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Social Inclusion Victoria Betton Associate Director - Partnerships & Inclusion.

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1 Social Inclusion Victoria Betton Associate Director - Partnerships & Inclusion

2 Defining inclusion “Social inclusion must come down to somewhere to live, something to do and someone to love. It’s as simple – and as complicated – as that ” Charles Fraser In evidence to the MIND Enquiry Creating Accepting Communities

3 What this means for services Narrow focusInclusivePractice State of the person’s mental health The person’s positive social roles (e.g. parent) Care plan includes actions to support roles Responding to crisis & coping Ambitions for the future Care plan includes goals Needs – person as a recipient of help Person as a contributor to society Opportunities to enrich the lives of others Strong teams within mental health service Building alliances beyond services Staff time ring-fenced for building partnerships

4 Recovery star

5 Policy context


7 Cross government Prevention Early intervention Tackling stigma All ages Personalised care

8 Policy context Proportion of adults in contact with secondary mental health services in employment Proportion of adults in contact with secondary mental health services in settled accommodation

9 Policy context prevention of illness and promotion of health and well-being early intervention for those who develop a health condition an improvement in the health of those out of work – so that everyone with the potential to work has the support they need to do so.

10 Policy context appropriate employment actively improves mental health and well-being people with mental health conditions can and do pursue successful careers most people with a mental health condition who are out of work would like to be in paid employment

11 Policy context Grow vocational support Encourage services to focus on employment Outlaw pre-employment health checks Public sector lead by example Mental health co-ordinators in Job Centre Plus

12 Challenging stigma

13 And then …

14 Co-production as a solution? “public services need to turned inside out, so that they can rediscover the human resources and remake the social networks that reduce demand on professionals and support public service interventions so succeed. We must unleash the huge wasted resources represented by recipients of services, and their families & neighbours” The Challenge of Co-production (New Economics Foundation, 2010)

15 A couple of local examples Employment Challenging stigma Arts and creativity

16 A local example Employment Pathways Senior manager engagement Front line worker process mapping Senior manager sign up to priorities Improving the system

17 Employment pathways What we found The number of assessments and different places to go is very stressful

18 Employment pathways our priorities  Single point of access for employment support providers to get advice about mental health  Single point of access to employment support  Single assessment process between agencies  Information sharing protocol and process  Case management model  Co-ordinate work with employers to improve mentally healthy workplaces

19 A local example Challenging stigma Get Moving

20 Using the arts

21 Researching Recovery from Psychosis Royal College of Psychiatrists (2007) “Recovery means, what it means to me, well getting on the path where I am now, being able to go back to work, hold a job down, you know, carry on with other normal things what people can” “Just that I have got to get on with my life, getting married, getting a house, getting a job, to me that’s recovery” “I think I see it as learning that psychiatry is not the only way of looking at things... I think for most of us when we come to psychiatry we see it as a benign and helpful institution that is going to get us right. And when we have been in a little while we find that it confines us. It keeps us as mentally ill people for the rest of our lives, you know. So first of all you have to realise that there is life beyond mental illness”

22 Thank you

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