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ACADEMIC VOCAB WORDS What have we covered so far???

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1 ACADEMIC VOCAB WORDS What have we covered so far???

2 scientific method The process of solving problems in science Examples– experimenting, investigation Non-examples – recipes, setting things on fire Related words – hypothesis, procedure, evidence, conclusion

3 evidence Measurements and observations gathered during a scientific investigation Examples– length, massNon-examples – no units Related words – qualitative vs. quantitative, metric system, colors

4 conclusion Interpretation of evidence that either supports or does not support our hypothesis Examples– My hypothesis was supported. Non-examples – I expect this to work. Related words – reflecting, reading data, analyzing

5 igneous rock Rock formed from cooled lava or magma Examples – obsidian, granite Non-example – Grand Canyon Related Terms – lava, magma

6 metamorphic rock Rock formed from Earth’s heat and pressure Examples – coalNon-example –Grand Canyon, granite Related Terms – heat, pressure, change

7 sedimentary rock Rock formed from weathered particles being pressed together Examples – Grand Canyon, glaciers Non-example – coal, lava rocks Related Terms – layers, erosion, weathering

8 rock cycle Continual change of rock over a long period of time Examples – melting into magma, weathering and erosion, heat and pressure Non-example – water cycle, bicycle Related Terms – sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock

9 Earth’s layers The core, mantle, and crust of Earth Examples – core, mantle, crust Non-example – clouds, air, grass Related Words – rock, magma, nickel

10 plate tectonics Theory that Earth’s crust is broken up into chunks of moving plates Examples – continental crust, oceanic crust Non-example – paper plates, china plates Related Words – Pangaea, convection currents

11 plate boundary The area where two or more plates meet Examples – convergent, divergent, transform Non-example – weather Related Words – crust, convection currents

12 convection currents Circular movement of magma in Earth’s mantle Examples – magma, boiling water Non-example – touching, radiation Related Words – cool down, heat up

13 energy The ability to do work or cause change Examples – kinetic or potential Non-example – matter, ideas Related Words – forms, sources, transfer, transformation

14 energy forms The kinetic and potential states of energy Examples – chemical, mechanical, thermal Non-example – creating energy, losing energy Related Words – sources, transformation, Law of Conservation of Energy

15 fossil fuels Dead animal and plants that are compressed over millions of years Examples – natural gas, coal, oil Non-example – water, wind, bones, solar Related Words – Nonrenewable, pollution, cheap

16 energy sources The places we get energy from for heat and electricity Examples – coal, sun, wind Non-example – socket, batteries Related Words – renewable, nonrenewable

17 energy transformation The movement of energy where the energy changes forms Examples – chemical energy from food changing to mechanical Non-example – electricity going from a power plant to an outlet Related Words – change, altered, thermal

18 energy transfer the movement of energy where the energy does NOT change form Examples – electricity going from a power plant to an outlet Non-example – chemical energy from food changing to mechanical Related Words – movement, transfer

19 The basic unit of life Examples – blood cells, nerve cells, bone cells, animal cells, plant cells Non-example – cell phones, excel spreadsheet cells Related Words – nucleus, membrane, cells

20 Parts within the cell that help it function Examples – nucleus, mitochondria Non-example – kidneys, stomach, liver Related Words – cell, structure, function cell organelles

21 The organelle that controls the cell Examples – nucleus Non-example – nucleus of the atom. The center of the cell Related Words – nucleolus, DNA, chromatid nucleus

22 The organelle that controls what goes in and out of the cell Examples – mesh bag, front office secretary Non-example – cell wall Related Words – active transport, passive transport cell membrane

23 The rigid outer covering of a plant cell Examples – brick wall, water balloon in a cardboard box Non-example – cell membrane Related Words – cellulose, support cell wall

24 The organelle in plant cells where photosynthesis takes place Examples –the leaf part of the plant, making its own food Non-example – mitochondria Related Words – chlorophyll, sunlight chloroplast

25 The organelle in all cells where cellular respiration takes place Examples –Power house of the cell Non-example – chloroplast Related Words – energy and respiration mitochondria

26 The process of making glucose and oxygen from light, carbon dioxide, and water Examples – fruits and vegetables Non-example –making food ≠ cooking or preparing food Related Words – chloroplast, leaf photosynthesis

27 The process of making ATP energy, carbon dioxide, and water from sugar and oxygen Examples – this happens in both plant cells and animal cells Non-example –this is not breathing Related Words – mitochondria cellular respiration

28 The process of moving materials in and out of the cell Examples - active transport, passive transport Non-example – moving cells Related Words – osmosis, diffusion cell transport

29 The process of cell division Examples - skin cells dividing ever 24 hours Non-example – meiosis (sex cells) and nerve cells Related Words – cell cycle, anaphase, prophase, metaphase mitosis

30 An object’s natural tendency NOT to change motion Examples - moving forward while stopping, moving backward while accelerating Non-example – Related Words – Newton inertia

31 The 3 Laws written by Sir Isaac Newton that describe objects in motion Examples - Rockets, inertia, force Non-example – Laws in a courtroom, natural law Related Words – inertia, opposite, equal, force, mass, acceleration Newton’s 3 Laws

32 The natural opposing force between two touching objects Examples - two touching objects moving in opposite directions Non-example – not touching Related Words – heat, stopping, brakes friction

33 The force that pulls objects with less mass towards objects with more mass Examples - planet gravity, pulled down Non-example – floating without a pull Related Words –pull, mass gravitational force

34 The rate of distance an object travels during an amount of time Examples - miles per hour, meters per second, kilometers per hour Non-example – saying “I’m fast” Related Words – time, distance, rate speed

35 The change in speed over time Examples - positive acceleration, negative acceleration Non-example – only going faster Related Words – speed, time, distance acceleration

36 A push or a pull Examples - pushing a cart, pulling a rope Non-example – making someone do something Related Words – balanced forces, unbalanced forces, net forces force

37 Forces that are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction Examples - a book sitting on the table Non-example – something being moved back and forth Related Words – force, unbalanced forces, net forces balanced forces

38 Forces that are unequal in magnitude Examples - winning in a tug of war, two people pushing a cart in the same direction Non-example – something not moving Related Words unbalanced forces, net forces, magnitude unbalanced forces

39 The total forces acting upon an object Examples - balanced force, unbalanced force Non-example – nothing but net, volleyball net Related Words – magnitude, direction net force

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