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1-2 Notes – The Cell (Part 2) Chapter 1, Lesson 2.

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1 1-2 Notes – The Cell (Part 2) Chapter 1, Lesson 2

2 Golgi Apparatus Makes, sorts, and ships molecules Modifies, stores, and directs molecules made in the ER

3 Vesicles Small, ball-like organelles Transport molecules through cytoplasm Transport molecules to cell membrane for release

4 Vacuoles Store food, water, or waste products Central vacuoles are only in plant cells, and they store water

5 Lysosomes Found only in animal cells A type of vacuole that stores digestive enzymes

6 Cell Types Plant vs. Animal Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic

7 Plant Cell

8 Animal Cell

9 Prokaryotic Cells Lack a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles Single-celled organisms known as bacteria No nucleus – just a loop of DNA

10 Prokaryotic Cells Evidence suggests they were the first living things to inhabit Earth, and were the only life forms for billions of years

11 Prokaryotic Cells Can be harmful (Salmonella causes food poisoning) Can be beneficial (Streptomyces helps us make antibiotics, E. coli helps us digest) Essential to environmental processes such as decomposition

12 Eukaryotic Cells Have a nucleus and other organelles Larger than prokaryotic cells Include protists, fungi, plants, and animals May have evolved from prokaryotic cells (one prokaryotic cell joined another)

13 Human Body Cells…? How many cells are in the human body? About 100 trillion! 100,000,000,000,000

14 Chew on this…

15 What is another name for prokaryotes? Aeukaryotes Bchloroplasts Cbacteria Dmitochondria 1.2 The Cell

16 What organelle transports substances in the cytoplasm? Aribosomes Blysosomes Cvacuoles Dvesicles

17 How are eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells similar? Asize Bboth contain membrane-bound organelles Cboth have a cell membrane Dboth have a nucleus

18 What organelle is common to both plant and animal cells? Acell wall Bchloroplasts Ccytoskeleton Dlysosomes SCI 1.b

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