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REALeadership Igniting Sustainable Growth, Innovation, and Value Will Marre.

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1 REALeadership Igniting Sustainable Growth, Innovation, and Value Will Marre

2 The world has Changed

3 “Those of us who have looked to the self-interest of lending institutions to protect shareholder equity…are in a state of shocked disbelief.” Stockholder Capitalism vs. Stakeholder Capitalism Alan Greenspan, Oct. 2008 “The whole intellectual edifice collapsed. This modern risk-management paradigm that held sway for decades, the whole intellectual edifice collapsed.”

4 ME

5 What if there was another way? Human Capitalism: The greatest good for the greatest number of people producing the greatest good for each individual. - John Nash - John Nash


7 Revolutions Reality Changes  Old models don’t work.  Old assumptions don’t produce results.  Collapse of business as usual. Source: Tim Sanders, Saving the World at Work 1

8 We Have a Problem 83 % Say companies have a responsibility to solve social and environmental problems. 86 % View Business as Negatively Impacting the Public Good 88 % Distrust Big Companies CONSUMERS 87 % Say they would switch to brands that are socially and environ- mentally responsible. problems. Sources: McKinsey & Co., Cone Marketing, Harris Have observed illegal or unethical conduct by their employer in past 12 months. 76 % Want to work for companies that directly contribute to solving social and environ. problems. 80 % 81 % Say they want to personally create social/environ. benefits but aren’t sure what to do. Don’t believe their company honors their values and commitments. 80 % EMPLOYEES Believe business has a direct responsibility to help solve social and environ. problems. 84 % Say they need to do better to fulfill their social and environ. Respon- sibility but aren’t sure what to do. 75 % LEADERS

9 Revolutions Values Innovation  1776 - Bill of Rights - Personal Freedom  1860’s - End of Slavery - Human Rights  1933 - Social Safety Net - Civic Social Responsibility  2008 - Sustainable Future - Corporate Social Opportunity Source: Tim Sanders, Saving the World at Work 2 Counterforce: Monarchists - Counterforce: People are Property Counterforce: Tough luck is just tough. Counterforce: Green Washing

10 We will no longer tolerate the or the as necessary for progress. We will no longer tolerate the or the as necessary for progress. destruction of our environment exploitation of our lives New Business MODEL

11 Responsibility Corporate Social A business commitment to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

12 Corporate Social Responsibility is incomplete thinking.

13 Mission Statements Values Statement Business Objectives What Gets Measured/Rewarded What People Really Do Reality of Current Marketplace OFFICIAL STORYTRUE STORY Create a New Success Story ORGANIZATIONAL DRAMA Drama

14 People + Planet Sustainable Profit Abundance The new goal of humanity is Sustainable Abundance

15 1.Commitment to Organization’s mission and goals. 2.Employee pride of belonging. 3.Willingness to give ones full and best efforts. Full Engagement Commitment | Pride | Performance Source: Towers Perrin 2007-2008 Global Workforce Study

16 The power of a brand comes from Your Motives CHANGE THE WORLD - My work expresses my core values. ACHIEVE GOALS - Grow and excel. BEAT THE COMPEITION - Win SURVIVAL - Save my job. 1. 2. 3. 4. Levels of Organizational Motivation

17 The New Movement: CSR - CSO Improve Lives of People Health of our Planet To Make a Sustainable Profit TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE This is the

18 REPUTATION (Cause Marketing) CLUELESS (What cause?) STRATEGY (THE CAUSE) A Million Dinosaurs Exxon Chevron Fast Followers Early Adopters Toyota Virgin Air Apple GE Nestle Patagonia Clifbar Starbucks Grameen Bank Newman’s Own Whole Foods DOW GM Unsure Laggards

19 GIVE GROW GAIN Image Vision is a Metric Acquire, Fire, Divest Leadership of the Past Moral justification of unrestrained self-interest. Ebita Leverage AssetsPublic Relations

20 Revolutions Business Innovation  Disruptive innovation creates new products, new methods, new solutions and… Steals dinosaurs’ customers. 3

21 What’s Your Paradigm?

22 of our thoughts are 95 % automatic.

