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Dr. Ilham kadri President Diversey care, Vice president and officer, sealed air Balancing sustainability goals whilst maintaining effective hygiene.

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1 Dr. Ilham kadri President Diversey care, Vice president and officer, sealed air Balancing sustainability goals whilst maintaining effective hygiene

2 2 Agenda  Our challenges  Our approach  Our determination OUR COMMON CHALLENGES DIVERSEY CARE

3 “The earth is not ours, it is a treasure we hold in trust for future generations”

4 If the World’s Population Lived Like…

5 Water & Energy NEXUS Clean water is one of our most critical resources and it is increasingly under threat globally 1/6 of the world’s population doesn’t have access to safe water for drinking 41% of the Earth’s population lives in water-stressed areas Energy The demand for electricity will double by 2030 China, the world's largest energy consumer, is projected to consume more than twice as much energy as the United States in 2040 Water

6 Social Responsibility as part of Sustainability Of every 100 hospitalized patients at any given time, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire at least one health care-associated infections. MRSA, drug-resistant bacteria, infects 94,000 people annually in US; now moved from hospitals into community E-Coli, Salmonella incidents common, outbreaks cost companies millions Lost productivity due to illness cost more than $120 billion annually in the US 6 Source * A.T.K., ** Socially Responsible Investing, Infection prevention and food safety are critical parts of Sustainability

7 Consumer vs. Professional Consumer Restriction: – Chemical hazard Typical Solution: – Time Opportunity: – Time based systems e.g. enzymes Professional Restriction: – Time/Productivity Typical Solution: – Chemistry Opportunity: – Closed-loop – Dispensing/dosing – Mechanical All professional users of cleaning chemicals are consumers, but they work with different restrictions in those environments

8 VISION To create a better way for life MISSION We Re-imagine ™ the industries we serve to create a world that feels, tastes and works better. 8

9 9 SUSTAINABILITY COST COMPETITIVENESS PERFORMANCE Our Solutions Meet Three Critical Needs We integrate: Environmental stewardship Social progress Economic growth We deliver: Operational efficiencies Brand loyalty Better margins We offer: Industry leadership Seamless customer integration Specialized expertise Innovative end-to-end solutions

10 A Variety of Customers… 10 Building Care Infection Control Fabric care Consumer brands Food Safety …In a Variety of Categories

11 A Legacy & Commitment to Sustainability “If I could rename our Company, I would call us ‘The Sustainability Company.’ Sustainability isn’t just part of our business, it’s at the heart of everything we do. It IS our business. Jerome Peribere CEO, 2013 11 “We will help our customers use less wax. Our customers win, we win and the planet wins “ Alfred Sutter, Founder of TASKI, 1920

12 1935 1994 2009 Founding member of the WWF Global Water Roundtable to establish water use standards and address clean water issues. UN Environmental Programme Award. World Environment Centre Gold Medal for International Achievement. HF Johnson Jr. sustains carnauba palm trees containing a crucial ingredient for products A Track Record of Environmental Leadership Removed CFC’s from all aerosol products 13 years before the Montreal Protocol. 1975 Presidential Citation, 1st Annual Environmental and Conservation Awards Program. APEOs phased out in Europe. Directive 2003/53/EC did not outlaw APEOs until 2003. 1991 1993 1996 2005 2008 AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning, 1st business-to-business chemical manufacturer to be awarded. Founded Marine Stewardship Council with World Wildlife Fund. Diversey becomes a member of the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers programme.

13 Recent Record of Environmental Leadership Recognised by Fortune as a top 10 global innovator and socially responsible leader on their list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” in 2012,2013 AND number 1 in 2014 13 When Newsweek magazines released its 2012 Green Rankings of the 500 largest publicly owned companies in the United States, Sealed Air ranked number 2 among the 34 companies in the “materials” industry. Among all 500 companies, Sealed Air ranked 174 in the survey, up 97 positions from last year. Diversey Care is one of only a handful of companies accepted by the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers Programme. This is a 10 year commitment to reduce our CO 2eq. values by an absolute value of 25% versus the 2003 baseline “Diversey Care has set a new standard for addressing climate change. The company is stepping into uncharted territory with an initiative that should serve as a blueprint for the entire industry.” Carter Roberts, President & CEO WWF

14 The result of the Climate Savers commitment Diversey was the first in the industry to make such as commitment and the first WWF CS member to provide a ‘sustainable business case’ At the end of 2013, Diversey operations recorded a reduction in absolute CO2 emissions by 48.5% from 2003 levels. This commitment focused on global operations, in four key areas: 1) company fleet transportation, 2) manufacture sites and operations, 3) offices and laboratories, 4) business air travel. And work upstream and downstream to: -help customers reduce their emissions through the use of our products and solutions -collaborate with suppliers to collectively reduce greenhouse gas footprints “We learned that Climate protection creates value by inspiring new ways to conduct business, unlocking innovation and customer partnerships” – Ilham Kadri

15 Soap for Hope Involving local teams creates the intimacy with the community while the generating employee engagement and pride for helping their own neighborhood Along with other forms of aid, the soap repurposed during the last event has been forwarded already to Philippines for the Typhoon Aid (Nov ’13) The project gives the needy a chance to work on their own soap gives them a chance to own their own project and creates intimacy. The Diversey Care network into local NGOs make sure that the soap goes directly to the people in need Only Diversey Care has the touch with the NGOs Network making it easy for business stakeholders to contribute to the community

16 Re-imagine the Soap Project Cold Press revitalizes the Soap Project and makes this sustainability effort more sustainable, reducing costs for transportation and localizing the efforts bringing the soap closer to the people who need it most Collection of Soap Cutting the Soap to Smaller Pieces Soaps in Diversey Sanitizers for 30-45 sec After sanitizing, mix the cubed soaps in a bowl Transfer the soaps into the mold Mold placed in the soap-press Soaps pressedSoap bricks emerge below the press Dry the soap bricks in the sun for an hour Much needed hygiene for all

17 The Bittim Soap Project The Anatolian Peninsula has been marked as the cradle of civilization still hosting traditions and mysteries dating back thousands of year Several years ago, Diversey Care embarked on a mission to resurrect an old Anatolian recipe, an organic soap derived from Bittim* (from the same family as pistachios) Women in Southeastern Turkey were trained for safe soap manufacturing techniques and were empowered to provide soap for guests of hotels in Turkey to experience the value of this traditional handmade soap with the satisfaction of being part of a charity effort

18 The way Forward  Stop greenwashing  Raise public awareness  Raise politicians awareness  A common agenda for Policy Makers, NGO, Producers, Retailers, Media,...  Subsidize eco-innovations at the end-user level  Establish regulatory frameworks that considers a product’s life cycle  « Cradle-to-Cradle » approach  Adopt Sustainable Procurement Education Leadership Innovation Three essentials for Sustainability progress: Key Enablers: PUBLIC + PRIVATE The general public, authorities and institutions, companies, NGOs Key Enablers: PUBLIC + PRIVATE The general public, authorities and institutions, companies, NGOs

19 A Call to a “Cleaner Sustainable Way”… “We are the last generation who have the luxury to make a choice: let’s make the choice for a cleaner and sustainable future in the Hygiene and Cleaning world” Dr. Ilham Kadri @Kadriilham 19 „EPPUR SI MUOVE” Galileo Galilei, 1633

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