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Health Information Network The Challenges & Building the Foundation Delivering a Healthy WA Richard McFadden, CIO.

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1 Health Information Network The Challenges & Building the Foundation Delivering a Healthy WA Richard McFadden, CIO

2 22 April 2015 Slide 2 Agenda IM & Strategic Framework Future State Current State Transition Questions Clinical & Business Information

3 Information Management “Information” –is central to the patient journey and delivery of health services –empowers patients and providers to make informed choices “Information Management” –provides the landscape for better services and continuous improvement in patient and provider engagement –is all about the patient delivery experience: Right Patient Right Treatment Right Place Right Time Information Management Quality, Secure, Timely, Contextual

4 Strategic Framework 2007 2009 Portal and Interoperability Existing Systems New Core Systems Infrastructure Facilities & Medical Technology Information Clinical Systems Business Systems Infrastructure Facilities Medical Technologies

5 22 April 2015 Slide 5 Clinical Information Essential information to assist in the delivery of care Patient and Provider Demographics Medications, Allergies, Medical Alerts Clinical Events & Episodes of Care Clinical Governance Notifications Clinical Summaries Clinical Orders Care Plans & Pathways

6 Is essential for the efficient and sustainable management of WA Health Business Operations 22 April 2015 Slide 6 Business Services Information Activity Based Funding Patient Flow Management Consent Finance & HR Management Enterprise Scheduling & Workflow Statutory Reporting Capacity Management Performance Management

7 Current State 22 April 2015 Slide 7

8 Patient Mgmt System Replacement No clear source of truth for local applications Proliferation of siloed data repositories (CDR/CDCs) Proliferation of poorly written and unsupported applications used for clinical processes and care Heavy bias to point-to-point data sharing Information flow to the point of care is complex and difficult to locate Components of the clinical core are obsolete Timeliness and Integrity of information Information sharing across health care providers Current State Issues

9 22 April 2015 Slide 9 Current Priorities - eHealthWA Patient Administration System (PAS) Clinical Information System (CIS) Pathology (Ultra) Portal and Interoperability iPharmacy MMEx Identity and access management Provider index Wounds West

10 22 April 2015 Slide 10 Current Priorities - HIN Capacity Planning System (CAPLAN) Activity Based Funding AIMS HCare consolidation Financials & Human Resources Clinical Costing and Coding Rostering System (ROSTAR) TelePresence Cloud Computing

11 Current State Context (Overview)

12 Applications across WA Health 22 April 2015 Slide 12 39 Different Financial and HR Systems 62 Different ICT & Facilities Systems 47 Different Pathology Systems Number of Applications 450+ Applications Siloed Data Copies 450+ Applications Siloed Data Copies Health Service Area Corporate Medical Specialities Medical Support Ambulatory/ Community Patient Mgmt Public Health Clinical Mgmt General Support Mental Health General Community Med. Spec. Surgical Medical Sub Specialities

13 Future State 22 April 2015 Slide 13

14 22 April 2015 Slide 14 Future State… Back to Basics Consolidated, trusted, shareable “view” of the patient information Quality of Information to become a priority in the delivery of services To maintain accurate, timely and transparent data and information Enabling information to be interchangeable across all providers, public & private Providers have access to accurate, timely and complete clinical information at point of care

15 22 April 2015 Slide 15 Future State Enablers Consolidated CDR/CDCs - Global Data Services Patient Administration System (PAS) Portal Interoperability (Enterprise Service Bus) Identity and Access Management Clinical Workbench Pharmacy System Patient and Provider Masters

16 Current to Future State Conceptual only (does not include all composite parts, e.g. identity & access management)

17 Transition 22 April 2015 Slide 17

18 22 April 2015 Slide 18 Strategy Clinical engagement and buy in is critical to success Link to Clinical Services Redesign / 4 Hour Rule Program Incremental and technology change must be in-line with the organisation’s ability to change Focus on getting the best out of existing systems Reduce the amount of paper used in health care Ability to measure the performance of both clinical and administrative processes Provide capabilities which support Clinical and Business priorities Technology is the enabler, not the driver DRAFT

19 22 April 2015 Slide 19 Flagship Project - PAS Critical Success Factors Stop further proliferation of PAS data copies Quarantine existing methods of connection Establish new ESB to replace Cloverleaf Review Governance framework for data access and control Standardisation of clinical processes Implement Global Data Services Implement Patient and Provider Master Indices BCP and availability of new platform Business owned leadership for change DRAFT

20 Questions?

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