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The Power of Spain Chapter 18: Section 1.

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1 The Power of Spain Chapter 18: Section 1

2 Main Idea Spain experienced a golden age during the 1500s, but economic problems and military struggles decreased Spanish power by the 1600s. 

3 Goals Identify the challenges King Charles I faced when he became Emperor Charles V (the fifth). Analyze some artistic achievements of Spain’s golden age. Chart the rise and decline of Spain under Philip II.

4 The King Becomes Emperor
1516 Charles became King Charles I of Spain. Member of the Hapsburg family Absolute Monarch

5 Terms to Know Absolute Monarch- Ruler whose power was not limited by nobles common people or their reps. Divine Right- Monarch received their power from God and could not be challenged.

6 Charles V and the Empire
His territory Countries of Belgium, Netherlands, colonies in the Americas Bought votes to become Holy Roman Emperor. Charles I became Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Large empire with lots of enemies Turks, France, German princes

7 Charles V and the Empire
Wanted Europe to be Roman Catholic Protestant Reformation threatened his power. Declared Martin Luther an outlaw Rebellions against Catholic rulers spread Martin Luther

8 Peace of Augsburg After years of religious wars Charles V signed the Peace of Augsburg (right). Gave each German prince the right to choose whether his state would be protestant or catholic

9 Success in the Americas
Charles V claimed much of the Americas for Spain. Hernan Cortes (Aztecs) Coronado (explored the Southwest) Gold from the Americas made Spain super wealthy. Hernan Cortes

10 Dividing the Empire Philip II of Spain
Charles V gave up his throne in 1556. Divided his empire between his brother and his son, (Philip II). Philip II of Spain

11 Artistic Achievements

12 The Golden Century Spain had a golden age known as the Golden Century, of artistic achievement. El Greco(right) was one of the most important painters of this period

13 Diego Velasquez Created masterpieces that portray people of all social classes with great dignity. He was the court painter.

14 Diego Velasquez Vieja friendo huevos (1618, English: An Old Woman Frying Eggs). National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh.



17 Juan de Pareja (1650)


19 Portrait of Pope Innocent X, 1650

20 Las Meninas (1656, English: The Maids of Hono

21 Literature Miguel de Cervantes Sis. Juana Ines de la Cruz
Don Quixote de la Mancha Sis. Juana Ines de la Cruz Poet, playwright Believed women had the right to education

22 Spain under Phillip II

23 Spain under Philip II Spain reached its peak during his reign
Cause: Gold and silver from their colonies in the Americas.

24 Religion and Revolt Philip II saw himself as leader of the Counter-Reformation. Married Queen Mary I of England who was also a Catholic She died before having an heir to the throne Philip and Mary I

25 Philip II wanted to all the people in all of his territories Catholic.
Clashed with Calvinist Protestantism Duke of Alba- Court of Blood tortured and executed thousands Revolt lasted for decades True in 1609 Independent nation of the Netherlands formed

26 Spain and England

27 Spain and England Big rivalry between Spain and England
Source?: Spain=Catholic & England = Protestant. English helped the Dutch in revolt against Spain. England attacked Spanish treasure ships coming from the Americas.

28 Sir Francis Drake English Sea Dog
Stole gold and silver from Spanish treasure ships for England. Destroyed 30 ships in a Spanish harbor. Made things difficult for the Spanish

29 Defeat of the Spanish Armada

30 Spanish Armada (1588) 130 ships 20,000 soldiers and sailors
Called invincible or unbeatable. Series of battle greatly damaged the Armada. English used fire ships and Spanish fled. Destroyed by storms on the return to Spain

31 An Empire in Decline Reasons for decline
Philip II had to make every decision. He used all the gold and silver coming out of Americas to fight wars. Borrowed money & went bankrupt four times. Did not develop industries. Spain gradually declined for the next 100 years.

32 Queen Elizabeth now Rules!

33 English medal received for victory over Spain

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