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“Internet Governance and Multistakeholderism” Dr. Imad Y. Hoballah Chairman and CEO, TRA – Lebanon Chairman, AMAG – Arab IGF 26 November 2014.

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1 “Internet Governance and Multistakeholderism” Dr. Imad Y. Hoballah Chairman and CEO, TRA – Lebanon Chairman, AMAG – Arab IGF 26 November 2014

2 Welcome to 3 rd Arab IGF and Lebanon Our country and our region combat terrorism and darkness. On behalf of the AMAG of the Arab IGF that I have the honor to chair, and who is responsible for the program of this Forum and on behalf of the TRA, I have the pleasure to welcome you to the 3 rd Arab IGF in Lebanon 26 November 2014 2

3 Forum objective is to raise awareness about  The Internet, how it is governed and, how it is supposed to be governed  The development of Internet's value for people around the globe, societies, economies, countries, …  The development of Internet's value to the advancement of the cause towards achieving freedom and rights 26 November 2014 3

4 Forum culture is interdependence and multi- stakeholderism  Each and every one has a vote, everyone’s voice is heard,  Everyone exercises her/his right to vote  Freedom of communications and expression on/off the Net  Listening, expressing, engaging and respecting others  Trust, confidence and respect for everyone's rights 26 November 2014 4

5 Governments need to realize that they cannot know, do, or control everything  A culture of interdependence and cooperation between the public sector, the private sector, technologists, academia and civil societies is a must  Take advantage of the advancements and the potential of the smart and safe Internet and a Smart Knowledgeable Globe  Data is intelligence, sharing data and decision making is smart to offer hope and a bright future to all communities  Failing to do so serves terrorism and darkness 26 November 2014 5

6 Lebanese Internet Center (LINC) is here  We are proud of LINC  LINC will be responsible for the assignment of Internet sites names in the Lebanese domains!  LINC is a multi-stakeholder effort between public sector, private sector, academia, NGOs and the technical communities 26 November 2014 6

7 Responsibilities in a new Internet world  A world of progressive technological development, we face two big threats: Terrorism and Darkness Big Brother bullying –in our own countries from governments or others alike, and from other countries  But the much bigger threats come from our failures: To listen to each other, engage with, and accept, others To work together while maintaining our individualities Let our failure take control of our lives 26 November 2014 7

8 We must unlearn what we have learned  Many of us have learned to accept that it is ok that SOME are marginalized - not restricted to people, but also countries and societies  This must be unlearned and must never be acceptable  Each society and every country has its identity  Each one has uniqueness and must be engaged and respected and reap the benefits of the advancements and the development 26 November 2014 8

9 What is the Internet?  What is going on is not only a technological advancement or a technological transformation  It is also an economic, social, cultural and definitely…. a political transformation  A transformation that we better be in the driver seat for it, rather than at the receiving end of it  It has been and will continue to be the fastest and most effective tool to better lives, to give everyone an opportunity to engage, learn, grow, advance, have a voice and to make a very positive difference on the global stage 26 November 2014 9

10 The Internet is successful only if it improves every ones’ life  Humans have become mobile chips  It would not be the Internet, if it does not touch and benefit everyone, every society – no matter how special and unique it is  The Internet has been the basic engine for progress and progressive advancement  Embrace it and be part of it or be left behind.. Way behind! 26 November 2014 10

11 Benefits of the proposed IG is pulling everybody upward  The IGF gives an opportunity to stakeholders to come together and engage in a fruitful dialogue  It benefits the whole society by engaging and being engaged  All stakeholders must move together without leaving "a weak link" 26 November 2014 11

12 Many emerging Internet-related issues require immediate attention & dialogue  Affordable non-discriminatory uncensored access to the Internet and to information  Freedom of communications and expression  Privacy and confidentiality on the Internet for all – individuals, corporations, groups, societies, governments and academia  e-government services  National security, cyber security and legislations and protection against intellectual property theft, cyber-attacks and cyber wars – this is everyone's problem – not only one stakeholder! 26 November 2014 12

13 Freedoms and rights versus monitoring and spying  No one should be subject to anyone else's power or any government power  In an article by Jerin Mathew in the "International Business Times“ Internet censorship and monitoring are prevalent in countries such as North Korea, China and Russia Democracies such as the US, the UK and India are Listed Among Enemies of Internet Freedom  We have citizenry responsibility to protect communities, children, the less privileged and the less able 26 November 2014 13

14 Our responsibilities in a changing Internet viewed as a weapon (1)  The Internet is a strategic weapon that we’d better master  Strategically, we need to insist on addressing the emerging priorities and build a better Internet Governance Ecosystem Peering, Freedom of expression, Privacy, Openness, Security, Affordable Access, Cyber Legislation.  Promote national/regional/inter-IGF coordination Stronger linkages, alignment, and coordination with global efforts and international organizations Strengthen the Arab IGF with more harmony among the stakeholders -this is not a zero sum game Better engagement of all stakeholders and funding 26 November 2014 14

15 Our responsibilities in a changing Internet viewed as a weapon (2)  Fully engaged dialogue on Internet-related public policy issues Raising awareness levels Collaborating with international organizations on equal footing Participating with all stakeholders Maintaining international presence/better coordination with government entities on national policies 26 November 2014 15

16 Coordination between Internet-Impacted institutions must be for social and economic advancement  Promote national Internet Governance efforts to raise awareness level  Formulate national positions with all stakeholders  Use the IGF and global fora to help align national and regional positions and priorities  Address new challenges and global emerging issues in Internet governance stemming from technological advancements (cloud computing, smart governments, Internet of things), and the changing governance frameworks (IANA transition and net neutrality) 26 November 2014 16


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