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Motion, Acceleration, and Forces (chapter 3)

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1 Motion, Acceleration, and Forces (chapter 3)
Motion occurs as something changes position Relative motion appears according to your position Distance is how far an object moves Displacement if the distance and direction an object changes This is known as a vector

2 Speed vs. velocity Speed – the distance traveled per unit time (m/s)
Instantaneous speed – speed at a given point in time Average speed = total distance/total time Velocity – the speed and direction of an object

3 Graphing motion

4 Let’s change things up…

5 Acceleration – an objects change in velocity
Very unique label (ex. m/s2) Negative acc = deceleration Acceleration = (final velocity – initial velocity) (final time – initial time)

6 Let’s look at a speed-time graph

7 Motion and Force Force is a push or pull on an object
Balance forces – equal in size; opposite in direction No motion!

8 Unbalanced forces result in motion!

9 Friction – a force that opposes motion
Static friction – the force to get something to move Sliding friction – the force that keeps something moving Rolling friction > sliding friction

10 Air resistance opposes motion through the air
Dependent on the size and shape of object

11 Terminal velocity

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