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Legislative Update College of Medicine Advocacy Subcommittee 1.

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1 Legislative Update College of Medicine Advocacy Subcommittee 1

2 UT Advocacy is the official grassroots network of the UT System. Advocates believe in the value of UT to all Tennesseans, and share that message with elected officials. Those interested in advocating for the University and it’s priorities should subscribe to the network online: Introduction 2

3 Advocacy Network: Benefits Weekly report of legislative activity during session via email Frequent web & social media updates regarding current UT issues Candidate information during elections (issue surveys, etc). 3

4 Legislative Update 4

5 State Update 2013 Annual Hospital Assessment Fee –Still at a 4.52% rate on net patient revenues –Covers 7% provider reduction from TennCare reimbursement rates –Covers $50 million in Graduate Medical Education Funding –Passed House and Senate in March/April; awaiting Governor’s Signature 5

6 State Update 2013 UTHSC Budget Update –3.5% increase in operational funding for Medical Units (COM, UTHSC, Family Practice) –$14.8 million commitment over 5 years to fund pediatric physician scientists; matches $15 million in funding by St. Jude 6

7 State Update 2013 UTHSC Budget Update –Full funding of $66,500,000 for the UTHSC Classroom & Laboratory Building and Renovations. Renovates Nash, Crowe & Mooney Buildings. –$5 million in Capitol Maintenance for General Education Building Improvements. 7

8 Medicaid Expansion  In a special Joint Session, Governor Bill Haslam announced his decision to reject federal funding to expand Medcaid as envisioned by the Affordable Care Act.  He is pursuing an alternative Proposal called “The Tennessee Plan.”  “The Tennessee Plan” is awaiting clarification/approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid 8

9 “The Tennessee Plan”  Hybrid plan using federal funding to purchase private health insurance for an estimated 175,000 uninsured Tennesseans  Applicable to those with incomes below 138% of Federal Poverty Level (about $32,000 for a family of four)  Federal Gov’t would provide all of the funding to purchase the insurance on the insurance exchange marketplace through 2016; not less than 90% thereafter  By 2020, this would bring $6 billion in federal funds to Tennessee 9

10 “The Tennessee Plan”  Items awaiting CMS approval include:  Benefits and Appeals process would mirror other enrollees in exchange plans, not TennCare  No wrap around services  No special consideration for “medically frail” population  Population would have same cost-sharing requirements as others under the exchange  Arrangement would have a circuit-breaker so that the General Assembly would have to reauthorize plan in three years 10

11 Important Advocacy Practices One of the most important things you can do to help advocate for UT is stay informed on key issues like these. Being able to discuss issues with elected officials in a clear and cogent manner makes all the difference in legislative advocacy. 11

12 Important Advocacy Practices When talking to elected officials, make sure you tell YOUR UT story. Let them know how UT has impacted your life, career, and community. Communicate with elected officials on a regular basis. Visit with them in their districts at town hall meetings, issue forums, etc. 12

13 Online Resources Twitter: @UTAdvocator 13

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