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1 Provost’s update on budget and strategic plan SSMU Council Prof. Anthony C. Masi Provost 29 January 2015.

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2 1 Provost’s update on budget and strategic plan SSMU Council Prof. Anthony C. Masi Provost 29 January 2015

3 2 Overview General discussion on matters of interest McGill’s Mission Provost’s responsibilities at McGill Update on McGill’s financial situation Achieving Strategic Academic Priorities (ASAP) (Some) ongoing projects of the Office of the Provost

4 3 General Discussion opportunity for SSMU Council members to raise issues of interest or concern  what would you like to know  what do you want to say  what’s top of mind broad or narrow as you wish:  from general principles to existing practices feel free to:  comment as well as question  propose as well as listen  indicate something that is not working properly and how to fix it

5 4 McGill’s Mission: A schematic version McGill is research-intensive student-centred university with a commitment to excellence when judged against the highest international standards and with an enduring sense of public purpose

6 5 Responsibilities of the Provost at McGill Chief Academic Officer after the Principal – Academic Administration - oversees and is responsible for the strategies, planning, development, implementation and assessment of all academic priorities, policies and programs Chief Budget Officer – University Budget – in collaboration with the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance), responsible for the development of the overall university budget and the allocation of funds and other resources in alignment with the University's academic priorities

7 6 Reporting to the Provost at McGill Deans of all Faculties, Libraries, and School of Continuing Studies Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) Prof. Ollivier Dyens – Dean of Students, Prof. Andre Costopoulos – Ombudsperson for Students, Prof. Dimitrios Berk Associate Provosts – Budget and Resources (Academic Personnel Office) Prof. Ghyslaine McClure – Policies, Procedures & Equity (Cyclical Unit Review Office, SEDE) Prof. Lydia White – Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Provost (Graduate Education), Prof. Martin Kreiswirth Other – Office of the Budget (Real Del Degan) – Planning and Institutional Analysis (Charles Laverne) – Senior Director, Office of the Provost (Leigh Yetter)

8 7 McGill’s strategic priorities: unchanged and the main drivers of budget allocations I.advancing McGill’s academic success, profile, and reputation for excellence, nationally and internationally II.maintaining a student-centred focus that will enhance educational, research and extra-curricular life and learning for students at all levels III.responsible management of resources for maximum support of educational programs, research activities, and community engagement multi-year, multi-fund basis diversifying and optimising revenue resources

9 8 Achieving Strategic Academic Priorities (ASAP) ASAP = McGill’s strategic academic plan for the period 2012-2017 endorsed by Senate and the Board during the academic year 2012-2013 outcome of an 18 month consultation process building on “Strengths and Aspirations” (2006-2011) establishes a roadmap AND drives budget and resource

10 9 ASAP 2012: Major Strategic Objectives 1.hiring, development, and retention of faculty 2.innovative educational programs, appropriate levels of student aid 3.graduate studies: research strengths and competitive funding 4.transformative research initiatives: comparative advantage 5.culture of “best practices” development for administrative and support staff 7.academic analytics, processes, tools, and feedback loops 8.service to society with measurable impact 9.diversity in origin and ideas among students, faculty, and staff 10.pre-eminence in education for the professions

11 10 ASAP Progress Report academic strategic priorities, goals, themes, objectives are embedded in the budget planning process for Faculties (“Agreements”) to guide resource allocation decisions at every level linked to performance indicators to track progress against established targets priority initiatives have been solicited and adjudicated using ASAP as the focus

12 11 Principal Fortier’s vision and priorities: an open, connected, and purposeful McGill three priorities centered on McGill’s academic mission: – student life and learning: “McGill Commitment” – research: creativity and curiosity driving excellence – community engagement: becoming a valued collaborator by being more open and responsive two priorities that support the mission: – our work culture: fostering engagement by learning to be more agile, aspirational, and accountable – transforming our physical and virtual campus

13 12 Update on McGill’s Financial Situation (1) entire McGill community responded to the call to reduce spending in the wake of significant government cuts freeze on external hires and restrictions on internal hires of administrative and support staff postponement of all non-essential equipment and furniture purchases reduction of travel and hospitality spending to the essential minimum discontinuance of all in-year contingency allocation except for emergencies and mission-critical urgencies

14 13 Update on McGill’s Financial Situation (2) measures were to remain in effect until 16 January 2015 review in first two weeks of 2015 of McGill’s financial situation for FY2015 and planning for FY2016 further indications of government austerity financing announced measures to remain until end of fiscal year, 30 April 2015

15 14 McGill Innovative Learning Environments (MILE): transforming teaching and learning 1) Re-imaging the Library – replace many physical volumes with digital resources – renovation of physical spaces 2) Teaching Innovations Complex – hands-on laboratories, interdisciplinary focus 3) Infrastructure and information technology upgrades – access to state-of-the-art technology – classroom and laboratory redesign 4) Innovative partnerships - Launch of McGillX MOOCs with the edX Consortium

16 15 (Some) Current Projects in the Office of the Provost (1) transition planning: Prof. Christopher Manfredi, presently the Dean of Arts, becomes Provost 1 July 2015 searches for new Deans: Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Desautels Faculty of Management Faculty of Science Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Faculty of Arts review of the mandate of the Trenholme Dean of the Library planning-budget-finance: integration and smooth hand-offs

17 16 (Some) Current Projects in the Office of the Provost (2) edX consortium: high level policy and logistics, research data from MOOCs and (SPOCs) academic planning for the future of the RVH and the Neuro fundraising for priority initiatives composition of Senate/structure of Senate meeting committee updating McGill’s course evaluation policy U15 and AAU: data exchanges regular meetings with all deans, the senior administration, Faculty councils, employee groups, faculty, and of course…students

18 17 Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Arts Undergraduate Society

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