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Political 411 Steward Council Meeting October 20, 2011.

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1 Political 411 Steward Council Meeting October 20, 2011

2 What to Expect- Session 2012 Redistricting, redistricting and more redistricting Tweaks to SB 736- “Teacher Quality” Bill More Budget Cuts More Attacks on Class Size More Changes to Retirement Benefits More attacks on Unions and working people

3 2012 Legislative Priorities 1.FUNDING FOR EDUCATION 2.SB Class Size 4.Collective Bargaining 5.Retirement 6.Redistricting

4 Survey Says…. A survey was conducted of the bargaining unit Member responses only were considered

5 Education Funding for Salary and Benefits 2.5 Modification of SB-736 (3 issues TIED) 4.0 Protecting my Collective Bargaining Rights 4.9 Restoring my Retirement Benefit 4.9 Class Size 5.1 Average Answer Based on scale of 1-11 Top 5 Member Priorities Based on Survey

6 Which response most closely matches your opinion of performance pay: 9%Performance pay may be appropriate for education but the form called for in SB-736 is not appropriate. 55%Performance pay as a bonus is OK as long as I am getting regular salary increases. 1%Performance pay as found in SB-736 is the best way to implement in the educational environment. 35%Performance pay is not appropriate in education in any form.

7 Other Survey Responses The other survey questions were essay and short answer based. We will be analyzing these responses and preparing informational bulletins for legislators. We will also post the summary on the Web.

8 What Do You Think? Locate the legislative priorities draft at your table. Work with others at your table to rank the below legislative priorities (1 being the most important and 6 being least important). Use comment space for additional comments. If there any priorities discussed not listed here, list them on the last page.

9 Week of 10/24/11- Watch for an with the final copy of the 2012 Legislative Priorities. Get 3 volunteers to commit to visiting your schools Legislator in November/December to discuss Legislative Priorities while they are home on off Committee Weeks (Weeks of Nov 7, 21 and 29, Dec 12. Schedule an appointment with your school’s legislator for one of those off committee weeks. October 26, Attend the MDCPS/PTA/PTSA Legislative Ronald Reagan Senior High 8600 Northwest 107th Avenue, 6:30 – 8:30 PM Week of 10/31/11- Hold a Unit meeting to call to discuss 2012 Legislative Priorities (talking points will be provided when final draft is posted). Use 10 minutes at staff meeting to give Bargaining and FRS and SB 736 lawsuit updates and membership pitch (script provided on back). Encourage participation in the Bargaining Survey that is currently posted on the UTD web page. Week of 11/7/11- Off Committee Week- Visit your schools legislator to discuss UTD Legislative Priorities. November 7 th - Tentative MDCPS/PTA/PTSA Legislative Miami Palmetto Senior High, 7460 SW 118 Street Pinecrest, FL :30-8:00 PM November 8, Attend the MDCPS/PTA/PTSA Legislative Michael Krop Senior, 1410 Northeast 215th Street, 6:30-8:00 PM Interested in joining the Legislative Committee? Join us for the first meeting on 11/10/11. Contact to Week of 11/14/11- If your team visited your schools legislator this month, complete survey for summary of legislative visit online at Membership Action Plan

10 MDCPS/PTA/PTSA Legislative Forum Opportunities October Ronald Reagan Senior High 8600 Northwest 107th Avenue, 6:30 – 8:30 PM Senator Rene Garcia Representative Erik Fresen Representative Eddie Gonzalez Representative Jeanette Nunez November 8, Michael Krop Senior, 1410 Northeast 215th Street, 6:30-8:00 PM Senator Braynon Representative Campbell Representative Julian Representative Stafford Representative Steinberg

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