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Canadian Reaction to the War Fear on the Homefront.

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1 Canadian Reaction to the War Fear on the Homefront

2 How did Canadians React to War? “There is in Canada but one mind and one heart... When Britain is at war, Canada is at war also.” Wilfrid Laurier “It is Canada’s duty ‘to contribute within the bounds of her strength... to the triumph and to the endurance of the combined efforts of France and England.” Henri Bourassa

3 On the night of August 4, 1914, Great Britain declares war on Germany The next day, August 5, 1914, the Governor-General of Canada issued a document that began.. “Whereas a state of war now exists between this country (Canada) and Germany”: The new Conservative Government, under PM Robert Borden now had the responsibility of rallying the nation to Britain's side Canada at War

4 War Measures Act Some Canadians were suspicious of recent immigrants to Canada from now enemy countries They were seen as security risks In response, Prime Minister Borden’s government passed the War Measures Act in early August, 1914 The Act gave the government sweeping powers to arrest and detain “enemy aliens’

5 It also gave the government the right to tell farmers and factory owners what to produce for the war effort

6 People who had been born in Germany or Austria-Hungary were the main targets Steps taken against them: they were denied work force to turn in any weapons they possessed required to register with the police publication of immigrant newspapers was banned anyone who became a citizen after 1902 lost the right to vote about 8500 men were sent to work in remote camps across Canada Who were the victims of this reaction?

7 Reaction The town of Berlin, in Ontario, changed its name to Kitchener (the name of a British General) as a sign of patriotism The government used the War Measures Act to impose prohibition (outlaw alcohol) because the war effort needed more grain (used to make liquor)

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