23 To think new thoughts… We need a new perspective.


25 REALeadership Take Responsibility Promise to Make Your Difference R esponsible E thics Greatest Total Value Good, Grow, Gain A bundance Unique Value Eliminate Waste L egacy Design, Desire, Drive Extreme Expertise Sustainable Abundance

26 Be Responsible. Be Relevant. Stakeholder Concern Engage Strategic Excellence Brand Soul Unique Engagement Unique Value Violence PeaceHealth Disease Environment Collapse Education/Arts Ignorance Human Rights Oppression Poverty Wealth

27 Environment Stakeholder Concern Engage Strategic Alignment Execute ConservationRenewable Energy Global Warming Green Business Pollution Abatement Water & Resource Depletion

28 ” “ When our thinking is no longer limited by what you think you can afford we are free to create unlimited value that becomes the source of growth and prosperity … The Personal Revolution of Both+And Values is a Profound Leadership Moment

29 GAINGROWGOOD Improve the Quality of Everyone’s Life Innovation to Benefit Humanity Unique Value Advantage GTVCreate New Value Sustainable Abundance Strategic justification of morality. Leadership of the Future

30 BENEFITS Easy to duplicate, highly competitive. Socially-Strategic Branding VALUES Noble Intent Hardest to duplicate and to do well, source of greatest brand loyalty. IDENTITY (EMOTIONAL) Good for all. FEATURES Easiest to do - Many others do the same thing. FUNCTIONALITY (RATIONAL) Good for me. YOUR CAUSE IS the “Secret Sauce”!

31 High Purpose Branding 6 SOURCES OF HUMAN ENGAGEMENT Turning Your Cause into Your Business Model EMOTIONAL Story PHYSICAL Design SOCIAL Connecting MENTAL Growth IDENTITY Fulfillment SPIRITUAL Values + +

32 Brand Voice

33 1. Creator - Martha Stewart 2. Ruler - AmEx 3. Sage - Oprah 4. Innocent - ClifBar The Hero and the Outlaw Archetypes are “Blueprints of Meaning” 5. Hero - FedEx 6. Outlaw - MTV 7. Magician - Google 8. Explorer - Jeep 9. Caregiver - Mayo Clinic 10. Regular Guy/Gal - Ben & Jerry’s 11. Lover - Godiva 12. Jester - Las Vegas Risk & Mastery Stability & Certainty Belonging & Enjoyment Fulfillment & Independence Source: Margaret Mark: Strategic Insight

34 ICE AGE HOT ZONE COOL ZONE Solve environmental problems & shortages. CSR - Corporate Giving, Volunteering, Compliance Improve human quality of life.


36 Both + And ALL COMPETITORS Features Benefits Better Band Aids Z = Health + Human Performance PLANET PEOPLE Johnson & Johnson Costs Process Band-Aids Tylenol Realize Tylenol P.M. Rx CVS Bandages Walgreens Baby Powder Excedrin Advil PM NyQuil Generics Abundance: What’s Your “Z” Factor?


38 STRATEGY BRAND CULTURE Marketplace Community Workplace WE 2.0 Engaging customers, employees and the community in your unique value (Z Factor), online and in-person. WE 2.0 Engaging customers, employees and the community in your unique value (Z Factor), online and in-person. Getting to the Whole Enterprise Transformation

39 INVITE MySpace



42 Social Wiki for Big Brain Neuro Scientists. Online Education Platform for High School Teachers and Students.

43 Micro-Finance Profits Village Entrepreneurs Education Money Investment Consumption More Entrepreneurs

44 IDEALIZE Harmful Toxins Eliminated Highly Recyclable More energy efficient. Longer lasting battery. Reduced packaging.



47 What’s the best thing you can imagine? DOING, SUPPORTING, INVENTING Just Start


49 Our whole world is…

50 Goal Option s Way Forward Reality What do you want? What has been accomplished so far? What actions produce progress? What actions seem unproductive? What’s your sense of the barriers? How might you go about it? LEGACY G.R.O.W.G.R.O.W. What might get in the way? How might you overcome that? What and when is the next step? Describe your dream. If you could do anything, what would you do? If you were the person you had to influence, what would you need to understand and feel? If you had to achieve this goal or die, what would you do? What else? Do any of these options interest you enough to explore further? NEW VISION: What are you trying to accomplish? © 2009 REALeadership Alliance. All Rights Reserved. What is the first big step toward your new vision? What is the first action? How do you measure progress/success?

51 Our whole world is…

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