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AUSTRALIA BY ETHAN HENRY!!!!.  The capital is Canberra.  The population is 23,383,930 million.  The largest city is Sydney.  The national language.

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2  The capital is Canberra.  The population is 23,383,930 million.  The largest city is Sydney.  The national language is English.  The currency is the Australian Dollar.  The Prime Minister is Tony Abbott.  Australia is the 6 th largest country in total area.  Its area is 7,692,024 km² AUSTRALIA, FACTS!

3 This is a large sandstone rock formation in the Southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. It was named by William Grosse in 1873. Uluru lies west of the Simpson Desert. AYRES ROCK/ULURU

4  The 2 main animals in Australia are the Kangaroo and the Koala.  Other main animals are the Wallaby, the cockatoo, the Quoll, the Goanna, Dolphins and Ostriches.  Most of them eat plants and they are called Herbivores. NATIVE ANIMALS! G’Day Mate!

5  The construction of the building started in 1958.  The architects that worked on the building were called Jǿrn Utzan and Ove Arup.  This building has held a load of movies, singers, comedians and lots more. SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE!

6  Kangaroos are a type of animal called a marsupial.  Its baby is called joey.  Kangaroos are very big and very strong animals.  It is the native animal of Australia.  A marsupial is an animal that have a pouch.  A koala has a pouch. KANGAROOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGHH COME ON THEN!!

7  The koala is a marsupial.  When the baby is born it is the size of a bee.  13 weeks later, it is still 0kg.  The koalas life span is usually 13-19 yrs old.  Its body length is 60-85 cm.  The plant they eat is a eucalyptus. KOALAS!!!! Mommy, I’m falling!!!

8  The captain of the team Ben Mowan.  The player with the most caps is George Gregan.  Their first international game was against British isles and they won 13-3.  Their biggest win was against Namabia and the score was 142-0.  Their biggest defeat was against South Africa, the score was 53-8 AUSTRALIAN RUGBY SENIORS

9  Aussie Rules is a full contact game ;)  The Aussie Rules league is called the AFL.  There are over 2,000 clubs in Australia.  There are 18 players starting on each team.  The pitch is an oval shape. AUSSIE RULES!!!!!

10  It was held in 2000.]  There was way over 10.000.  There was 300 events in 28 sports.  199 nations took part in this Olympics.  The stadium it was held in was called Stadium Australia! THE SYDNEY OLYMPICS!!

11  This fire burn about 140,000 hectares  It was caused by very warm weather.  The firemen found it very hard to but it out and keep it away.  It also caused power works going out for weeks. THE BIG FIRE 2013/14

12  The outback is a vast, remote and arid area of Australia.  The word “outback” used to refer to locations that are comparatively more remote then those areas named “the bush”  The most famous place in the outback is The Flinders Ranges, South Australia. THE OUTBACK!

13  Who did discover Australia?!  Well a man called Captain James Cook.  He was born on the 7 th of November 1728.  He died on the 14 th of February 1779.  He discovered Australia on the 6 th of May 1770. WHO DISCOVERED AUSTRALIA?! I discovered Australia! I’m great!

14  Ned was a Irish Australian outlaw.  He was born in June 1855 in Beveridge, Victoria.  He uttered the phrases “ Ah well, I suppose it had to come to this” or “Such is life”.  He was arrested when he was all of the age 14!  He was sentenced to 3 years in prison. NED KELLY “ SUCH IS LIFE”

15  Sydney Opera House.  Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Uluru.  Great Barrier Reef.  Royal Botanic Gardens.  Kangaroo Island.  Coober Pedy.  Castle Hill. LANDMARKS!

16  This reef is the biggest coral reef in the hole world.  Its is 344,440km².  Stretching over 2,900km long.  It has over 900 islands all over it.  There are more then 36 species of water animals in this habitate. THE GREAT BARRIER REEF! Hi I’m Nemo!!

17  There are over 660,000 in the population.  3% of the Australia's population.  They speak several languages.  Their flag is a yellow circle in the middle and a red half below it and a black half above it. THE ABORIGINES THAT’S A CRACKING FIRE MATE

18  The height of the bridge is 134m high.  The construction on the bridge started on the 28 th o July 1923.  The bridge is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney harbour that carries rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE!

19  The flag is a blue ensign defaced with the commonwealth star in the lower hoist quarter and the five stars of the southern cross in the fly half.  It was made on the 3 rd of September 1901. THE AUSTRALIAN FLAG!


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