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Forces & Motion answers

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1 Forces & Motion answers
Chapter 2

2 Key terms Force: A push or pull
Net Force: the combination of all of the forces acting on an object

3 Balanced force: two or more equal forces whose effects cancel each other out and will not change the moron of the object, the net force will be zero

4 Unbalanced force: two or more unequal forces acting on an object, the net force will be greater than zero and will cause a change in motion of the object

5 Newton’s First Law of motion if there is not net force acting on an object the object will remain at rest, or if an object is in motion it will continue moving in a straight line with a constant speed Friction the force that acts to resist sliding between two objects, causes an object to slow down

6 Question 1 If the net force on an object is zero, were the forces balanced or unbalanced? How can you tell? The forces are balanced. Unbalanced forces cause motion and will have a net force greater than Zero

7 Question 2 In the following situations, are the forces balanced or unbalanced? You push a table and it moves Unbalanced, the table MOVES b. You push a chair at a constant rate in a straight line  Balanced, the box is moving at a CONSTNAT speed or velocity  c. You stop pushing a box and it stops Unbalanced, the box MOVES

8 Compare and contrast balanced and net forces


10 Compare and contrast friction and force
friction is a type of force between two surfaces in contact.  force is an action that causes a body of mass to move.

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