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Linking Knowledge to Users AAIC, Vancouver 2012. Disclosures Nothing to disclose © CDKTN 2012.

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1 Linking Knowledge to Users AAIC, Vancouver 2012

2 Disclosures Nothing to disclose © CDKTN 2012

3 What does the Canadian Dementia Knowledge Translation Network do? The CDKTN is a national network for Knowledge Translation (KT) and Knowledge Exchange (KE) for research in dementia.

4 © CDKTN 2012 A few quick definitions. Simply put: KT is the adaptation of research findings into effective treatments, services and products. KE is collaborative information sharing and problem solving between researchers, caregivers and policy makers.

5 © CDKTN 2012 “…a move beyond the simple dissemination of knowledge into the actual use of knowledge”. (Straus 2009).

6 © CDKTN 2012 What do we mean by “knowledge”? Research evidence.

7 © CDKTN 2012 CDKTN theme areas CDKTN has three main themes: 1.Education and Training in KT 2.Canadian Dementia Resource and Knowledge Exchange (CDRAKE) 3.Person and Care Partner Centred KT STAY TUNED We are also introducing a new theme area of KT for Policy this fall.

8 © CDKTN 2012 Education and Training Knowledge Translation National Core for Neuroethics and Division of Geriatric Medicine, University of British Columbia, Focuses on development of training programs and opportunities for researchers and health practitioners in knowledge translation and exchange (KT&E) funding opportunities and research projects for the study of KT in dementia research.

9 © CDKTN 2012 SOME EXAMPLES “A Landscape for Training in Dementia Knowledge Translation (DKT)” Iles, Chahl & Beattie, 2011 –Web based survey of dementia researchers in Canada to assess needs a priorities of DKT for researchers Webinars: –From the Lab to the Mainstream: Strategies for Communicating Dementia Research & Care to the Media Standardized curricula and training programs in KT&E – online modules planned for Fall 2012

10 © CDKTN 2012 Canadian Dementia Resource and Knowledge Exchange (CDRAKE) Focuses on national exchange of dementia resources and knowledge

11 © CDKTN 2012



14 © CDKTN 2012 Person and Care Partner Centered KT Geriatric Medicine Research, Dalhousie University Focuses on providing persons with dementia and care partners with knowledge empowering them to use it

15 © CDKTN 2012 Not If But When Dementia and driving cessation resource site (

16 © CDKTN 2012 The Palliative and Therapeutic Harmonization (PATH) Clinic

17 © CDKTN 2012 When Dementia is in the House

18 © CDKTN 2012 Think Tanks and Workshops - around the priorities and needs of people in dementia care

19 © CDKTN 2012 Our Public Website:

20 © CDKTN 2012 Cross Country Collaboration CDKTN’s National Office assists with: Enabling work across our themes Encouraging collaboration among groups Offering support for joint efforts

21 © CDKTN 2012 The Canadian Consensus Conference on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia (CCCDTD) Met May 2012 to prepare new recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of dementia in Canada Recommendations ready for translation

22 © CDKTN 2012 CCCDTD CDKTN heading up translation of the new recommendations to – primary care physicians and others in the health care field –those in the policy field It will also have a public awareness component, to ensure that people with dementia and their carers and families will know that there are new guidelines available for their physicians.

23 © CDKTN 2012 Interested in Learning more? Free membership Link with others Regular newsletter with research, events and opportunities Access to many resources (

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