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Haiti Update Saturday, April 16, 2011. Port au Prince: first impressions.

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1 Haiti Update Saturday, April 16, 2011

2 Port au Prince: first impressions

3 Most of the rubble has been cleared Haitians are hard at work rebuilding Kids are going to school We felt completely safe & immune to diseases Much of what you’ve heard simply isn’t true So why does the US State Department still have a “travel warning”?

4 To add a frame, a shadow, transparency, or other creative effects, click the picture, and then use the Formatting Palette. US Embassy Visit & Lunch at Cane å Sucre

5 Graduation of Nouvelle Vie Haiti Youth Corps at Fondation Vincent in Cap Haitien

6 Mountain Biking Voluntourism discussions with Tony Casseus in Labadie

7 Haiti and the US at opposite ends of the sustainability spectrum. We need to act in the US to reduce overconsumption, and eliminate our unbalance with nature. We need to act in Haiti to provide sustainable economic development for the people of Haiti.

8 What's Essential to Understand about Haiti Language History and Culture Trust and Doing Business Political Stability Real Opportunities Real Challenges

9 Where we are working Tourism Food & Other Imports Energy Manufacturing Real Estate Development & Construction Haiti Business Portal Agriculture Infrastructure Reforestation Education Capacity Building Leadership & Empowerment

10 Highlights of the Sustainable Haiti Conference Awards & Extravaganza Donna Karan Urban Planning Peace Building and Reconciliation Michael Capponi, Donna Karan, Maria Bello, Selita Banks, Romero Britto and American Business Council Foundation Dialog, Community Building & Social Renewal

11 Doug Cohen and Graham Brown at the Sustainable Haiti Conference

12 Conclusions and Discussion of Opportunities Travel & Tourism Innovation & Entrepreneurship Building Capacity Ecological Restoration Making a Difference

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