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Number of police officers: 720 Chiefs of Police : 15 Experts, lawyers, office staff etc: approx. 185 District Police officers: 67 Temporarily employed.

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2 Number of police officers: 720 Chiefs of Police : 15 Experts, lawyers, office staff etc: approx. 185 District Police officers: 67 Temporarily employed : 2 Police Cadets: 20 Total staff number: approx. 1040 Marked Police cars: 101 Unmarked cars: 50


4 The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police Police Telecommunications Centre National Security Unit Special Weapons and Tactics Team Civil Defence Department Internal Audit / Coordination Administration Chief Superintendant Crime Prevention, Media Relations, Statistics, Publishing Technical Affairs /Forensics Information Technology Vehicles, supplies and equipment Office Policing and Security Chief Superintendant Finance and IT Director of Finance Investigations International Department Human Resources

5 The International Department Main areas - International Police Cooperation Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB), Europol National Unit (ENU), Nordic Police and Customs Cooperation (PTN), Baltic Sea Task Force (BSTF), Sirene office.

6 Main Functions Available 24/7. Daytime 6 Police officers and 3 Civilians Between 19:00- 8:00 5 Police Officers /Police telecommunication centre. Single point of contact - One desk for all incoming messages. Carry out deportation orders. Check passenger and crew of incoming vessels. Investigates the records and identities of foreign nationals. Co-ordinates police units in Iceland on the monitoring of foreign nationals and border control. Close cooperation with the Directorate of Immigration. The International Department

7 Part of International Department of the NCIP Direct cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior Customs Directorate of Immigration Directorate of Prisons Other services SIRENE Iceland

8 Searches in the SIS for persons. All inserts and deletion from SIS on articles 95-100. Co-ordination after “hits”. Exchange of information according to article 39 and 46. Central point for cross border surveillance. Support in cases of judicial cooperation. SIRENE Iceland

9 Article 95 6 persons Article 96 3 persons Article 97 2 persons Article 98 1 persons Article 99 1 item Article 100 (other than passports – 1), passports total 2273. Crew and passenger lists: 1262 vessels Registrations in the SIS in 2010

10 Member State since 1971 Active participation in Interpol cooperation Wide variety of cases and exchange of information on: drug offences, wanted criminals, missing persons, child pornography THB etc. NCB Interpol

11 Simultanous search in SIS - Interpol databases and the Icelandic National Police Database

12 Europol Cooperation and Participation Operational Agreement with Europol from 2001 Liaison Bureau from January 2007 Competent Icelandic Authorities according to the Agreement: National Police Commissioner All Chiefs of Police Director of Customs Director of Public Prosecutions

13 Icelandic Liaison Bureau at Europol Priorities: 1.Operational Issues Support and coordination of ongoing International Investigations and Operations Tasks for the Special Prosecutor - Financial Investigations, Analysis, Assets Tracing etc. 2.Information and Intelligence forwarding and receiving 3.Analysis Work Files (Focus Groups, Target Groups, Analysis of intelligence) 4.Domestic Competence Building International Operations (building of confidence, trust and networks with partners) Strategic and Operational Analysis (OCTA - TE SAT - OIAT) Informant Handling Intelligence Databases (iBase) SIENA Communication System (direct access in coming months)

14 AWFs Full participation: AWF Monitor - Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs AWF Synergy - Production and Distribution of Synthetic Drugs AWF EEOC - Eastern European Organised Crime (Sub-project LITOC) AWF Sustrans - Money Laundering Have been invited to join: AWF Cannabis AWF Cola

15 Direct Support to the Special Prosecutor in Cases related to the Icelandic Bank Collapse in the Fall of 2008: Based on a special request from the Icelandic Minister of Interior to the Europol Director Carried out by the Liaison Bureau and O3 Participation in AWF Sustrans Analyse Information and Intelligence Assistance and advice in Tracing and Recovering of Assets Coordination between countries and organisations Finding appropriate investigation parties and experts


17 Operation Pole Star Example of a successful Operational Police Cooperation via Europol Channels

18 Synthetic DrugsSynthetic Drugs Icelandic criminal group based in IS, NL, DK, NO, DEIcelandic criminal group based in IS, NL, DK, NO, DE Investigation already ongoing for more than 1 yearInvestigation already ongoing for more than 1 year Previous bilateral approaches had failedPrevious bilateral approaches had failed “Let´s find out if Europol and the LO network there“Let´s find out if Europol and the LO network there really works”really works” Operation Pole Star

19 Operation Pole Star First Icelandic Operation carried out through Europol. Cooperation between IS, NL, DE, DK, NO and Europol. Coordination handled by the Liaison Bureaux at Europol. Europol centralized Analysis was a key success factor.




23 DENMARK 6 persons convicted to 1- 9 ½ years impr. ICELAND 6 persons convicted to 32 years (in all) Seized 23,5 kg “uncut” amphetamines 14.000 Ecstacy tablets FAEROE ISL One person convicted to 7 years impr.

24 Thank you for your attention Questions ?

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