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Colonization Vocabulary

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1 Colonization Vocabulary
5th Period

2 Vocabulary Development: Frayer Model
Definition: own words Characteristics WORD Examples Non-examples

3 Group: Francisco and Koby
Definition: a Spanish official that served as mayor, sheriff, and judge Characteristics: gov’t authority alcalde Examples: Principal President Emperor Prime Minister Non-Examples: Ordinary citizen Student criminal

4 Group: Lily and Braden mission
Definition: a way to spread Christianity to other people; a settlement Characteristics: (picture of a church or cross) mission Examples: Churches Mission camp Non-Examples: Other religions Non-religious people neighborhood

5 Group: Brenna and Tyler
Definition: a governed fort ruling over a piece of land Characteristics: heavily fortified, Spanish, protection or defense presidio Examples: Fort Sumter Fort Hood Military or army base Non-Examples: Fort St. Louis Indian Villages

6 Group: Nathan and Robert
Definition: agents who make arrangements to bring settlers to colonies Characteristics: land, new people arriving to a colony empresario Examples: Stephen F. Austin Land agents Non-Examples: Repo Man Tax collector

7 Group: Ryan and Garrison
Definition: A livestock herder or cowhand Characteristics: Spanish cowboy, sombrero vaquero Examples: Cowboy Cattle rancher Non-Examples: Farmer Business man gangster

8 Group: Daniel and Hunter
Definition: an adventurer who engages in private rebellious activity in a foreign country Characteristics: rule-breaker filibuster Examples: Spy Outlaw rebel Non-Examples: Army Police Gov’t Law abiding

9 Group: Sean and Camden Definition: a person who goes to a different country to live or settle Characteristics: country to country immigrant Examples: Europeans Africans Asians Non-Examples: Ancient Civilizations

10 Group: Chloe and Sadie Definition: a person that lives in TX and has Mexican ancestry Characteristics: often Spanish speakers Texan Examples: Selena Juan Seguin Non-Examples: Anglo Americans Miss T.

11 Group: Brae and Kayleigh
Definition: a claimed piece of land controlled by a distant nation Characteristics: picture w/another country’s flag colony Examples: 13 Original Colonies Fort St. Louis Non-Examples: State city

12 Group: Caleb and Tyler Definition: a state or territory where people elect representatives Characteristics: voice/vote republic Examples: Texas U.S. Non-Examples: Cuba North Korea England

13 Group: Katie and Madison
Definition: to surrender by treaty or agreement Characteristics: lose, giving up cede Examples: WWII Santa Anna Treaty of Velasco Non-Examples: Withholding stealing

14 Group: Jadan and Cece petition Definition: a formal written request
Characteristics: legal document/includes signatures petition Examples: Moses Austin’s petition to colonize School cafeteria food Non-Examples: -informal request

15 Group: Rebecca and Kena
Definition: document to show proof of ownership Characteristics: legal document Land title Examples: -contract -receipt Non-Examples: -car title -a form

16 Group: Carson and Daniel
Definition: to leave your land and settle somewhere else Characteristics: action, nomadic activity emigrate Examples: -German settlers to NY -Mormon exodus Non-Examples: -going to a hotel -staying at home

17 Group: Nathan and Colton
Definition: unprofessional military force Characteristics: untrained volunteers militia Examples: -men in the Alamo -American Revolution Non-Examples: -Redcoats -Any of our military organizations

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