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Prokaryotic Cell Structure (Fig. 3.23 – slide 23).

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1 Prokaryotic Cell Structure (Fig. 3.23 – slide 23)

2 overview Cytoplasmic membrane Cell _________ Cell _______ Cytoplasm _________ Semipermeable barrier between inside and outside of cell Holds the cell shape Surrounds cell contents Consists of cytoplasmic membrand, cell wall, capsule (if present)  Cell contents: cytoplasm and nucleoid Fluid insides Chromosome region

3 Cytoplasmic Membrane (slide 24 fig 3.24) ________ fluid bilayer embedded with proteins = fluid mosaic model Unique to prokaryotes – converts energy to usable form (eurkaryotes energy conversion in organelles) Have _______ transport chain  Transfer electrons and eject protons along the way Expelled protons cause a proton gradient across the cell membrane (+ charge outside membrane) Electrochemical gradient results in energy called proton motive force (just like energy in battery)

4 Figure 3.2 proton motive force

5 Proton Motive force ____ created (like polar people in an argument creates energy unlike content people watching TV together) Ex. Angry couple -> one storms outside (tension between the two is high) – lots of energy – like when protons are pushed out of the cell _______ are allowed to move back into the cell Allows small molecules to go with it Energy used to synthesize __ (usable energy source)  Ex. Angry couple release energy into a usable form. The outside person mows the lawn (ATP) to burn off tension and then comes back in the house relaxed just like when proton gets back into the cell.

6 Simple diffusion Water, hydrophobic molecules, gases (O2, C02) Speed of diffusion depends on concentration gradient ____ (slide 25) – cell wall keeps the cytoplasmic membrane from ballooning out Too much cell wall pressure results in ___

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