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Company Medical Adviser, Nigerian Breweries Plc

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1 Company Medical Adviser, Nigerian Breweries Plc
Unlocking the Private Health Sector: The Role of Health Insurance in Growing the Demand side By Dr. Patrick Chukwumah Company Medical Adviser, Nigerian Breweries Plc

2 Presentation Outline Our Operating Company Company Medical Responsibility Health Insurance – Opportunities created Health Insurance – Growth Potentials Challenges

3 NIGERIA : A fascinating melting pot of cultures and people
A land mass of about one million square km 150mln people, largest of Africa Federal Republic with 36 states Democratic government Ethnical diversity: >250 ethnic groups Religious divide: Muslims (North) and Christians (South) Abuja: government seat, political center, symbol of national unity Lagos: mega polis, industrial and cultural center, one of the 10 largest cities in the world

4 Nigerian Breweries Plc
A World-Class Company – employee focused An operating company of Heineken NV in Nigeria We are involved in the brewing and sales of beer, non alcoholic malt and soft drinks Through our 3,500 employees

5 Geographical footprint : Breweries stategically located to enable efficient delivery throughout the country Nigerian Breweries ( ) Lagos Brewery Aba Brewery Kakuri Brewery Ibadan Brewery Ama (Enugu) Brewery Ota Brewery Kudenda Brewery Onitsha Brewery Aba Malting Plant SALES REGIONS Lagos business unit Central business unit East business unit West business unit North business unit South business unit Mid-west business unit

6 Nigerian Breweries People focused Lagos – 3,244 employees & family Aba – 1,229 employees & family Kaduna – 2,491 employees & family Ibadan – 2,241 employees & family Enugu – 1,022 employees & family Ota – 1,299 employees & family Onitsha – 443 employees & family

7 Company Medical Responsibility
To provide basic healthcare to employees and their dependents, pensioner & spouse. Scope of Basic Healthcare Primary, Secondary & Tertiary medical care Dental care HIV care – prevention, testing & treatment Basic Healthcare excludes – cosmetic surgery and treatment of infertility

8 Medical Responsibility :To provide basic health care services to company employees and their families Waste water treatment plant Lagos Health insurance for employees and families Work site clinics in all our breweries Health surveillance checks Health promotions /wellness activities Health Promotions /wellness activities

9 Company Medical History
We have always provided medical services for employees Hospital Retainerships Monthly medical allowance to staff Medical Capitation Scheme Fee – for - Service

10 Health Insurance – Opportunities Created
Private Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) introduced The Medical Capitation Scheme Defined medical services coverage Defined population Defined period of time In exchange for medical services, premium is paid by the company Medical services not covered in the scheme, is paid for, by the company on a fee-for-service basis.

11 Health Insurance - Opportunities Created
Price tag for medical services in advance Budgeting was possible and more accurate Equity in medical service delivery to all employees became possible Medical services coverage was for ALL employees Extended to include spouse and a maximum of five children <25years Pensioner and spouse

12 Health Insurance - Opportunities created
Hospital utilization data provided a pulse check on the health of our people Coordination and supervision of provider hospitals/network Value for money / cost reduction Can realize Health for ALL, the year post eradication of CHALLENGES

13 The outputs A healthier Workforce Healthier Employee family
A stronger committed team A sense of relevance for the medical team

14 Health Insurance – Growth Potentials
Awareness – increase / improve Tailor made medical service suitable to our diverse population People centric Right price A game of numbers and we have the numbers Private-Public collaboration

15 Challenges Cost of medical services The working relationship between HMO and provider hospitals Appreciation of the “first time right” concept Knowledge Attitudes and Practices of all stakeholders – people, hospitals & HMO

16 Thank you

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