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The Origins of Progressivism

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1 The Origins of Progressivism
Chapter 18 Section 1 The Origins of Progressivism

2 Progressive Era Period from about to 1920

3 What were some of the historical roots of the Progressive Era?
Nativism Prohibition

4 What beliefs did most progressives share?
They wanted to rid the government of

5 How did Henry George and Edward Bellamy influence the rise of Progressivism?  
Combat poverty by charging a single tax to landowners based on the value of the land itself

6 Edward Bellamy Government should

7 Muckraker Journalists that uncovered

8 What key role did the muckrakers play in the Progressive Movement?
They alerted

9 Name 3 muckrakers, the name of their book, and what they were attempting to expose.

10 Upton Sinclair Wrote The Jungle

11 Lincoln Steffens Wrote the Shame of the Cities

12 Ida Tarbell Wrote The History of the Standard Oil Company

13 How did Roosevelt both criticize and praise muckrakers?
While Roosevelt approved of the legitimate exposure of wrongdoing, he condemned those who “earn their livelihood by telling…scandalous falsehoods about honest men…”

14 Socialism A political and economic philosophy favoring public (government) control of property and income

15 How were the Progressives different than the socialists?
Unlike socialists and some more radical reformers, most Progressives did not support huge economic and political changes. They did not want to lose their high standard of living and personal liberties that democracy and the free market had given them. Progressives desired to clean up government and business

16 Injunction Court orders that

17 How did injunctions affect the growth of labor unions?
Courts often issued injunctions

18 Identify some Progressive Women’s groups and their causes.
International Ladies Garment Workers Union- to organize the garment industry National Women’s Trade Union League- fought for labor laws National Consumers’ League fought to outlaw child labor and protect workers

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