physics in Italy 12- Meteo-France Bilateral Cooperation

32 Wednesday, April 22, The center is one of Twenty-Three Regional Training centers all over the world, seven in RA I. Cairo Regional Training Center (CRTC)


34 Wednesday, April 22, Current Courses Current Courses WMO BIP-M WMO BIP-MT(Instrument) WMO BIP-MT (Climate) WMO BIP-MT (Observers ) Aviation and Satellite Met. For Pilots from Air Force


36 NORTH AFRICA Regional Climate Center- Network ( NA-RCC) Two functions allocated for Cairo center in this network : 1- Long Range Forecast Model ( operation - data processing – output ) 2- Training ( Staff – End users ) Wednesday, April 22,

37 Wednesday, April 22, New International Centre for conferences It will be ready by 2010

38 Wednesday, April 22, New International Centre for conferences It will be ready by 2010

39 Egypt wind speed map in m/s Review of Literature (windblown sand through equations)

40 Example of one of the sand collecting stations working west of Lake Nasser

41 Landsat Image of Garf Hussein

42 Sand collector, Bagnold's type, mounted at the dominant wind direction

43 Example of one of the weather stations working west of Lake Nasser

44 Meteorological Station Map for Lake Nasser showing locations of the weathering stations and conducted sand traps

45 Wednesday, April 22, Finally THANK YOU

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