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The Character of Paul Dempster

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1 The Character of Paul Dempster
Alexis and Stefanie

2 Paul Dempster St. Paul Changed his name from Saul to St. Paul by God and converted from Judaism to Christianity Similarly to Paul changing his identity from an ex-pastors son to a travelling magician (went against his religion also)

3 Faustus Legrand Allusion to the Faustian Bargain
Faustus meaning “magician” in German Legrand meaning “large” or “great” Allusion: sold his soul to the devil for magic

4 Magnus Eisengrim Magnus meaning “great”
Relating to Isengrim meaning “Wolf” (wolf in the story means power and greed) “I have been wiser than you. I chose a wolf’s name. You have chosen to forever be a boy.” (247) A wolf is a devil’s companion and the devil is Liesl

5 Physical Appearance Born with premature defects: “And what a child! Hideous, stricken, a caricature of a living creature.” (15) “This was a novelty- a poetic magician who took himself seriously. It was certainly not the role in which I had expected to reencounter Paul Dempster. But this was Paul, without a doubt, so self-assured, so polished, so utterly unlike the circus conjurer with the mustache and beard and shabby clothes whom I had met in Le grand Cirque forain de St. Vite more than fifteen years before, that it was some time before I could be sure it was he." (188)”

6 Personality Concerned about his appearance as a magician
Always keeps in character in public (194) Wants to be successful moved out of Deptford to create a new life Ashamed of his past autobiography What he does it not really magic its an allusion to make people think it is Ex. Brazen Head -Appearance vs. Reality

7 Archetypes: Explorer Paul goes against his religion and father and becomes a travelling magician The explorer hits the road and seeks new territory similarly to Paul travelling to learn and present magic Paul was seeking self actualization and since he could not find it in Deptford, he ran away to explore his love for magic

8 Archetypes: Outlaw The outlaw seeks revenge and the outlaw’s shadow is evil or a criminal Paul seeks revenge on Boy for the snowball incident (Page 251 “I have everything I need”) Paul foreshadows that before he leaves with Boy that he has everything that he needs. This might suggest that something might happen to Boy since Paul seeks revenge

9 Impact on Others Dunstan Boy Liesl
-Dunstan taught magic to Paul -Paul asked Dunstan to join his entourage giving him a chance to explore magic again -Dunstan became closer to reaching self actualization -Comes back to Deptford and meets Boy -One may say that Paul put the stone in his mouth -One could also say that Paul hypnotized him to commit suicide -Page 251 -Paul and Liesl work together for the show -Eisengrim means wolf and Liesl is the devil which could possibly mean that she is controlling him

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